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When is a good time to start sending out YOUR REJECTION Letters to schools .....

glkecon2glkecon2 157 replies30 threads Junior Member
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that have accepted you but you know you will not be attending in the Fall. I assume its good manners to let them know you arent coming. Would this be correct?
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Replies to: When is a good time to start sending out YOUR REJECTION Letters to schools .....

  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom 24049 replies804 threads Senior Member
    When you're certain that you're not going, send the letter. In most cases, the letters need to be postmarked by May 1. Meeting that deadline or even doing it earlier is a kindness to anyone on the waitinglist who might have a chance of getting in.

    What's incredibly rude and thoughtless is not bothering to send any notification at all. I never understand why students do that. Then, there are the numbskulls who think it's a hoot to send back an insulting message to the school that they're rejecting them. I guess it takes all kinds... I'm sure that such messages just make the schools happy to be turned down.
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  • maritemarite 21343 replies243 threads Senior Member
    Yes, my S sent his rejection letters as soon as he was sure. For some colleges, it was right after he received the admission letter (his safeties). For others, he waited until May 1. He also notified that WL school that he did not want to take up a spot. Although he was pretty certain of getting off the WL, he decided after all to make his decision from among 3 other schools.
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  • PackMomPackMom 7650 replies17 threads Senior Member
    S only applied to 3 schools. After being accepted to his first choice he let the other 2 know right away. Both had offered scholarships and we felt it was only right to let them know quickly so those opportunities could be offered to another student.
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  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom - 12783 replies375 threads Senior Member
    they usually include a card to mail back, if not at least email them and thank them asap, so if they can, maybe someone will come off the wait list

    and good for you for thinking about this, some people jsut ignore that part of it
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  • glkecon2glkecon2 157 replies30 threads Junior Member
    Thanks...I was raised with manners. I would hate to have anyone stay on a waitlist one day more than needed just because an applicant didnt bother to decline an offer. I will have my DS tell his "definite no's" thanks but no thanks.
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  • SuNaSuNa 888 replies34 threads Member
    And be so thankful that more than one college wants them. My son got into his first choice school early decision and has since been a little bogged down with other issues. The other day, hearing his friends talk about college rejections, he finally "got it." He remarked to me that evening how hurtful it must be to have a college basically say, "We don't want you. Don't come to our school."

    Here's to good, hopeful outcomes for all on CC this week!
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