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College graduation gift ideas for student heading to med school?

Jea828Jea828 256 replies28 threads Junior Member
Needing some ideas for a college graduation gift for a guy heading to medical school. (Most of the "gift" threads I could find focus on high school graduation.) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Replies to: College graduation gift ideas for student heading to med school?

  • dlcor1026dlcor1026 226 replies8 threads Junior Member
    My friend got her S a toy doctors kit and put a check inside.
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  • katliamomkatliamom 12852 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Gift certificates to coffee houses and restaurants. The guy won't have much time to cook, and will be in constant need of caffeine.
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  • WayOutWestMomWayOutWestMom 10275 replies210 threads Senior Member
    Also gift certificates for things like books ( esp. Amazon for supplemental materials he'll need when studying for his Step 1) and household items since he'll be relocating and setting up an apartment.

    If you want to be a bit more personalized--a set of nice scrubs in his size (Or 2 sets--one to wear to anatomy lab and one in the wash)

    Some other popular items for men are medical themed ties or tie tacks.

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  • libartsmomlibartsmom 121 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Check the med school bookstore website for tees, sweatshirts, mugs, etc. with the med school logo. A mug with a gift card to an on campus Starbucks or whatever (medical center maps should have coffee shops of fast food brands labeled) would be good.
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  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP 16183 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Money, lots of it. Will be greatly appreciated.
    Step 1 is sooo remote, way too early, but any Amazon gift certificate will do. Again, money in any shape or form, the more, the better. I would say that simple check will do jut fine. Keep in mind that Medical students cannot afford working, they are shut out of any income for 4 years. I do not know specifics, there are free Medical Schools, there are programs that even pay stipend. But under "normal" circumstances, Medical student is the poorest of the poor with the great amount of debt (at the graduation from Medical school). Everything is very expansive, books (even used ones), stethoscope (which is also the most stolen object, my D. is on her second one), exams cost tons....amy additional dollar in a pocket is appreciated greatly.
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  • rumrunnerrumrunner 398 replies66 threads Member
    bedding and pajamas so that when they do get to bed they are really comfortable. I always told my kids, no matter what happens today, your home is your sanctuary and you'll be coming back later and will be safe and happy and comfortable.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 39151 replies470 threads Senior Member
    Since doctor's ties are a known place for harboring bacteria, this would be a good tongue in cheek gift that also works as nice conversational piece:


    This gift is usually very well received, especially when accompanied by a generous gift card or a check as described above. ;)

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  • ChedvaChedva 18881 replies11658 threads Super Moderator
    I got my friend a stethoscope when she was admitted to medical school. I checked with her school for the specs. It was very well received.
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  • boysx3boysx3 4993 replies174 threads Senior Member
    Last year I gave a relative 6 gift certificates to a cleaning service---they were very, very much appreciated!
    Med students have so little time for themselves, and sometimes it's nice just to come back to a home where everything is nice and fresh.
    Also a great stress reducer if your med student would like to have some friends over -- but the idea of cleaning up first is just too overwhelming.
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