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Candidate running as Dr.

dragonmomdragonmom 5931 replies154 threads Senior Member
We have a local election currently going on.
One of the candidates has all of their campaign signs, flyers, etc identifying the candidate as Dr. Lastname.
The opposition are all identified as "first name , last name". With no titles.

Am I the only one finding this off-putting? In my community being a Dr is no big decal Running for office as "dr". Instead of your first name, Gag.
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  • JHSJHS 18503 replies72 threads Senior Member
    I suspect you and I live near one another, since there is a campaign like that going on a few miles from my home. In that campaign, the "Dr.", while not a complete political neophyte, is the only candidate who has never held elective office, and her name recognition locally barely registered at the start of the race. I think the constant use of "Dr." is an inexpensive and pretty effective way to establish her brand, and to contrast herself with her opponents, all of whom are essentially career politicians/public figures. It also highlights the fact that much of her previous political involvement has been through physicians' groups, and that the lion's share of her support comes from the medical community, where she is very much respected. And, yes, MDs are hardly uncommon in the district, and if you include non-MD health industry or research people and pharmaceutical industry or research people, you have a meaningful portion of the district population that may feel a professional affinity with her.

    See? It worked. I had no idea who she was three months ago, except I knew she was a doctor. I probably would have written her off as a crank but for that. I more or less wrote her off as a crank even with that, but it led me to ask some questions and do a little bit of research, and at least I started thinking of her as a serious person. (Among other things, a lot of doctors I knew and respected had contributed to her campaign.) I think she's still running fourth of four candidates, but she has a lot more traction than anyone expected when she announced her candidacy. So it's hard to argue with her presentation choices.
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