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Advice re laptop disassembly

ConsolationConsolation 22875 replies184 threads Senior Member
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Somehow, a CD inserted into my laptop's DVD/CD drive slipped above the drive box and is now stuck there. I have tried to get it out to no avail. I really don't want to damage it, because it is part of an audiobook from the library.

I am considering taking the back off the laptop, which would presumably enable me to get it out. In the past, I have installed graphics cards and memory in various desktops with no difficulty, but I've never "operated" on a laptop.

I REALLY do not want to take it to someone who will undoubtedly charge me something like $100 or whatever the minimum is for what could be a very simple fix.

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Replies to: Advice re laptop disassembly

  • MagnetronMagnetron 2644 replies5 threads Senior Member
    A small phillips head screwdriver and magnification if you have it. Don't force anything. They really aren't very complex.
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  • LergnomLergnom 7737 replies189 threads Senior Member
    If it's actually not in the cd drive but inside the case, maybe all you need is the right screwdriver for the laptop case. A MacBook uses basic torx screws. Others use different ones. You need to look up online the model and size of screwdriver. I have a screwdriver kit from Microcenter that cost $8. It's easy to reach the optical drive.

    BTW, usual advice is to disconnect the battery to avoid any power issues.

    Taking the bottom off a MacBook is easy. Getting to the keyboard is hard. I can't speak to your problem.
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  • cobratcobrat 12207 replies78 threads Senior Member
    What model laptop are you using exactly?
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  • ConsolationConsolation 22875 replies184 threads Senior Member
    I did it! Turned it off, took out the battery, and started by unscrewing/removing the two most obvious panels on the back. Upon examining what the second one revealed, noted a little icon next to one screw that looked like a rotating disk. Removed the screw, out slipped the optical drive. Remove the errand CD, replaced drive and screws and battery, and all is well.

    I would love to get to the keyboard, because there is something that apparently causes it to think the control key is depressed when it isn't that causes erratic behavior--possibly debris?-- but that will have to wait for another day and more information.
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