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Kitchen Remodel


Replies to: Kitchen Remodel

  • fretfulmotherfretfulmother 2591 replies51 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2015
    :) Thanks, @bookworm! Our backsplash is a pale yellowish/beige Onyx, and the counter is a green granite that might be like "Costa Esmeralda".
    edited December 2015
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  • fretfulmotherfretfulmother 2591 replies51 threads Senior Member
    @jonri - and check the fees at HD too; they've raised them (!) we learned the hard way, between our kitchen in 2010 and ordering a dryer in 2015.

    @whitepicketfence - We got pedals for our kitchen sinks - analogous to the elbow thing, it's so great to have hands-free.
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  • bookwormbookworm 9251 replies74 threads Senior Member
    I love my touch faucet. Something else I learned from GW.

    Fretful mom, the CTop could be almost a solid dark green/black. I imagine your onyx is the palest color. I've seen onyx lights that are almost orange, but yours sound lovely. I inherited a solid onyx side table. I used an onyx bowl in guest bathroom, which sits on a mahogany cabinet. I think it's cheerful and warm.

    My House wasn't right fit, but I like white cabinets, blue Pearl granite, and a backsplash that is white with blue trim. If using marble or marble-like CTops, I've seen backsplashes with marble trim. There are so many lovely combinations. I would take pictures of my favorites, and suggest them to GW people looking for ideas.
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  • jonrijonri 7367 replies135 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2015
    Well.@fretfulmother, that just goes to show you!!! Ask about any fees for delivery, set up, removal of old appliances etc Looks like HD has some good deals. http://www.homedepot.com/c/Savings_Center?cm_sp=PPS|storetemplate|clearance Here in NYC at least, all appliances costing more than $396 have free delivery.http://www.homedepot.com/b/Appliances-Refrigerators/N-5yc1vZc3pi
    edited December 2015
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  • wis75wis75 14383 replies65 threads Senior Member
    As above, consider those extra fees. Plus- consider the quality of installation for dishwashers. I saw a lot of complaints for Best Buy. It could be area dependent. Also look at price matching.

    We never have had special backsplashes- just 3" above the counter in its material. You can save a lot of money and a painted surface can work well. Consider quality in appliances- not just initial cost. That's why I and another poster many posts ago went with mixed brands. Get hold of Consumer Reports in your library and look at info from the past year or two. Repair rates have improved vastly for some brands.

    Dishwashers- look at how the tines are angled and spaced, almost went with Bosch but wouldn't have been able to put many bowls in- and we use many- went with Kitchenaid. Easy to check on decibel levels on appliance store websites (including Sears- often a good site for comparisons). Quieter cost more and sometime quietness is related to the filter type (no grinding is quieter). Visit local appliance stores with good selections and knowledgeable sales people. Ask plenty of questions. Then buy where you want.

    Refrigerators. I like French door. Counter depth will be smaller capacity for the width and much more expensive. I caught sales for all of my appliance purchases- best prices even a year later. Really spend time checking out refrigerators. Door storage- some is too narrow to be useful. Ice maker- heavy ice users may prefer one brand over another.

    Stoves- lucky to have convection with two ovens come with the house (add the counter top and over the range convection microwave ovens plus our toaster oven and we could bake in five places at once!). In the old days you could count coils to figure out how powerful the burners were, now glass tops hide them. Cheapest isn't always best when you use things every day.

    Consider Formica/Wilsonart, ie laminate, countertops to save money. A future owner can do the more expensive tops easily- and to their taste. I debated between quartz and granite but couldn't find quartz I liked at the time. Did Corian for side counter/desktop area and bathrooms (integrated sink meant NO places for grunge).

    I like the soft close drawers- and wide ones have a lot less wasted space. Kraftmaid (plywood) cabinet top drawers are slightly deeper than other brands- easier for boxes of wraps et al. We did stainless steel handles- looks fine on the honey spice.

    So many details! We put in can lights with fluorescent floods instead of incandescent, then replaced them with LEDs- cool/daylight wavelength when they became readily available this year (still 2015 here) without those horrid dots. Under cabinet lights- of course, ours are fluorescent tubes with switches but can turn all on from wall switch.

    I would prefer a range hood but the vented to the outside microwave oven in place works okay for us. We had the electrician put the microwave oven over the stove on a different circuit than the wall outlets because we couldn't run the countertop oven at the same time. We also created a broom closet when we replaced a stretch of floor to ceiling pantry cabinets (those with pull out shelves!) and were able to put an outlet for the Dustbuster in it. All sorts of little things we did to optimize our kitchen.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35380 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Soft close drawers are easier on the drawer fronts, something I learned the hard way.
    Another lesson I learned is that, since the mw/exhaust over the range is only 12 or so inches deep, it doesn't catch all the grease and fumes a hood does (bc it doesn't cover the front burners.) I'm considering a change, if I can figure where to put a mw. Some day, we should bump out the back kitchen wall, for more space. Not there yet.
    And, if you're into GW, don't forget ApartmentTherapy, Houzz, and thekitchn,com (no e in that.)
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  • wis75wis75 14383 replies65 threads Senior Member
    I like having the microwave oven at counter height. So much easier to put things in and take them out, stir... I use the corner which gives ventilation space behind and room to the right for counter space. btw- I would never use a corner for an appliance garage.
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  • zeebamomzeebamom 1420 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Flymetothemoon, I like the width as well as having everything right in front of me. I can put in large sheet pans, see what is in the drawers w/o stooping, all undo able with the SxS. The home SxS is a 60/40 split, but the freezer is not wide enough for anything like pizza. We have to use the freezer in the garage for most things.

    Out at the canal we have another fridge/freezer (top freezer) and an an upright freezer, so plenty of easy to use freezer space, although the freezer in the kitchen fridge works great - usable drawers/slides, good width for larger things. (Extra appliances are good when the nearest supermarket is 40 minutes away. There is a whole house generator that comes on when the power goes out, so no food loss.)

    We have two appliance garages. One turned into a bread garage. The other is still used as designed - for my espresso machine. It is on the wall between the double oven and fridge, with 2 deep drawers below and a glass front cabinet above.
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  • fretfulmotherfretfulmother 2591 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Oh I almost forgot - if at all possible, get either under-mount or flush sink(s). Such a reduction in grime. :)

    @bookworm thank you! I hope it's pale enough...I looked for a picture online and couldn't figure it out. I would say something like vanilla, with the occasional veining.

    I do like our direct-to-out vent over the stove, but it gets cold nearby in winter which probably means they did something not quite right.

    Agreed with the soft-close drawers, those are great. Also agreed with mounting upper cabinets as high up as possible, to avoid space between them and the ceiling (if you're tall enough, that is - my shorter sister does not like this design). In fact, in spite of being average height, I do wish I had one section of slightly lower counter for better leverage at kneading bread and/or rolling pastry.

    @jonri - oh I know, I was shocked and irritated by the HD changes - in ordering a dryer, we got "free delivery" but had to pay for the eight steps up to our house, and I believe they would have charged for the haul away unless we had it hauled when the new dryer was brought, but the dryer couldn't be installed when brought because (for another charge) the certified gas person had to come install it, so we'd have no dryer between if we used the free haul away. In the end, I gave a repair person one more chance, and repaired the dryer when we bought the new washer.
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  • coralbrookcoralbrook 8029 replies25 threads Senior Member
    If you need electric stove, please look into induction cook top. They are all over Europe and they are incredible! Will boil water in record time.
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  • coralbrookcoralbrook 8029 replies25 threads Senior Member
    And a counter depth refrigerator is mandatory (in all my designs) for a small kitchen. Nothing looks worse than a frig sticking out
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  • zeebamomzeebamom 1420 replies3 threads Senior Member
    Yes to induction. I have a large Wolf cooktop, but if I couldn't get gas into the house, induction is the next best thing
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  • MotherOfDragonsMotherOfDragons 3934 replies25 threads Senior Member
    Tell me more about Gardenweb...

    It's a forum like College Confidential, but for house remodeling/reno (mostly, there is some gardening stuff on it too).

    If you are renovating/remodeling, you'll fall into Gardenweb and not emerge for years (somewhat like what seems to be happening to me right now with CC, lol).

    I renovated the house before this one from top to bottom, and I'll never do it again. Once my MIL discovered I knew how to rip out and install toilets she made me do hers. All five of them. And she's a millionaire. Now when people ask me if I know how to do something, I say I don't know. ;)

    The house we've lived in for the past 8 years we bought new and I've blissfully had to do *nothing*.

    In terms of kitchen renovation for the OP, I'd have to know what your budget is to give you good advice. For people saying granite is passe, I'd reply there's granite, and then there's *granite*. Some of it is absolutely gorgeous and super pricey. Some of it is cheap and is shipped in from china, loaded with poisonous antifungals and who knows what else (to keep stuff from growing on it in the hold of the ships).

    Granite is not considered OSHA food-safe. If that's important to you go with a quartz type countertop because it's non-porous. I treat my granite counters like gemstones and use steam to clean and sanitize them without scratching them.

    If you do 12x24 tiles make sure your underlayment is top notch or your tiles will crack as the underlayment flexes.

    If you aren't moving ever, get whatever appliances you want. If you are planning on moving before you replace your appliances, get stainless. People may not love stainless, but nobody ever said they weren't buying a house because they really wanted black appliances. Ok, maybe one person on HGTV, but I swear that had to be for drama.

    If you get new cabinets, the finish probably won't quite match the old cabinets because the old cabinets have oxidized over time. This would make me crazy.

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  • ConsolationConsolation 22898 replies184 threads Senior Member
    @fendergirl, of the three links you posted, I think the white looks the best. Largely because of the way the attractive granite works with the cabinets and appliances and backsplash. The stainless kitchen has, IMHO, a granite that looks hideous with the cabinets (matchy-matchy but failing), and the fridge is just bulging out there. The black is so-so. (We don't see the fridge, why do people put those dumb little topper curtains over the kitchen window, and the floor doesn't work with the rest of it.)

    Priorities for me if and when I ever get to redo the kitchen:

    *High power gas range/cooktop with 5+ burners and a grill option
    *Two ovens, one of which has to be full size.
    *Powerful hood fan with bright lights vented as directly as possible to the outside
    *French door fridge
    *Granite or soapstone countertops.
    *White or off-white cabinets, stainless steel appliances
    *Reuse my current heavy-duty stainless Elkay double sink.
    *An island with two cabinets with a pop-up shelf (One for the Cuisinart, one for the stand mixer), over which I can hang my pot rack. (I am SO tired of struggling with all of the pots and pans in drawers!)
    *Tile or wood floor

    Things I would not want to live with in a kitchen:
    *One of those microwave over oven hood combos.
    *Downdraft ventilation
    *Smooth surface range/cooktop
    *Side by side fridge
    *Everything so built in and customized that you have to dismantle/significantly alter the cabinets to change any appliance but the dishwasher (This is our current situation.)
    *Vinyl floor (hate, hate, hate the one we have now)

    Something I would love but our house would not accommodate: a real butler's pantry. :)
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  • thumper1thumper1 78272 replies3527 threads Senior Member
    We never have had special backsplashes- just 3" above the counter in its material

    Same here...but we have 5 inches...because that was the height to the trim below the window over the sink. Paint on the walls under the cabinets...semi gloss for easy clean up.

    I really like my FD fridge. My husband loved the side by side. The French door has nice wide shelves...really nice for almost everything. Door storage is fine on one door. The other has the stinking ice making thing...which I would NOT get at all the next time. I don't ever want another fridge with through the door ice and water. The freezer drawer is excellent. It's not too deep, and we als have a sliding drawer in the freezer for smaller things like butter or a pound of bacon. Bigger things go below.

    Oh....and mine is counter depth. Fridges sticking out really bother me!

    Consolation clearly does a LOT more cooking than I do. I just do those day to day meals. Nothing special. I really love my smooth top stove, and to be honest, I like the microwave over the stove. Ours vents outside. It has a very strong fan mechanism.

    I've had wood floors in the kitchen in 2 of the 3 houses I have owned. I LOVE them, and wouldn't consider any other surface in the kitchen.

    @fendergirl get what YOU like and want. It's your house, and you don't plan to move soon. So get what you will enjoy using, and the next owner can change things...which they probably will do anyway!
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  • SlackerMomMDSlackerMomMD 3085 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Echoing the Yes to induction cooktops. We've had ours for about 9 years. Works wonderfully. Heats up quickly but the cooktop remains cool to touch. Easy to maintain and clean. Best of all (for those of us who are a tad forgetful), it's impossible to leave the cooktop on if there's no pot or pan on it.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 5277 replies194 threads Senior Member
    I'm late to be answering the question, but we have a counter depth fridge, and it seems much smaller than our old one. Our kitchen was refinished right before we bought the house. It has a deep sink, which I like a lot, stainless Dishwasher and stove, which are not my favorite but I would probably get again because appliances tend to die at different times, and a built-in ivory colored fridge that doesn't really look like a fridge. It's kind of odd, actually, but apparently was quite expensive. I like the ease of granite counters. We have a ceramic tile floor, but I would do hard wood if I had my way. I'd also like to have an island. We've been in our house about 10 years. I'm not sure if I will get to redo it, or if we will move soon. We are empty nesters now.
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  • rutgersmammarutgersmamma 481 replies96 threads Member
    What about kitchen sink choices? How many basins and in what configuration? Farmhouse? Are rounded corners worth the extra cost? Stainless? Porcelain?
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  • ConsolationConsolation 22898 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Two bowls, stainless, one really big and deep, one somewhat smaller but not really little.

    A big, wide, old fashioned soapstone sink with the adjacent grooved soapstone draining board would be fine, too, as long as you don't ever want to have a licensed kitchen. In this state, a 2-bowl sink is required.
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  • mathmommathmom 33181 replies161 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2016
    I had a microwave vent over my stove in my first kitchen because it was simply too small to do anything else. It worked reasonably well with a normal stove - I wouldn't put one over professional style burners. I remodeled it on a really tight budget. Took over a 3x5 unused porch and the remains of a chimney that went nowhere, but it was till only 10' x 11' when I was done. My priority was to have counterspace, my only splurge was some handmade Italian tile for the backsplash. My current kitchen has bead board for the backsplash except for subway tile behind the range and adjacent counters. Very happy with them so far.

    I have a huge farmhouse type sink in stainless steel. Undermount. Love it. DH doesn't love the square corners for cleaning, but I do like the way they look.

    If I had it to do again, I'd love a second oven. But there were very limited options for a 36" wide space and no obvious place for wall ovens.

    If you have a closet behind the fridge you can sometimes steal a little space from it so that the deeper fridge will look counter depth.
    edited January 2016
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