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The Honor Was Mine...


Replies to: The Honor Was Mine...

  • HImomHImom 36007 replies396 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2017
    My allergist has been such a giving person all her life and career. Sadly she is having some personal health crises and is closing her practice. I bought her some warm clothing (down jackets, footed socks, a hat, scarf, other clothing) as she will soon be moving to a very cold place for medical treatment and has no warm things of her own (she was just going to borrow her sister's things). It has been such an honor to know such a selfless person and we hope she will recover soon and fully. She has been our advocate for over a decade and helped us get into the Stanford program to hopefully get effective treatment for D's chronic disease, that will make a difference in her health. She seemed so surprised and touched to be given things to help her in her journey.
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  • musicmom1215musicmom1215 2911 replies57 threads Senior Member
    I was leaving a meeting one evening and stood outside to talk to a few friends as we were getting into our cars. It was nearing 10:00 at night and, of course, was dark. As we were talking, I noticed a woman in her 50s or 60s walking down the street carrying two or three grocery bags from the store that was at least a mile away. When I got in my car, I felt compelled to stop and offer her a ride. I knew her bags had to be getting heavy. She didn't hesitate to take me up on my offer and I drove her home about a mile away. We had a nice chat, and it really made me think about how fortunate I am to not have to WALK miles to buy groceries. I really take so many things for granted.
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  • dragonmomdragonmom 6112 replies155 threads Senior Member
    I used to give blood regularly, but my tiny veins make it a long, difficult process. I was finally told, very gently, that the bloodmobile's time was better served with folks who are faster and easier "sticks" if there's a line of donors.
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