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Tell me somethin' good . . .


Replies to: Tell me somethin' good . . .

  • LeastComplicatedLeastComplicated 1096 replies40 threads Senior Member
    My two teenagers, who are typical and sort of annoying much of the time, made me totally crack up two days in a row this week.

    Last night, I was in D2's room after her shower and she was telling me something with attitude and sort of 'dissing" me. I can't even remember what she was saying, but while she was saying it, she was wearing a turban made of an old beach towel around her head and it was sticking up about 3 feet into the air. I told her "Turn around and look in the mirror and say the same thing you just said to me." All she had to do was take one quick glance and we both burst out laughing!

    D1, who likes to bond with me by ranting about things, came in after her basketball practice and told me about having to help with the new rising freshman. She said she was trying to teach them something and did her best to be patient and explain things simply. But she said "MOM! I was talking to them and looking them right in their eyes and trying to explain something, but I could tell that there was just not anything in there!". I just cracked up at her hilarious rant thinking to myself "Hmmm - that's sounds very familiar.."
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18976 replies336 threads Senior Member
    @busdriver11: I'm wondering what company he's interviewing with that got censored in your post!!
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  • busdriver11busdriver11 15419 replies29 threads Senior Member
    It was Drop box, I changed it. I'm not sure why that would be censored if you make it one word, is that something nasty? I am so not with the times!
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  • morrismmmorrismm 3390 replies182 threads Senior Member
    I have faith. It is good!
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