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Osteoporosis - what to do?


Replies to: Osteoporosis - what to do?

  • TyberiusTyberius 173 replies10 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 183 Junior Member
    @rosered55, I would suggest you make sure your dog is wearing a harness rather than just a collar when you walk him. I have fallen twice while walking the dog - once when we first adopted him and he spooked at a sound. He pulled the leash and I lost my footing and went up in the air and landed on my side. No breaks as far as I know, but I have a nice lump of scar tissue in my arm. After that I bought a harness for him at the suggestion of our dog walker. It really gives me more control over him. He is a rescue - probably a failed hunting dog, and is a bit skittish. The second time I slipped on black ice while walking him in the dark. Not his fault. If I know it will be icy I will put yak trax on my shoes, but they are a bit of a pain putting them on.
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  • shellfellshellfell 3233 replies11 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,244 Senior Member
    Very surprised your dentist wasn't at all concerned about jaw pain when taking Fosamax, thumper. DH is a retired dentist and wouldn't have ignored a patient complaining about jaw pain. His anecdotes about patient's experiences with bisphosphonates has kept me from trying them.
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  • gouf78gouf78 7748 replies23 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7,771 Senior Member
    When Fosamax first came out the jaw problems were not listed as a side effect.
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  • calmomcalmom 20394 replies166 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 20,560 Senior Member
    Ok, bumping this thread as I've just joined the club. :( Had a DEXA this week & results show T-Score -2.9 (lumbar spine) and -2.3 (femoral neck) & FRAX shows 10-year probability of fracture is 11.7% & hip fracture 2.4%. I'm age 65, and haven't lost significant height. (half an inch at most, comparing current height vs. teenager ). I've never had a broken bone, ever ... and I haven't fallen since I started doing yoga. Before then, there were a couple of falls that were essentially due to tripping over one of my 2 dogs or its leash during a walk. I made an appointment to see my PCP next week, but now they called back & rescheduled the appointment so its 3 weeks out. So it will be a while before I get official medical advice. So my plan now is to get the info I need so I can ask good questions at my MD appointment when it comes. I do take a calcium supplement & vitamin D. Also I'm a dairy eater - milk, yogurt, cheese - plus big on nuts-- so I probably get plenty of calcium from my diet.

    Also, I'm now on Medicare this year so for most things, either Medicare pays or I don't get. (I've got an F supplement, so not worried about any sort of copay or deductible). My cheap-o Part D drug plan will give me the generic Fosamax (alendronate) practically free from preferred pharmacies (like about $1 -- it's listed as Tier 1) - but other brand name options are pricier & some are not in the formulary at all.

    I'm generally averse to drug-taking -- but I'm thinking with my T-Score the doctor might want to start me on something or other. But I'm confused about the lumbar spine vs. femoral neck thing -- the FRAX seems to be calculated against the neck measurement.

    @CIEE83 -- thank you for your very helpful posts #45 & #49. It's nice to have a medical perspective vs. anecdotal. It sounds to that if the doctor wants me to start a bisphosphonates, I probably should at least trial it for a while to see how well I tolerate it. But maybe with my FRAX numbers the doctor will opt for a wait-and-see approach. As much as I hate taking meds, I don't want my bones collapsing either.
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