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Another travel question road trip Washington state


Replies to: Another travel question road trip Washington state

  • zeebamomzeebamom 1434 replies3 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2019
    If you want quirky shopping, head to the Fremont neighborhood (north of downtown). Lots of little independent shops and restaurants. For a casual meal with great beer, try Brouwer’s (21 & older only), and *nothing* beats the cake from Simply Desserts. SWEL is good (we go to their north end restaurant often), and there’s a good wine/cocktail bar just down from it.
    You could also head to Ballard. Food, shopping, beer nirvana. We love the Sunday market. Again, all independents. Bastille, Stoneburner, Staple & Fancy are great restaurants.
    BB’s suggestions are spot-on. I’d also suggest Lecosho on the harbor steps. We’ve had a decent meal and drinks at Goldfinch Tavern.
    If you like Mac and cheese, pick some up at Beecher’s in the Pike Place Market.
    DeLaurenti’s in the Market has a huge selection of salumi, etc, and cheese and gourmet items. Pick some things up for a picnic.
    Pike and Western wine shop has a lot of great wines.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    I did not suggest Fremont because it is a bit away from the downtown core, but it is easily reachable by bus. Buses 5, 26, and 28 and also 30 and 31 all go through Fremont. There is Fremont Brewing Company and Tilray's across the street is pretty good (great wine selection). Brooks Running is now headquartered in Fremont and has a store on Stone Way across the street from Fremont Brewing. Next to it is Miir store (a very popular Seattle gift). Fremont is quite quirky and worth the visit IMO. Go on a tour of Theo's Chocolates (or just pop in for generous free samples). Say hi to the Communist leader, JP Patches, the stone folks waiting for Interurban, and the One who shall not be named on CC (lives under the Aurora bridge). The eateries there are plentiful and quite good.
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  • wis75wis75 14393 replies65 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2019
    Just got back from our Seattle area trip. Made me want to move- but the temps are up this week. We have been there several times and spent time just hanging out walking/sitting in some city parks had us discovering nice parts of town a day or two after a lot of planned trips. One day in the Pike Place et al area is enough for us by now. H's cell phone gps had us through the new tunnel a few times- nice! What a difference with only a few remnants of that ugly viaduct.

    OP- I'm sure you will find plenty to enjoy at the spur of the moment. We go planning to see son a few times, nephew's family and any other trips that strike our fancy that year. Sometimes having a down day, without plans, is a needed break in playing tourist.

    PS- be sure you adjust any walking gps instructions to car as needed- sometimes can't get to point B from A otherwise...
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  • mom60mom60 8438 replies516 threads Senior Member
    My feet are tired! The time has gone by quickly and we have not done much. Our plane arrived late Saturday and I was glad I had made a late dinner reservation at Wild Ginger. It was nice having a plan for dinner that evening. We did a food tour of Pikes market yesterday which was nice. Today we went to the Chihuly glass garden. I loved it. Took an Uber to Ballard and the locks. A beautiful botanical garden and a bit of exploring. Tomorrow am we will get an early start for Mt Rainier. The weather has been beautiful though a bit of shock to our coastal Ca bodies. My body is adjusted to mid 70s so I’ve found Seattle this past few days to be pretty hot.
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  • mom60mom60 8438 replies516 threads Senior Member
    We are home from our trip. It was a great visit, we loved Washington. For the most part all the stops I planned were hits. I think I only had one miss.
    We loved our time on Lopez and San Juan Islands. It was cold though and we weren’t prepared for that. Lopez was great as we were staying with friends and we got a local feel for the island. We had a great dinner at The Haven restaurant. Loved all the gardens in residents yards. Went to a couple of farms where you picked your purchases and left your payment in a tin box. We even picked wild blackberries and made a crumble.
    Had great weather and beautiful skies during our two days in Mt Rainier. Did a lot of hiking. Ran across a brown bear on one of our hikes. I have a bear phobia so was slightly freaked out. The bear was right on the trail munching away on wildflowers. The flowers were great in all the areas of the park we visited and the views of Mt Rainier spectacular. We entered near Sunrise and exited at Paradise.
    Our stop at Chelan was my only miss. I picked a “resort” that came highly rated. I had scheduled a down day before our trip to Stehekin. The lake was nice and we did some swimming but the place we stayed was really busy and lots of kids running around. It just wasn’t our style.
    Stehekin was great. We had a cabin at the lodge. It’s well worth spending a night or two. Lots of backpackers coming through and it was fun talking to them about their adventures. I was in awe of some of the older backpackers who were in the middle of multi day trips.
    Thanks for all the great advise.
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