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Missing hikers in the news.


Replies to: Missing hikers in the news.

  • FlyMeToTheMoonFlyMeToTheMoon 3256 replies45 threads Senior Member
    I think I was suspicious from the start when the family starting suggesting Sheryl Powell was abducted. Granted I have no hiking experience, but it just seemed a real jump to me to assume abduction as opposed to being lost.
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  • oregon101oregon101 5648 replies138 threads Senior Member
    In populated Glacier this week. We have done nothing out of the ordinary yet we have been completely alone on both a hike and roads at times. It surprised me! This place is populated!
    Decades ago when I was 24 I lived with my BF in a farmhouse in Ind. . No phone. No tv.
    I was alone and walked across a bit away to a creek to meditate. Looked up and saw two men a very short distance away with guns. Dog and BF not so far away.
    I saw them before they ever saw me. Made sure they did not see me...
    Happened again in Conn. in a state forest, we were camping.We left and went to a motel.
    Just saying that weird and strange things can happen. Maybe nothing would have to me ( or her) but many many crimes are of convenience.
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  • 3sonsmom3sonsmom 392 replies0 threads Member
    I’m too neurotic to hike in remote areas, never alone! I went canoeing with a group of female co-workers in the 80s and we did encounter a scary couple of guys, that sealed the fear for me! I couldn’t even watch the James Franco movie based on the true story. Our apprehension may have rubbed off on sons, haven’t heard any thrill seeking tales yet.
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  • Leigh22Leigh22 1081 replies9 threads Senior Member
    We hike all the time. We did Glacier last year - it is amazing that you can be completely alone even during the busy season. This is because most park visitors don’t get out of their cars and if they do they walk very little into the wilderness.
    We are getting ready to go hike Grand Tetons - so excited.
    I too find the California woman’s story to be very fishy- makes no sense.
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  • CreeklandCreekland 6941 replies93 threads Senior Member
    The only time I hiked alone was when I was young. Ever since I discovered hiking with friends/family, etc, I've wondered why anyone goes alone.

    In my youth we had a small "mile wide and a few miles long" forest behind our house - no "child eating animals" were around. My sister and I wandered through that together in our very young years - prior to starting school which means she was 4 and I was 3. Once, probably around age 7 or so, I had the bright idea of getting her lost as her sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired. I had a blast watching her get upset... and she never accompanied me again afterward (sigh). So, after that I went alone, though often with our German Shepherd dogs or once past age 11, with my pony. (Prior to age 11 my sister would still ride through parts of it with me on our ponies. At age 11 my parents divorced and she went to live with mom. I stayed with dad - and the ponies.)

    It's amazing how one can reminisce from a simple thread.

    I doubt my parents would have allowed it if there had been lions or bears or venomous snakes. As it was, the area was bounded by roads (and a swamp), so it was tough to truly get lost. When we hit a road we knew where we were. We occasionally prowled the swamp wondering if we could find quicksand. Nope. Just mud and muck.
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  • yucca10yucca10 1418 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Incidentally, a hiker was killed by a lighting recently just a few miles from where I live. I think many people underestimate this threat.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 5406 replies198 threads Senior Member
    When we were at Glacier during the busy season, we started down one trail and realized we felt a little uncomfortable (bears were our concern -we had seen them and hear of people coming within feet of them). We turned around and went on a different trail. It’s funny how there can be so many people, but once you get off the main road just a little, there can be many fewer people. When we are hiking I often text someone just to say what trail we are doing, so someone knows just in case.
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  • mycupofteamycupoftea 490 replies17 threads Member
    edited July 2019
    Accidents happen even with the most experienced and prepared hikers. But I wish people made less uneducated, arrogant and plain stupid decisions. Rescue services are run by volunteers, and every year I read about rescuers risking their lives. Just the last year a 30-year veteran of the rescue organization died in Colorado backcountry during a dangerous recovery effort.

    edited July 2019
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30511 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Oh, it is very possible her story is true. It just doesn’t hit the right notes. But until unproven, it remains on record as true. LE don’t seem to be overly concerned about this maniac running around...
    I’ll leave it that I’m glad both she and her dog were found safe. I’m sure the husband is too. Had they not. Been found, he would have been put under the lights. I’m just relieved that woman and dog are ok
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