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Heat wave - what are your plans


Replies to: Heat wave - what are your plans

  • 4kids4us4kids4us 1150 replies4 threads Senior Member
    @happy1 , today is my anniversary too. Happy Anniversary! For a variety of reasons, Dh and I couldn’t marry in the fall as I wanted. We were constrained by his job and the college chapel availability so ended up having to marry in the middle of July, typically the hottest time of year. As someone with super thick hair that completely frizzes in humidity, I was worried my hair would be a mess. Alas, on this day 23 years ago, I woke up to a gorgeous, no humidity, 75 degree sunny day with a slight breeze. An absolutely perfect day for a wedding! Just two days earlier it was in the 90s and humid and dh’s childhood friends from his home state of CA couldn’t understand why he would ever want to live here.

    So here we are 23 years later and the temperature is 25 degrees hotter and all outdoor activities have been canceled in my town. I’m in the DC area as well, but thankfully left this afternoon for a week at the beach. Still hot and humid here but much more bearable. In the car on the way here, at one point the car display showed 104 degrees, and that doesn’t factor in humidity.

    The only one not bothered by this weather is my desert dog who was adopted from the Middle East. Her breed is adapted to tolerate this heat. That said, she’s perfectly happy right now lying under the ceiling fan now at our beach house. ;)
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  • swimcatsmomswimcatsmom 15911 replies347 threads Senior Member
    99 here with a feels like 106. Forecast 100 tomorrow. I'll be staying insude. Monday 88 sounds nice. 99 and 100s is not abnormal here at this time of year but I don't like it.

    Just got back from England and was feeling hot there in the mid 70s to 80s and one day was 92. Of course there is mostly no AC there plus I am walking in the heat and taking public transportation rather than driving in my air-conditioned car.
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23984 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Upper 90s and humid in middle Tennessee. I run every day- and it's been tough even early in the morning. I shortened this morning's longer run in deference to the conditions. We are used to hot weather, but this seems a little hotter and more humid than usual. We are due for a break. It's really to hot to enjoy going over to the pool.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7578 replies35 threads Senior Member
    Yes.. Also Chicago.. Just rained and the temp is coming down...
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  • 1214mom1214mom 5378 replies197 threads Senior Member
    We are between Dc and Baltimore, and it is ridiculously hot here. I went to the gym for a couple of hours today. Normally we would be biking, but it’s just too hot. We aren’t sitting on our deck either. AC is our friend.
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  • deb922deb922 6463 replies202 threads Senior Member
    Thunderstorms here in my spot in northern Michigan.

    But I’ve had my roof replaced all week and it was so hot yesterday. They were supposed to finish today but it was lightning so they couldn’t finish. So they painted a closet in my air conditioned house. They will finish on Monday when the weather will be nice.

    Having these guys on my roof all week in the heat makes me very grateful for my blessed life and air conditioning
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  • abasketabasket 21529 replies920 threads Senior Member
    BIGGIE storm coming through Southwestern Ontario right now over the lake - it's our cool salvation! (but the storm is pretty intense!)
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  • scorekeeper1scorekeeper1 136 replies1 threads Junior Member
    While I live by the beach in San Diego, where it is lovely, I am currently in Arizona with my S20 for a baseball tournament. He had a 12:30 game today and it was 111 when we got back to the car. Double header tomorrow, but with games at 7 and 9:30, we will be done by 11:45. All I did was sit and watch and I’m completely wiped out.
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  • lilmomlilmom 3561 replies96 threads Senior Member
    My SoCal location is a temperate 72 right now. We were hoping for higher temps while at the beach earlier today. I can relate @scorekeeper1. I remember my kid's golf tournaments in AZ and Palm Springs in the 100+ temps. Why do they do that?!
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35411 replies399 threads Senior Member
    edited July 2019
    DH used to joke that when we visited my grandmother outside Phoenix, he had to leave early for an am jog. Then, that the return was basically running from the shade of one tree to the next.

    Yeah, right, the temp is dropping here (northeast.) From 96, it's now 87, at almost 9pm. I got the little room thermometer we used when testing the new boiler, last fall. It says the master bedroom is 80, even with the AC.
    edited July 2019
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  • 2VU06092VU0609 3680 replies62 threads Senior Member
    Hallmark kicked off their Christmas in July series of reruns with a new movie a little over a week ago. Watched it tonight from my dvr and the best part of it was seeing snow and the illusion of crisp winter temps! I enjoy all the seasons, but I'm looking forward to fall, which is my favorite.
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  • oldmom4896oldmom4896 4041 replies293 threads Senior Member
    Here in Brooklyn at 10:49, my phone says it's 88, feels like 99. I am on my way home from a party, on a city bus which is nice and cold. Hopefully my AC will cool things off quickly when I get home in 10 minutes.
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  • mathmommathmom 33227 replies163 threads Senior Member
    It was in the 90s, but it was actually a pleasant evening. We strolled around each other's yards looking at plants then retreated indoors for food. I thought it would be a lot worse.
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  • thumper1thumper1 78481 replies3537 threads Senior Member
    I’m in Cleveland for a reunion. They had record breaking high temp Saturday. It’s been hot and humid. It rained and then felt like a steam sauna. Tomorrow it’s “only” supposed to be 85.

    I’ve been indoors where there is AC almost all weekend, but some of the AC isn’t keeping up well with the heat.

    It’s supposed to be a high in the low 70’s on Monday...which will be a nice change.
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  • eyemamomeyemamom 5428 replies79 threads Senior Member
    Hubby asked if after he works out if we could go to the local casino. They have a dim sum restaurant so we’ll go for lunch. Maybe I’ll hit it big enough to put an air conditioner on my pool. I think I could boil eggs in there now.
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  • LizardlyLizardly 2644 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Running before dawn and then staying indoors. Even the pool is hot.
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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35411 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Hey! Just got the email from WF: "Prime members get 35% off ice cream and frozen novelties from July 17 – July 30."

    But not going out.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11542 replies153 threads Senior Member
    Mostly concerned about my dogs. Although they have easy access to both indoor & outdooor locations, they sleep & eat indoors.

    Outide, I keep 5 small plastic swimming pools (about 11 inches deep and a few feet wide) filled with fresh water each day. I place the pools in the front yard, side yards & backyard next to trees so that I can water the trees as I empty & refill them daily.

    Inside, in addition to air conditioning, I place two box fans close to their favorite daytime beds and I add ice cubes to their drinking water. Additionally, I give them Frosty Paws ice cream cups twice a day during the hottest hours. I keep their canned dog food in the refrigerator as I do with some of their snacks (mostly baby carrots).

    If I leave home for a few hours, I play calming classical music & fill extra water bowls with water & ice cubes.

    Sometimes, when I pass a home with a dog kept outdoors, I go to Walmart, buy a small plastic pool & leave it (unfilled of course) in the person's yard hoping that it will be used for cooling off their dog.
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  • showmom858showmom858 3180 replies16 threads Senior Member
    My Aunt and Uncle and a couple of my cousins and their families are visiting San Diego from the Northeast this week. They rented a beach house a bit north of us. I talked to my Aunt this morning about our dinner plans with them later today and she told me how much they are enjoying our cooler weather.
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