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Fitness, Nutrition and Health- All Welcome (Hardcore and “Light”)

MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23900 replies208 threads Senior Member
I’m starting another thread, as suggested, for anyone who wants to talk about fitness/exercise, food choices and related issues. We welcome all input, whether you are a serious participant in a sport or fitness pursuit or just wanting to exercise for health or weight control. The focus of the content will depend on who posts!

I have been a competitive runner for over 40 years, but am now past my mid-60s and have been lax with my strength training and, well, not so good with my food choices. My main health issue is osteoporosis, despite all my running. I run every day and compete 6 to 8 times a year in road races.

I know we have a lot of expertise in the CC community on all of these topics. We have @sushiritto who does CrossFit and knows how to eat very “clean”. We have @Midwest67 who does great with her hikes and her strength training. @MichaelNKat is a certified trainer and cyclist. @OhioOhio Is a runner. @abasket is extremely consistent with her cardio activities. We have yogis, Pilates devotees, runners, cyclists, skiers and fitness walkers. We want to hear from all of you.

We are mainly middle aged parents here, and it can be helpful to have a community of folks to support our efforts to eat healthy (mainly) and keep up with cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Welcome to ALL!
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Replies to: Fitness, Nutrition and Health- All Welcome (Hardcore and “Light”)

  • Classof2015Classof2015 4214 replies191 threads Senior Member
    @Nitmom -- congrats on signing up for a half marathon! Good luck!
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23900 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Getting up at 3:45 is quite impressive! I try to get out the door by 6 or 6:30 but have found that with my demanding job, I just get too tired if I do too much running on weekday mornings. I try for 3-4 miles and then usually do a couple more right when I get home from work on my treadmill while I decompress from the day.
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23900 replies208 threads Senior Member
    @kelsmom What a great turnaround! How much Vit K do you take? I haven’t tried that.
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  • LizardlyLizardly 2633 replies11 threads Senior Member
    @kelsmom Also curious about p90x3. I remember p90x and still do the seven minute ab routine at times.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 42067 replies2271 threads Super Moderator
    MODERATOR'S NOTE: I'm happy to see that another thread has been started. Please keep in mind that this should be a positive, encouraging place for people to share and get advice. If the moderators start seeing snarky, preachy posts, the thread will be closed. Please do your best to keep it open!

    One rule of thumb: It's OK to disagree respectfully ONCE. You can state your position, very politely, but then drop it.
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  • cookercooker 301 replies4 threads Member
    So happy to see this thread starting up! I'm 65 and while I've always been pretty active (aerobic classes of various types, lots of walking) I took up running about 8 years ago and am loving it. I really feel like it keeps me fit and helps me control my weight, and I've started supplementing the running with group strength classes a couple days a week at a local Lifetime Fitness. I'm not great at exercising on my own - hence the classes instead of equipment - and I run with a friend or two most of the time. I have a weekly base of 20 miles, running about 5 miles four days a week, 2 days of strength stuff, and usually a day off. A little more when I'm training for a half, which I try to do twice a year. I started a vegetarian diet about 5 years ago, and it's made me very mindful of what I eat. I love cooking so that helps too. I have a sizeable cookbook library - which I had to supplement when I went vegetarian. It includes lots of baking books - not used as much as I used to, but I haven't totally given up sugar.
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