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Trader Joe's Jackfruit

gosmomgosmom 1961 replies58 threads Senior Member
O.k....had never heard of this. But tried sample of it in store....OMG! It tasted like I was eating an excellent pulled pork sandwich. All they did was mix it with their bbq sauce, heat it, put it on their honey wheat buns and topped with their cabbage mix. Same texture as pork or chicken. Try it out if you're looking for a vegan/meat replacement!
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Replies to: Trader Joe's Jackfruit

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80225 replies720 threads Senior Member
    There are some barbeque restaurants that offer jackfruit as a vegetarian or vegan option.
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  • kelsmomkelsmom 15801 replies99 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for the tip. I have tried several meat substitutes & am not impressed. I will try the jackfruit!
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  • doschicosdoschicos 22957 replies240 threads Senior Member
    edited January 24
    You could put BBQ sauce on a lot and it'll be good. :)

    Joking aside, I see it served in restaurants around here as a vegan alternative.
    edited January 24
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  • AlwaysMovingAlwaysMoving 346 replies3 threads Member
    If you have an asian grocery store nearby (H Mart for me) they sell canned jackfruit in water for super cheap. The jackfruit plus some sort of BBQ sauce/fajita sauce is really good, crazy easy to prepare, and cheap! :)
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  • taverngirltaverngirl 1353 replies38 threads Senior Member
    Someone sells this at our farmer's market, but it's very expensive. Will check it out at TJs and our local Asian grocer.
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  • makemesmartmakemesmart 1753 replies14 threads Senior Member
    We eat the yellow meaty part as fruit, love it! The seeds are nutty-flavored when cooked with food. I have heard that every part of jackfruit is edible but have not tried the fibery parts. Will have to give it a try.
    Our Wholefoods sells it once in a while, the Asian market ones we got are often not as sweet (ripe).
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  • sabaraysabaray 7183 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Costco sampled a prepared product from “The Jackfruit Company” that was jackfruit, spinach, garam masala and tomato. It came in a pouch. We really liked it as a meat alternative and have tried it over quinoa and added fresh spinach to it. Our grocery sells small packs of the prepared variety unseasoned but also the fresh, which would be super expensive.
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