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Coronavirus May 2020 - Observations, information, discussion

MarilynMarilyn 4175 replies140 threads Senior Member
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To discuss COVID-19/coronavirus topics of interest - personal observations, ongoing updates, et.

This is a continuation of Coronavirus: What are You doing ( if anything) to prepare/ What are you personally observing? It was posted at Jon Ericson's suggestion.

As he wrote, please note:
  • [This thread has] relaxed moderation. I'd rather people didn't post entire news articles, but you can quote more than normal. "Off-topic" isn't really a thing there either.
  • Please avoid political debate. If that happens, I'm encouraging moderators to just delete overtly political replies without warning. If it gets bad, I'll step in to give a stern warning. We don't want this to be a place people feel uncomfortable in.
  • Obviously rude and abusive behavior is not tolerated. Respect each other.

And remember: have fun!
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Replies to: Coronavirus May 2020 - Observations, information, discussion

  • cinnamon1212cinnamon1212 1088 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Thank you.
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  • MarilynMarilyn 4175 replies140 threads Senior Member
    I had just come off a high from watching the Parks & Rec Reunion special. If Leslie Knope can bring friends together while taking care of herself, so can we.
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  • MarylandJOEMarylandJOE 268 replies8 threads Junior Member
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    Maryland's Corvid-19 reporting website


    You can see from the data that over 50% of the deaths in this state are centered in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Apparently this does not include many of those residents that also died at the hospital.

    In my county, Harford, the number of confirmed deaths is currently 6. The number of nursing home deaths is also 6.

    The state has done a horrible job in regards to these facilities. They had to realize early on that this was where the most vulnerable were and they should have done a better job protecting them.

    Meanwhile the rest of us get to be under lockdown with an extremely small chance of dying from this. Of course our economy suffers greatly and who knows when that may recover.

    We really need to open the state up more and allow businesses to operate with social distancing. It's insane to lockdown everyone when apparently the elderly, especially in nursing homes, are the ones needing to be isolated.

    As of yesterday, 958 deaths in Maryland, meanwhile just over 3000 cases in nursing homes with 508 deaths there. Focus on the real fire and let everyone else get this economy going again.

    If you feel the need to shelter in place do so, If you feel the risk is minimal, don your mask, social distance and get back to work.
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  • HImomHImom 35841 replies396 threads Senior Member
    edited May 1
    Thanks, @CCadmin_Jon! Really appreciate the ability to share with our virtual friends about this important subject. I, like many here, are pretty physically isolated because I’m socially distancing since I and H are at very high risk of getting very ill if we get COVID-19. It’s helpful to be “connected” with out CC community. Some of us have “met” here for many, many years.

    Our state is being pretty cautious. They are trying to figure out how to get people to self quarantine if they arrive in our state and having to cite the MANY who refuse to follow the order and sometimes send them back to wherever they flew here from. The people claim ignorance, though they sign a form on the plane agreeing to the quarantine, and are instructed when they get off the plane. They have to get this right before they start allowing more visitors and passengers into our state.

    Armed people walking around our state would terrify me.

    People in our state mostly are trying their best to help our community stay safe and healthy. There are very, very long lines of people trying to get food assistance—it’s contactless and they open their hatchback or trunk and food is deposited. The Foodbank has been tireless in coordinating and many have contributed cash and manpower.

    There are other orgs also distributing food. Efforts are being made to distribute cloth masks to the homeless as well, and they have been grateful.

    One of our healthcare systems will be antibody testing its >7000 workers to see how many have already had COVID-19. That is the system where my internist, lung doc and two board members work, as well as my friend’s H. I’m looking forward to seeing what they learn and publicize.
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  • apprenticeprofapprenticeprof 941 replies3 threads Member
    Thank you, CC_Admin Jon!

    MarylandJOE, I tend to agree with you that the goalposts have been changing in sometimes alarming ways,, but it is so hard to know what to do. Based on current numbers, there are states that might on paper look like they should reopen - but all it takes is a few infected people passing the virus to a bunch of people in a crowded venue, and you might get something closer to NJ and NY. Sure, even there the great majority of healthy people have recovered, but the virus certainly couldn't be contained there by improving sanitary practices in nursing homes at this point.

    We're dealing with this in Israel right now. In a population of 9 million, we have 230 deaths (a large number among nursing home residents, most of whom were already in poor health). The rate of new infections, even with increased testing, is between 100-200 a day recently. But when the government announced a plan to open schools for K-3 students next week (with spread-out classes of no more than 15), parents and teachers pushed back. Now it may be on hold.

    Another big question is tourism. It is a major industry here, and we currently have an unemployment rate of over 25 %. But many of the 16,000 + cases we've had in Israel (including me) came from people who had recently been abroad. To be fair, it was really hard to get tested if you hadn't either been abroad or had contact with a known patient, but it still seems that letting in a bunch of tourists might be a recipe for disaster. I'd imagine the same issue applies in tourist areas in the US, as we've been hearing from MaineLonghorn and others.
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  • HImomHImom 35841 replies396 threads Senior Member
    Yes, in HI, nearly all the cases we had the first few weeks in our state of 1.5 million were folks who traveled and got covid and brought it back or folks who were tourists and brought it in with them.

    We have 37% unemployment claims since so much of our economy is tourism and restaurants. Our state is trying to find a good path forward. We have had very few cases in nursing facilities and very few clusters, fortunately.

    People are trying to get takeout food to support local restaurants.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 41484 replies2251 threads Super Moderator
    An article about a student from Massachusetts returning to Lebanon because he feels safer there. Makes me feel better about my son going back on June 12. I’m more concerned about the political unrest than the virus.

    “Massachusetts has roughly the same population as Lebanon. But while Massachusetts has over confirmed 53,000 cases of COVID-19 and more than 3,000 deaths, Lebanon has just over 700 confirmed cases and around two dozen deaths, as of April 28, 2020.” That’s even less than Maine!

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  • thumper1thumper1 78008 replies3497 threads Senior Member
    CT here. Our governor has listed out the places that will re-open first. He is aiming for May 20 for phase one but that will depend on how this CV19 trends in the next week or so. Right now here, hospitalizations are down, but new positive diagnoses are up (maybe due to increased testing finally) and deaths are as well.

    At this point, a sunny day with temps above 50 would be welcome! I’d sit outside on my little porch and read...but in the rain...no thank you.
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  • TheGFGTheGFG 6037 replies213 threads Senior Member
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    Hi all! Just joining the thread to ask if anyone has ordered surgical masks online and received a good product in a timely manner. When we downsized recently I got rid of my old sewing machine and threw out most craft supplies, including fabric, since the kids were past the school project age. I also threw out my rags and old clothes. Regardless, I hate sewing and making and would prefer to buy something decent for DH, DD and myself since our governor just mandated masks. I've been using a bandanna but it slips and I get too many cowboy, stick 'em up comments. I admit to being puzzled about how everyone else here has real medical gear. Initially we were asked to save it for doctors and nurses, and PPE were and remain scarce for even the essential personnel. So I figure I'm out of the loop.
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  • Midwest67Midwest67 3884 replies14 threads Senior Member

    We are pleased with the fabric masks we purchased on Etsy.

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  • OneMoreToGo2021OneMoreToGo2021 598 replies6 threads Member
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    Traffic was much heavier today here in southern Palm Beach County. I have been out every single day during the past month and a half, and today has been the busiest since the early weeks of the crisis. Things are almost looking like we could get back to normal, if people are sensible, look at the actual numbers, and use some common sense.

    That seems to be happening. Anecdotally, people around here seem to feel more confident over the past two weeks. Many are questioning whether these sorts of restrictions were really necessary. The answer, of course, at least for Florida has been no. Fewer than 0.006% of the state's population has died of COVID-19, and we are well past the peak of hospitalizations and deaths. The medical system was never under any stress. A substantial portion of the deaths here, as in the US generally, has been in nursing homes. Obviously, doing things like shutting the schools and beaches down and getting people to wear masks in grocery stores had little to no effect on those deaths.

    Going forward, I am very glad to be living in a state whose policy makers seem to be more data driven than those of many of the northern states. The north of Florida is loosening restrictions more quickly, and it has not seen any substantial increase in case numbers, hospitalizations, or deaths over the past few weeks (just the opposite, in fact). I am hoping that the southern counties can continue to learn from this experience and start opening up on a reasonable timetable.
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