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What's the Damage in your City?

TatinGTatinG 7280 replies119 threads Senior Member
Last night there was major looting in Los Angeles. Rodeo Drive, Melrose, Fairfax, The Grove. Stores were looted and vandalized. Shops were set on fire. A synagogue was spray painted with anti-Semitic and pro PLO graffiti. Police cars were burned.

I saw a social media post circulating instigating people to hit the local mall. "Bring your own tools". The police were aware of it. I haven't been out so I don't know if that mall was vandalized or not.

I lived through the 1992 riots. I remember fleeing to my home down a major boulevard seeing the shops being broken into and the rioters throwing things at cars. I made it home safely but kept a very long, sharp knife under my seat in the car when I drove again the first day I returned to work. I cheered the National Guardsman lining the streets that day. So this new rioting hits hard for me. I have zero tolerance for this. None.
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Replies to: What's the Damage in your City?

  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30405 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I’m in a small Town that is half black and has had racial tensions in the past. Just a small smattering of demonstrations. The big demonstrations of the past resulted in worse quality of life for those who are poor and/or black here. I think that population is much worse today here than they were 50-75 years ago.
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  • roycroftmomroycroftmom 4495 replies40 threads Senior Member
    A few police cars damaged and one store looted in the city.
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23909 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Damage to some lovely historic public buildings- they set a fire in the courthouse (it was put out quickly, I think) and some private businesses in the entertainment center of Nashville. I'm just sick about it all.
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  • oldfortoldfort 23479 replies308 threads Senior Member
    There was a lot of damages down at Union Square and Barclay Center in Brooklyn.
    It was disgusting and dangerous to burn those vehicles. We shouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior. I wish the police did more.
    I am listening the police chief's speech on TV now. Good for him not letting his people be in the harms way and going to put anyone who participated in the riot in jail.
    I feel bad for those retailers whose stores were vandalized when they were just getting ready for the re-opening.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83491 replies741 threads Senior Member
    I think that population is much worse today here than they were 50-75 years ago.

    50-75 years ago (1945-1970) was a time when the US had strong economic growth with the benefits widely distributed, and ample opportunity for upward mobility across all SES levels. However, particularly in the earlier parts of the period, such opportunities (as well as other things like voting rights) were much more limited for black people.

    Of course, today's economic environment feeds most of the benefits of economic growth the the top few percent on the SES scale, while the punishments of economic downturns are suffered mostly by those lower on the SES scale. For black people, political efforts to roll back voting rights and other civil rights gains add to the problems faced.
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  • thumper1thumper1 78323 replies3531 threads Senior Member
    I love in a teeny semirural town. There is a “peaceful demonstration” scheduled for this afternoon in the neighboring small city. I hope it stays peaceful.

    This makes me sick. The 60’s were bad enough with other protests turned riots since. I’m disgusted that our country hasn’t come further than this.
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  • dietz199dietz199 3958 replies78 threads Senior Member
    A friend of D and SIL lives within one block of the Oakland, CA. riots. The stores he was using for groceries etc. are looted. We've offered him a safer place to stay if things don't calm down.
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  • OhiBroOhiBro 610 replies9 threads Member
    Are press exempt from curfew laws?

    In a war zone, one should expect some level of danger.
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  • emilybeeemilybee 14770 replies41 threads Senior Member
    edited May 31

    The Governors will have no choice but to shut everything down again when the second, even worse wave comes (which it will since the virus is still everywhere.)

    No one should be surprised when this happens because we reopened to quickly when too many cases still occurring, coupled with people refusing to wear masks or social distance.

    The smart people will keep staying at home and following all other recommendations to prevent spread. It will also give me time to prepare for when it gets even worse, while many will go back to their normal routines.

    It’s only my opinion but I believe the next shut down will be stricter and longer than this one.

    We have failed miserably, as a country, in dealing with the virus.

    I don’t think the protest/riots it will cause states that are opening up in a thoughtful way to change how they are reopening at all. These protests/riots have nothing to do with Covid-19. If one believes that, they don’t understand why these things are happening.

    States that didn’t reopen in thoughtful ways are pretty much already back to what was normal before. There will still be protest and riots in those states, too.
    edited May 31
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