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My Guilty Pleasure Breakfast Food

abasketabasket 21303 replies914 threads Senior Member
Looking for some lightness to chat about - and I'm not necessarily talking about calories. :)

Inspired by the Costco cake discussion and many saying "cake for breakfast!"

Do you have a guilty pleasure breakfast food? A creme filled donut every Friday? Chocolate chips in your oatmeal? Morning after pizza???

I was inspired by our cottage neighbors. Though there is a family of neighbors, when the mom and daughter (mom is a young early 70's, daughter is mid 40's) come to spend time at the cottage on their own they have a tradition of "pie for breakfast" every morning. Every. Morning. Once one pie is gone, there is a trip to the bakery for another flavor.
I support this and we now have a once-a-trip, pie for breakfast routine!!!

No judging on your choices!!! :)
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Replies to: My Guilty Pleasure Breakfast Food

  • TatinGTatinG 7264 replies119 threads Senior Member
    Cocoa Krispies as dessert or late night snack.
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  • abasketabasket 21303 replies914 threads Senior Member
    @Joblue fantastic tradition!!!
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  • Midwest67Midwest67 4111 replies15 threads Senior Member
    My usual routine means eating the same darn thing for breakfast day after day. Zzzzz.

    However, I will eat leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for breakfast.

    I have always loved cold salty pizza for breakfast, since my college days. I rarely eat pizza any more though.

    A favorite from childhood was when my mom would make French toast.

    I love donuts and other baked goods (but not so much cake with frosting). That is a rare indulgence.

    I would make pancakes with coconut flakes and mini M&Ms and nuts, when the kids were wee. We would roll them up like a tortilla and eat them without syrup.

    Lunch today included a toasted whole wheat bagel half with a thick slab of neufchâtel cream cheese. It tastes like a guilty pleasure, but the damage is not too bad at all.

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  • abasketabasket 21303 replies914 threads Senior Member
    ^^^ Same. Bacon on the weekends.
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  • katliamomkatliamom 13973 replies170 threads Senior Member
    I rarely feel guilty when eating because I figure it's OK to splurge OnceInaWhile.

    That said, I probably do eat too many breakfast burritos.
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  • shellfellshellfell 3799 replies12 threads Senior Member
    I'm not a big breakfast eater, but it there are filled donuts around, I'll have one.

    When my kids were younger, their guilty pleasure breakfast was having sugary cereals on vacation. We never had them in the house, so they were allowed them when we traveled. We have photos of S2, then 16mo, in a stroller at Disneyworld, carrying an empty, individual box of Frosted Flakes. It was like his security blanket.
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  • deb922deb922 6402 replies202 threads Senior Member
    We haven’t been in awhile but when we go to my bil's cottage, we have a coffee cake I make, smoky links and scrambled eggs. It’s our tradition
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  • abasketabasket 21303 replies914 threads Senior Member
    @1214mom that sounds amazing. Sort of like pierogis with onions and sour cream - I'm IN!!!!
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