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Fourth of July ruminations. Smart people, chances of fireworks being visible from home?

InfoQuestMomInfoQuestMom 299 replies4 threads Member
We are less than three miles away. There are hills 750 feet high between us close to the firing site. Also, there are hills 650 feet high in between next to us. Do we stand a chance?
What about if we go up to a spot in the close by hills 600 feet high?
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Replies to: Fourth of July ruminations. Smart people, chances of fireworks being visible from home?

  • InfoQuestMomInfoQuestMom 299 replies4 threads Member
    edited July 4
    😆 We are going nowhere near any out of towners this weekend! By the looks of the traffic on the freeways, it looks like everyone from surrounding counties is here. I was wondering because it is a new firing site, but if the fireworks are visible from home, then I would feel free to indulge in some beverages, otherwise I would abstain until our return!
    edited July 4
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  • garlandgarland 16538 replies206 threads Senior Member
    Gosh all you gotta do is step out the door in my neighborhood and look around. They are EVERYWHERE. Right now trying to keep visiting terrified pup from waking up visiting so-far-sleeping toddler.
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  • HImomHImom 36051 replies396 threads Senior Member
    It’s raining here so not too many fireworks—much less than usual for either 1/1 or 7/4.
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  • MarilynMarilyn 4345 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Apparently a lot of families nearby got fireworks (where do they buy them anyway - tribal lands? They’re illegal in San Diego County.) We were able to stand on our back deck and watch them go off every few minutes for about an hour or so. Nothing exciting but I was able to get nice picture of both a firework and its reflection in our pool. Other fireworks further away have been going off and on for the night, but not too disturbing.

    We also tried to see the shadow on the penumbral lunar eclipse Buck Moon, but aren’t sure if we really saw it or if it was just our imagination running away with us.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    Fireworks are illegal pretty much everywhere here, but tribal lands are only a 40-50 min drive away. The stands there solid out of the stuff by noon yesterday, apparently, according to the local news stations. People rushed to get their own fireworks when they realized there would be no public displays. Ugh. We sat on the deck and watched the “show” until about 10, but judging by the sound, the “show” went on until 3 am. The “grand finale” of some neighbor woke us up.
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  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn 42316 replies2284 threads Super Moderator
    Fireworks are illegal in our town but usually we hear lots of them. There were very few yesterday! Quite nice. :)
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  • somemomsomemom 11046 replies335 threads Senior Member
    The dogs and I sat in the car from 8PM until nearly 1AM at the best isolated place I can find. I hate it, it's only a blessing this year that we did not have Canada Day celebrations, too!
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  • psychmommapsychmomma 3347 replies47 threads Senior Member
    For some reason, every neighbor decided to shoot off major fireworks in the middle of the street last night. My H was very unhappy that it wasn’t safe to open our front door.

    My poor mom (with dementia) asked if we were being invaded by Germany! It went on for hours, but we turned the tv up really loud and got through the night.
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 583 replies7 threads Member
    We were going to head out and watch some from our car but a town near us was live streaming theirs so we decided to stay home and sit in the backyard and watch from our laptop while making smores. It was ridiculous but it seemed to fit the times.

    We also have a 5 - 6 month old puppy and wasn't sure how he'd take it. We had lots going off around us and he wasn't the least bit fazed. Hope it stays that way as he gets older!
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  • camathmomcamathmom 462 replies14 threads Member
    Fireworks last night in San Francisco were unrelenting for over two hours. It has never been like this before. Unsurprisingly, there were a number of grass fire around the Bay Area.
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  • coralbrookcoralbrook 8052 replies25 threads Senior Member
    edited July 6
    We usually have large community displays but all cancelled this year. But somehow everyone in my neighborhood got their hands on some pretty major stuff (live near @Marilyn ) that was loud and big. I have no idea where they got all these illegal fireworks. Had no idea you could go to nearby Indian reservations to buy them.

    In fact more going off again tonight
    edited July 6
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  • TatinGTatinG 7309 replies120 threads Senior Member
    50 people are homeless in Northridge, California this morning because someone with illegal fireworks caused their apartment building to burn down.
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  • surfcitysurfcity 2775 replies61 threads Senior Member
    There have been fireworks everywhere near me in PA and NJ. PA loosened its laws on fireworks a few years ago and it’s been a mess IMHO. I have a friend whose dog jumped out a second story window in terror. I normally have to spend as few nights with our dog in the basement next to the clothes dryer running to mask the noise. He has now developed deafness so not as much of an issue.

    I don’t understand the fascination with setting off firecrackers, or even Roman candles, near homes. I like professional displays but these homegrown ones seem like accidents waiting to happen.
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