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Week of July 13 - What Are You Looking Forward to?

abasketabasket 21595 replies922 threads Senior Member
In the midst of the tough I have to look for the bits of rainbow. A new week starts today or tomorrow (depending on which day you see as "start of week").

What is something you are looking forward to this week?

I'm looking forward to a couple more days of 80-85 degree days instead of 90-95 which we had for the last two weeks. Also a little cooler mornings. Which means more time enjoying outside in the evening after work!

I'm looking forward to a 4 day work week - my vacation hours are about maxed out so I'm trying to work 4 day weeks so I don't lose hours - even though there is no vacation to take at the moment!

Your turn. :)
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Replies to: Week of July 13 - What Are You Looking Forward to?

  • techmom99techmom99 3535 replies6 threads Senior Member
    I am looking forward to completing the changeover on my phone plans, which should save me about $200/month for cell and residential. I am also looking forward to a successful appraisal of my home in preparation for a hoped for refi. I am also looking forward to the electrician completing the installation of my ceiling fan in the bedroom on Tuesday. It's been 90+ here.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    I am looking forward to sunnier days! We had a stretch of barely 70 degrees weather here for too long.
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  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 1166 replies75 threads Senior Member
    edited July 12
    Still thinking.....Hmmm

    This time last week, I was looking forward to receiving my new baking pans (sad, I know!)

    This week, nothing on the horizon - yet.
    edited July 12
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  • CountingDownCountingDown 13777 replies114 threads Senior Member
    The plumber -- we have sprung a couple leaks. Not looking forward to the stress of someone coming into the house, though.

    Looking forward to making yummy stuff with the berries we picked at the farm.
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  • abasketabasket 21595 replies922 threads Senior Member
    YES! Bastille Day on the 14th! We have a lot of family in France and it's part of our heritage so we always celebrate in some way!
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  • doschicosdoschicos 26849 replies270 threads Senior Member
    edited July 12
    2 family birthdays this week.

    The temps will be cooler in the evenings so I can sleep with the windows open again.
    edited July 12
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  • sherimba03sherimba03 155 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I'm starting a 4-week Nike Training Club "get your sorry butt back in shape" program, complete with strength, HIIT, yoga, and recipes. It's a Premium program that they're offering for free. I've got Sirius for free too, to go along with it. I canceled my Peloton app membership because the instructors' voices are are always so much louder than the music, which is a big deal for me. I'm crossing my fingers this sticks, lol. I'm also going to hit the local Targets a few mornings right when they open this week to see if I can score some dumbbells.
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  • ClassicMom98ClassicMom98 628 replies1 threads Member
    Like @abasket I have a lot of "use or lose" time. Last year, my employer gave me 2 extra weeks a year. Awesome! Now, I have nowhere to go and my leave bank is maxed out at 7 weeks. I earn 20 hours/month that I have to use. But instead of using full days (I've got nothing to do at home), I'd rather work a lot of half days. I did use 1 full day for moving S and partial days last Thurs-Friday. But I still have Monday-Tuesday at 8-1 before the month resets on the 15th.

    This week should be pretty quiet. Knock on wood! But I know older S is looking forward to getting his bedroom furniture delivered today. (I hope! Knock on wood) He's been living on a mattress on the floor and out of suitcases for the last 11 days. He's young. He managed. I'm glad it wasn't me :wink:
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  • JustaMom5465JustaMom5465 1662 replies82 threads Senior Member
    I finally finished up my tax returns yesterday. Not looking forward to writing the checks BUT I'm definitely looking forward to having it off my to-do list!

    My vegetable garden is producing so I'm looking forward to fresh veggies this week.

    H wasn't feeling well last week but seems to be on the mend so I'm looking forward to having him "back"!
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