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Slow Mail delivery- anyone else?

gabbymomgabbymom 34 replies8 threads Junior Member
I just wanted to see if anyone else is having problems lately with slow mail delivery? I am expecting a check mailed from my credit union one city over. It was mailed on Monday morning and no sign of it yet. Local mail used to be about 2 days. I mailed my rent check on July 28, and my landlord said yesterday he hasn't received it yet. What is going on?
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Replies to: Slow Mail delivery- anyone else?

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10787 replies133 threads Senior Member
    Our mail has been horribly slow and we seem to only get delivery every other day. Never twice in a row. It’s so bad in our town that the mayors office sent a survey to residents and is getting involved.
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  • shellfellshellfell 3880 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Our mail delivery has been slow for awhile. Today I received something I expected to get on Thursday.
    Our mail usually gets delivered around 5:30pm or later. If overtime isn't allowed, we'll never get our mail. It was even worse before Christmas when mail, if delivered at all, didn't come until 9pm.
    Lately, we've had more days of no mail at all than we used to have.
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  • doschicosdoschicos 26930 replies270 threads Senior Member
    No problems in my area yet. In fact, I completed a bulk mail permit mailing this week. It was dropped off at the postal carrier station at 3:30PM and was in folks mailboxes the next day as early as 11AM.

    I do echo @MADad's comment about getting ballots/absentee applications in very early though if you are voting by mail or voting absentee!

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  • abasketabasket 21841 replies928 threads Senior Member
    Requested and filled out my mail in vote ballot app just need to send it back in.

    Yes, to slow. Last week we didn't have delivery 2 days in a row. We had nothing critical we were expecting though. I did have some trouble with some mailings I did for work as well. Two just didn't show up, working on tracking them.
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  • jym626jym626 57903 replies3036 threads Senior Member
    edited August 8
    Its been terribly slooow and late here too. I signed up to get an email every morning that shows me the mail we are to be receiving that day. Its been very accurate... until lately. T last week mail I was supposed to get on Tuesday (which showed some financial stuff was en route) didnt come. But.. the weird thing is that only our side of the street didnt get their mail that day. Weird. And the mail to the others was very late. So I waited a day, and the nest days mail came as shown in the email, but the previous day's did not. So I went to the PO to inquire. They gave me some spin that the emails just show what is likely to be coming (its NEVER been wrong) . The regular carrier was apparently off and I wonder if the sub just got tired and went home. The mail showed up 2 days later.

    USPS, UPS packages and fedex have been weird too, especially after a label has been generated. A week or more can go by and no further tracking is noted. Recently sent baby gifts to 2 friends' grandkids. Same store (Nordstrom) and apparently the gifts left from the same warehouse (USPS). One made it in 2 days. The other never showed on tracking, and after a week they sent a replacement. One went Fedex and the other UPS! . Well, sure enough the original USPS package eventually arrived, and now the recipient, a new mom, ans to arrange to return the duplicate. Same happened to me wit a patio umbrella. The original order showed up a month later, so they had to send UPS to pick it up. They thought they'd intercepted the delivery and set it up for a return (that what the site showed) but nope- it was delivered, and they had to come back and get it.
    edited August 8
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  • taverngirltaverngirl 1794 replies46 threads Senior Member
    I haven't noticed slow USPS mail, but we sure seem to be getting a lot less mail than usual.

    UPS and FedX have been really bad, very slow, and when you try to track something, you can't get any information about the package. I assume this is due to more people ordering things online vs going to a store.
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  • snowballsnowball 3156 replies260 threads Senior Member
    Pre COVID, my neighborhood might get mail 3 days a week, if we were lucky. After many complaints with the Post Master, she admitted to me that we did not have a regular carrier, so subs were used. These subs delivered after their regular route, and if they ran out of time, they didn't deliver!

    We final got a regular carrier and all was well, until COVID. I know this week 4 employees at my branch tested positive, so everything is slow. While informed delivery shows mail arriving, no one is delivering; usually it will arrive the next day.

    Something I have figured out is when companies generate a USPS label, and send the costumer the tracking number, that doesn't mean it is on its way to the post office. Especially with Etsy shippers and new mask companies, they are sending tracking numbers at the time of order, but might not deliver to the PO until days or weeks later. So while I am checking my tracking, it hasn't even been processed with the company, and once processed, doesn't start on its route for weeks. Until an item actually shows it has arrived at the PO, there is no need to track. I have also seen tracking not showing other than when it first is scanned at the shipping PO and once it is delivered. I am tired of seeing package with arrive on X date, only to not have it show up for days!

    I do wish USPS would go to M-F delivery, if that would help make mail delivery be more timely. I could live with 3 days a week if it meant mail would travel like it use to. I do realize that those in more rural areas rely on daily mail delivery, so limited days is not the best for them. There has to be an answer.
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  • Youdon'tsayYoudon'tsay 19656 replies467 threads Senior Member
    Last week, I signed up for the email about what to expect each day. It's been accurate, including only getting mail every other day now. Too soon to say whether it's a coincidence that mail has slowed down.
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  • doschicosdoschicos 26930 replies270 threads Senior Member
    taverngirl wrote: »
    I haven't noticed slow USPS mail, but we sure seem to be getting a lot less mail than usual.

    I did notice a drop off of the junk type mail early on during Covid but that seems to have picked back up to more normal levels unfortunately.

    snowball wrote: »

    We final got a regular carrier and all was well, until COVID. I know this week 4 employees at my branch tested positive

    I live in a low Covid area, however, when my husband took my bulk mailing to the carrier station, he said that he was surprised to see that none of the employees were social distancing or wearing masks at all. :(
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  • HouseChatteHouseChatte 1312 replies2 threads Senior Member
    My mother says she's been getting less junk mail. Ours is bouncing back like @doschicos said.

    My orders are taking a while. Some of them spend a lot of time in "Label Generated" status, but if a small business or lone crafter is minimizing post office trips to once a week, I'll factor that in. Please tell me upfront, though!

    Packages to New England kid still arrive next day, packages to midwestern kid and DIL take three days instead of two. Letters just seem to limp along and finally gasp in exhaustion when they get where they were going.
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  • ClassicMom98ClassicMom98 691 replies1 threads Member
    Like everything, it seems my city is backwards. We have been fine. I haven’t noticed any difference. I’ve had the email notifications for a long while now and it’s very accurate. Our mail is also early, usually by 9am. Sometimes we even get package deliveries on Sundays.
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  • NJCityNJCity 147 replies2 threads Junior Member
    My weekly newspaper arrives a week late consistently now.
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  • 88jm1988jm19 851 replies22 threads Member
    Can’t edit my post #14, it should say *between* $30 million and $75 million.
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  • cameo43cameo43 1704 replies31 threads Senior Member
    We have been getting a lot less mail than usual, and it is much slower to arrive.

    Of the numerous care packages I have sent in the past 18 months or so, to kids at boarding school and college and to my cousin at a rehab center, about 30% of them have never arrived at their intended destination. I always send them Priority Mail and when I track them, they seem to disappear midway in the process. I think there is a postal distribution center that employs cookie-sniffing dogs, and there's a warehouse full of care packages.... ;)
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 84544 replies748 threads Senior Member
    doschicos wrote: »
    I do echo @MADad's comment about getting ballots/absentee applications in very early though if you are voting by mail or voting absentee!

    You can also check your state and county elections web sites to see if they have official ballot boxes that voters can drop their absentee ballots into before election day.
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