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Never Would I Ever..... (my version of the game)

momo2x2018momo2x2018 1240 replies87 threads Senior Member
comments and questions are permitted!

Never Would I Ever:

admit (IRL) to reading Daily Mail or admit to watching RHOBH or Married at First Sight.
All my friends an family are such 'intellectuals' I am definitely the low brow runt! :smiley:
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Replies to: Never Would I Ever..... (my version of the game)

  • whidbeyite2002whidbeyite2002 336 replies1 threads Member
    That I like unfrosted Strawberry Pop Tarts. Untoasted.
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9633 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Long ago unfrosted pop tarts were my "car food" for the kids (before there were so many granola bars etc). Sometimes we had them for breakfast. They were perfectly satisfied until one of them went to a slumber party - "MOM! Did you know that pop tarts also come with icing? And other people heat them in the toaster!" Busted.

    Never would I ever .... drive in a super busy big city. especially non-US. I've had to drive toDenver a few times, and even that was a challenge. When we were in Rome, I could not even watch the traffic mess from inside the taxi, with motorcycles weaving in and out.

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  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 1240 replies87 threads Senior Member
    @helpingmom40 Same! My H would love to cruise away his remaining days, I would like nothing less.
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  • dadof4kidsdadof4kids 1190 replies95 threads Senior Member
    I'm usually up for about anything once, so not much fun from me.

    @whidbeyite2002 I wondered who bought those. Think back to early in the COVID mess when grocery stores were getting cleaned out. At Menards (similar Home Depot) here they have a small grocery section. I was getting paint to work on a project at home since I wasn't going into the office. I swung by the grocery section and took the last 4 cans of vegetables (beets IIRC), and grabbed the last couple frozen pizzas. I took a picture that showed boxes and boxes of unfrosted Pop Tarts. The ENTIRE shelf was otherwise bare. Apparently you don't shop at my Menards!
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  • whidbeyite2002whidbeyite2002 336 replies1 threads Member
    @dadof4kids, ha! I didn't buy any Pop Tarts during that time, but I certainly bought plenty of comfort foods. Frozen pierogies come to mind...
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  • ChoatieMomChoatieMom 5944 replies272 threads Senior Member
    Never Would I Ever...

    Eat Brussels sprouts (or beets or eggplant or mayonnaise or bagels or zucchini)

    Ride in a convertible

    Take a cruise


    Become a grandparent

    Drink beer

    Admit to preferring Domino’s pizza over every other commercial pizza and a Whopper over every other burger

    Admit to not liking The Beatles, at all

    Tell my mom I don’t like her pie crust or her zucchini bread

    Tell our son I miss his hair

    Tell my dad he’s told that story a thousand times

    Tell DH, well never mind.
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  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 1240 replies87 threads Senior Member
    @ChoatieMom Please tell what you would never tell DH; I promise, never would I ever, tell him!

    @JustaMom He's yours!
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  • momo2x2018momo2x2018 1240 replies87 threads Senior Member
    You're all kinda tame - I was hoping for some juicy 'stuff'!
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  • BmacNJBmacNJ 347 replies24 threads Member
    Never would I ever admit to things I did in my late teens-20's

    Never would I ever break the guy code
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9633 replies84 threads Senior Member
    DH and I thought we would not like cruising... but we did! (first time as a way to see Western Med sites, keeping same "hotel room"; then a few years later Caribbean itinerary to be able to have time to enjoy ship amenities more. ). Alas, with concerns of Covid, not sure we'll ever cruise again.
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  • CreeklandCreekland 7155 replies94 threads Senior Member
    Never will I ever say never.

    Too many things have happened. One in particular is from my youth when I said I'd never live in PA (due to PA's endless cold miles on our way too/from FL).

    ps I only like some unfrosted pop tarts - no frosted ones. Blueberry and cinnamon (unfrosted only) can work if we're camping or need something super quick and easy.
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