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Amusing Anecdotes From When Your Kids Were Little

momo2x2018momo2x2018 1245 replies88 threads Senior Member
Inspired by @abasket!

When my D was around the age of seven or eight, she was just starting to enjoy American Girl. One weekend we watched the Molly American Girl movie, set in the WWII era. In the film, there was a scene where one of the neighbor families had received news their son was killed in war. The neighbors rallied around and provided help, Molly's mom made a casserole. My kids were fascinated by this show of neighborly support and asked why Molly's mom was making a casserole, I explained that neighbors often help each other out in times of grief and joy, ie when a new baby is born, or somebody dies and a casserole is a very popular dish during those times. Moving on.....

About six months later, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and my younger S (aged about six at the time) came in to ask 'whats for dinner?' I said 'casserole'.
Without missing a beat he said 'who died?" I was so puzzled and I said 'nobody. Why would you ask that?" He reminded me I had told him and his sister that when people die, neighbors might provide casseroles! :neutral:
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Replies to: Amusing Anecdotes From When Your Kids Were Little

  • abasketabasket 21910 replies930 threads Senior Member
    Great story and great thread idea!!! I'll add something later!!!! :)
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  • luder16luder16 52 replies1 threads Junior Member
    When my now 27 yo daughter was 3 or 4, she loved Disney movies. A favorite was The Lion King. We were driving on the interstate and passed a dilapidated RV. From the back seat came, "Talk about your fixer upper!"
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  • BKSquaredBKSquared 1772 replies8 threads Senior Member
    edited August 11
    One of Son's best friend in elementary school was a boy from Sri Lanka. During "tell us about your family" time, his friend revealed that their family were Buddhists. A little holy roller classmate then told him he'd go to hell. My son then applied his little legal/religious logic and told the holy roller kid that he hoped the holy roller kid would not die in Asia because then she would be going to Buddha hell.
    edited August 11
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  • wis75wis75 14407 replies65 threads Senior Member
    When son was 3 we were visiting Orange County, CA and had gone to dinner with some relatives. We were heading back to our hotel along a main drag with many car dealerships when this little voice from the back pipes up " I think I want to buy a car". Totally out of the blue- never discussed cars at all.

    A long time ago- at least two now closed- there were three stores in a row across town. Toys R Us for son, Best Buy for Dad and- for Mom, sigh, Cub Foods. Yup, I got to claim the grocery store.

    Of course Mom did a nice shriek when 3 year old and Dad returned with a plastic snake from the Nature Center to scare me (I'm the one who got rid of spiders in the college dorm den back in the day). The things we do for our kids.
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  • techmom99techmom99 3543 replies6 threads Senior Member
    Ala @surfity's post -

    I steadfastly refused to get a dog for years and, instead, had baby after baby until I hit number 5. One day, D, who was about 7, said "Why can't we get a dog now, Mommy?" Me: "I will leave if you get a dog." D, without missing a beat, "Oh, Mommy, we'll miss you but our dog can kiss us goodnight."

    Same D, at age 6, complaining about Hebrew school. "If you wanted me to believe in Hebrew school, you shouldn't have let me watch Nature on PBS."

    When 3d son, child 4, was newly 3, we had to take him to a Wake. Usually, MIL would babysit but the deceased was a long time friend and neighbor of hers, so she came with us. She was sitting with the family. H was with his friends out back and I was nursing the baby. My son went up to the open casket, climbed on the kneeler, and, at the top of his lungs, exclaimed: "How in the world can Mr. X sleep with all this noise going on? Hey, wake up, Mr. X!" I wanted to die myself.

    It's nice and funny to see that kids are funny all over.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 5483 replies198 threads Senior Member
    It was pouring rain, and my cousin, probably 3 at the time, wanted to go outside. My aunt said “You can’t go outside, you might catch pneumonia.”
    A little while later the counsin said “Let’s go outside and catch pneumonia!”
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  • MWolfMWolf 2994 replies14 threads Senior Member
    When D19 was very young (not yet 4), I told her that when her grandmother's grandmother was young, they didn't have telephones. She asked "so how did they talk", I told her that they wrote letters, and such. She looks at me and asks "but they had e-mail, right?"

    She was about the same age when we were looking with her at wedding photos. She sees a photo of us under the Chuppah, and the Rabbi is at the beginning of the ceremony, holding a glass of wine. D19 asks "is he doing magic?".

    PS. While phones did exist that the time, there were no phones in the villages and shtetles where my great-grandparents lived.
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  • HImomHImom 36141 replies397 threads Senior Member
    My little boy applied to two different preschools. He interviewed at the 1st one and they had him engage in a standardized placement test, involving blocks and other props. He was later called to interview at the 2nd one and a short while after we arrived, I noticed the director who had taken him out to do the placement test was promptly returning with S in tow. I was puzzled and asked why she wasn’t administering the placement test. She said in her decades as a preschool director, she had never had a child (much less a 3-year-old) try to help her improve the national standardized test.

    Later after we had an open house at that 2nd preschool, the teacher said, “Well, I have two little kids who are 3 going on 40, your kid is one of them.” It did describe him perfectly.

    My D came home from preschool very distraught one day. She said, “It’s not fair! All the other kids are Japanese and Irish or Korean or something else. No one else is just one race (in her classroom indeed most of the kids were mixed ethnicities).” Happily she decided she was Chinese and Catholic and that suited her fine.
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10853 replies134 threads Senior Member
    Our D was 2 when H's grandmother died. In the middle of the wake, D asked very loudly, "why is that lady sleeping in that box?" I was mortified but it added some levity to a sad day.
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  • techmom99techmom99 3543 replies6 threads Senior Member
    H and I had the two oldest kids before we married. Consequently, they used to tease their younger brothers about being at our wedding and they weren't invited. Son 2 (child 3) was about 4 when said - "I was too there, I was an egg person in mommy's tummy and I watched the party through her belly button!" For years after that, they teased each other about being egg people. They said the youngest was supposed to be born first, but he was so pushy, the others shoved him to the back of the line!
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