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Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread


Replies to: Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread

  • lamomlamom 1352 replies42 threads Senior Member
    I just tell myself-when you feel you have to compete or tell someone how much better you are-you've lost. I don't say anything, why should I? They lost at their own game.
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  • cheerscheers 5054 replies109 threads Senior Member
    Amen, Mof2, amen. To all: thanks for the patronizing lectures on 'spoiling' my children. I'm glad you are all so charmed by my boys. Turns out, there was method in my actions.

    Also, (warning: pet peeve to follow), while I appreciate your lectures and your disdain, I have a laugh when you leave the room. Your 'holier-than-thou' righteousness is hilariously hypocritical.
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  • thumper1thumper1 78054 replies3502 threads Senior Member
    MotherOfTwo...yours made me think of another one...to the relative who was too poor to exchange Christmas presents. "If money is so tight, why aren't both of you working?" (btw...both kids were in college...).
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  • mardadmardad 1081 replies39 threads Senior Member
    To a relative: "I know that in your heart-of-hearts you believe my wife and I are incompetent parents, as are all of your siblings, and our children as well as the chilidren of your siblings are just waiting for their parents' incompetence to be exposed so that you can step in and rescue them, but please don't keep telling us about what good parents anyone who is not related to you are. The children of your siblings are in college, graduate school and medical school and we don't want to make them insecure. And No! I will not carry that bulky graduation gift across a large field at commencement to the child of someone you know only socially when you could drop it off at his house. I don't want to carry it. He doesn't want to cart it around. I know you want him to remember you, but this is not the way to do it. Praise your relatives and quit trying to buy the favor of outsiders."
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  • MotherOfTwoMotherOfTwo 2045 replies65 threads Senior Member
    A similar thing actually happened to my daughter at the senior awards ceremony for 12th grade, but I didn't include it in my gripe above. The assistant principal first recognized her by announcing the name of another girl with the same last name who graduated three years earlier. She was a terrible student and her brother had been arrested for vandalizing our school. Then, when the other kids called out my daughter's name to correct him, he messed it up (similar to saying "Christa" instead of "Christine"). Then, realizing he was still messed up, he said, "Let's just call her 'C. Smith' !" (This is not her real name, but you get the idea.) The administrator announcing the next group of awards was so horrified that he made a point of recognizing my daughter using her correct name and making her stand up again. She took a lot of teasing from her friends and parents of her friends for that one!
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  • NJresNJres 6100 replies189 threads Senior Member

    ok honey, I'm coming to bed now! :D
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  • lspf72lspf72 2484 replies128 threads Senior Member
    (To younger daughter) Please don't continue to ask me if you can invite friend "X" over to play. We've never had headlice in our home, and I'd like to keep it that way (sorry, but twice in one semester makes me a bit nervous) :(
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  • calmomcalmom 20868 replies168 threads Senior Member
    OK, I'll skip the details, but I would just like to say, [size=+1]I told you so![/size] to many, many people.
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  • Countdown'sBegunCountdown'sBegun 64 replies0 threads Junior Member
    To everyone who's made comments through the years about how it's been easier on me because I have only one child. 1.) Mortgage is same whether I have one or a dozen. 2.)I would've liked to have more, initially, but was unable to after surgery at age 26. 3.) I've been a single parent AKA ONE INCOME. You have two incomes and 2-3 kids, but only one mortgage. 4.)Bet you wish you drove my car that had 216K miles on it before I had to retire it (note facetiousness) - and I see you getting a new one every couple of years. Yeah, I moved my kid to a private school that would challenge her and acknowledge her existence - unlike the public school in the neighborhood that told me when she was in 1st grade that "we don't want to create a Doogie Howser" when her IQ had to be extrapolated because it was off your chart and that in third grade on the first day of school didn't have her in a class because "somebody told us you'd moved." Thanks for bothering to try calling me to see. It felt really awesome for my 7 yr old to think the school didn't want her on the first day.

    To my child's father - why are you surprised you have no relationship with her and mad that she doesn't want you at her graduation? When she lay dying in the hospital and she begged you to stay overnight, you told her you had to go home for pizza because it was your birthday and then you and your wife spent $$, time, for in vitro even though you weren't sure you're existing child was going to survive. Oh, and thanks for contributing not one dime to her schooling, ECs, college apps, not giving her Christmas presents, anything for her 18th birthday a few months ago, etc. because you were mad that she wasn't excited about the pregnancy BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO DARN ill to get out of bed -sick enough to miss a year and 1/2 of school, not be able to graduate with her original friends, etc. You're right - she was so self-absorbed, unlike her dad. <rolling eyes>
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