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Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread

citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom - 12783 replies375 threads Senior Member
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Okay, I know most of us a gracious, tactful, and subtle in person with our friends and acquaintences, saying the "right" thing, being supportive, etc

But admit it, often you would like to just blurt out the truth but don't because that would be not nice

So here is your chance to share what you really want to share with someone, who needs to here it, but you know you really can't say it to them

Here is mine:

To Parent # 1
Saw the school production your child was in , and yes your child does have stage presence, is attractive, and does an good job, but no, they should NOT consider a career in musical theater, with the intention of applying exclusively to schools or programs that need auditions. And yes, they do a nice job in the dance numbers, but no, they really have no talent in that area. Be smart, and guide them so they have lots of chances for a variety of schools- they are smart and charming but, being a dance or musical theater major is just not gonna happen, even though you see your child as the next big star....

To Parent # 2
Yes, it is wonderful your daughter is so popular, that boys call her all the time, that she is out every weekend with dates, but did you know that she has a really horrid reputation? That she as seen as very "friendly"?

Yes, I know these are a bit petty and snipey, that's why I don't say anything, but nod and change the subject, but it does feel good to vent here

Oh yeah
To Parent #3
Yes, congratulations on your son getting into College XYZ.....I think he will have a great time....too bad he cheated his way through high school

See you can't actually say this stuff, but man, it would feel good!!


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Replies to: Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread

  • weenieweenie 5444 replies349 threads Senior Member
    To anon:

    "Listen to yourself. You are an utter snob."
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  • jmmomjmmom 8916 replies168 threads Senior Member
    Great thread, cgm. I don't need it right this minute, but I plan to resurrect it when the opportunity comes up. I'm sure it will :p.
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  • BookladyBooklady 3086 replies36 threads Senior Member
    doubleplay, wow. What an insensitive thing for a school to do. Last year, when our D graduated from private school, they stopped sending out a list of where each student was going to college, as they had done every year previously. Instead, the list only had college names and the number of kids attending each one. While we were told this was for "privacy reasons", I think the real reason was to minimize the amount of one-upsmanship, gossip, etc. among the parents. I'm glad they made the change.
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  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom - 12783 replies375 threads Senior Member
    its like spring cleaning!!! of the mind and soul

    everyone has these thoughts and people in their lives, and because we have tact, we say nothing, but to vent a bit like this feels gooooooooooood
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  • wolfpiperwolfpiper - 453 replies208 threads Member
    "I really shouldn't have said anything. So please pretend I had tHE common sense to keep my trap shut because I REALLY don't relish having to avoid you for the next three months. Thanks. And no, I don't want your advice, however well-intentioned it may be."
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  • corrangedcorranged 6602 replies82 threads Senior Member
    That is so sad, Doubleplay. I went to a small school, and every acceptance for every student was celebrated. Students supported each other for their first choice schools, even if that first choice is a mile below your safety.

    Thumper, there are these two girls who I knew. The whole family was very annoying (and resembled many of these comments!). One of the girls was talking all about how her sister got a "full ride" at a school that only had need-based aid. My friend who was talking to her said something like, "oh, it's great that you got such good financial aid" and the other girl of course replied: "no, she got a full ride." I'd like to tell that girl that she, her brother, and her sister are nothing special. She stole the idea for her project for the state science fair, and by the way, no teenager wants to grow up to be a lobbiest.

    I'd like to tell a certain family member that yes, I realize it's very sad that your grandson probably hasn't reached his full potential, but please don't say that if he had gone to my school he would be just where I am today. I am bright, I get along with people, and I work hard. Your grandson is maladjusted, never worked hard in school (for the short time he was there), and has no aspirations or plans to go anywhere in his life. I'm sorry about that. I really am because there are many things that he could do well. I know that you're very proud of me and brag about me to people, but I hate hearing you go on and on about how this boy is so smart and could have done so well. The fact that he didn't take advantage of his opportunities and make his life go someplace is a much more telling sign of his potential for success than any smarts he may or may not have.
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