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my job

lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member
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is giving me insane hours...

5-9 at night everyday...

i dont mind but unlike my sisters and everyone else due to health issues and my adhd and just crap..i have a ton of appointments and they just happen to be on the same day....in the afternoon...

so i have to move it too the morning(i wish i could take that day off b/c its just so much in one..maybe after my trip things will calm down its a brand new grocery store...in a grocery-store-less town untill now...and then i can take mondays off...)

this weekends our grand opening(we opened last weekend but this is the official opening)

the company doesnt even have my address(They send u the paychecks) and the only reason y they have my full name is b/c i sign the letters ive given them and i put my full name on my schedule...this is b/c when i came in a few days after they opened to get a application they were so desperate they handed me the job w/ no application

I love the company my bosses r great..i was able to leave w/o cleaning up since i was running around last minute and my parents had came already...and my boss was like i will clean up when i mentioned my parents have been there for 15 minutes...

There is the language barrier problem we have a lot of older cashiers who speek fluent spanish and very little english(i was helping one of them right down her schedule b/c she didnt think she knew how to spell the days of the week in english but she was correct) but i also have my friend who i just met...shes a rising sophmore at Suny New Paltz(so 2 yrs difference i have a lot of friends w/ a large age difference) and theres a few others now around my age being trained and they speek english...

I would like to be able to switch my hours on a few days...preferably....from 5-9 to 10-2 or something like that..especially since my good friend is a realllllllly late sleeper and i would like to hang out w/ her(its been a few months b/c we've been so busy but we saw eachother everyday this yr at school) So how do I talk to my manager(the one who tells me when to come in) when i barely get to speak to her and when i do its at the wrong time and about something completely different plus its very apparent that english isnt her first language...should i write a note?
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  • ADadADad 3985 replies936 threads Senior Member
    If the store closes at 9, you could plan to talk to your manager then, when the store is closed.
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  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom 12783 replies375 threads- Senior Member
    once you have been there a little bit, sure ask, worst thing they will do is say no, not yet, but most likely they will say yes

    and get your friend up in the morning, she can nap later!!! and congrats on the Job....woohoo!!!
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  • lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member
    nope..closes at 10....AND NO there is days that I NEED To do it earlier..

    like mondays theres no way around it me and my mom tried all the appointments have to be at night time...and my mom has no time other then mondays
    tuesday there is this big to doo breaking up my sisters relationship w/ my mom and dad(nah i love my sisters new bf despite the 8.5 yr old age difference between the 2 and the fact his oldest sister is my moms age..b/c he's the youngest of 5..) its just my parents going out to dinner w/ my sister and her bf for the last 2 relationships has brought the relationship crashing down within weeks...I mighht be able to get out of it but HELLO its the union square cafe(EXPENSiVE) its a treat..
    and saturday there is no way im getting out of this: My moms 2 month late graduation party(shes been away half the time..and we wanted to wait until my dog was somewhat ok...well she will never be ok again but ok on her meds..)
    and no theres no way im getting my friend up early...she will yell and ***** about it + me waking up at 9:00 for my job if i change the times will be hell..b/c my regular wake up time when im not at school is betwen 10 and 12 i usually just sit on my pretty little but until 5 b/c my body doesnt function right w/ this weird schedule
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  • latetoschoollatetoschool 3021 replies122 threads Senior Member
    Lesmizzie, ask your boss for an appointment - five minutes to talk, at her convenience. Let her choose the time to talk. Then, ask her for what you need and want re your schedule, and, if possible, emphasize how this might help her (perhaps it would end out worker better for scheduling, customer traffic flow, etc. - find the positives that help her). Be as concise as possible, and do not overwhelm her with too much detail.

    Don't worry to much about the language issue - chances are, she hears and understands english better than she is able to articulate it or speak it back, so, don't worry too much about that.

    However your conversation comes out, end it by thanking her for considering your request.
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  • lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member
    the STORE managers(my boss runs all the registers..the regular managers just stand around occasionally helping like typing in the manager codes when our boss can't and when theres a huge order like there was just b4 we left they help pack up...) r easier to talk to..
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  • timelytimely 1463 replies150 threads Senior Member
    Write your boss a note and tell her you need to talk about your schedule, or list the hours you'd like to work each day for the coming week. She may work with you, or she may say, "Sorry. I need you 5-9. That's when we are busiest."

    It's a job. If you don't want the job, then quit. If you do want it, then you'll need to work when they need you to work. This is part of being a grown-up. People who have full-time jobs working 8 hours per day also have appointments, family activities, etc. They make it all work out. 4 hours per day is not exactly excessive.
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  • mildredmildred 613 replies73 threads Member

    You really need to sit yourself down somewhere with a spiral notebook and an ink pen and just write out a list of priorities. You have to start thinking more like a grown person, man. Write yourself out a list of the most important things you have to do and learn more about and all of that.

    Then, write yourself out a list of your schedule. You know, a, "Day in the Life of Lesmizzie" type of schedule.

    After all of that, try to work out a game plan where you can still work and all.

    You are still a rather young lady, Lesmizzie. And, you need to learn how to keep a schedule better. You are still more than young enough to learn that, alrighty?

    What I wonder, though, is if you think that maybe the folks who help you with your LD(S) might be helpful during this time. What you are speaking about, Lesmizzie, are Executive Functioning Skills. Some folks learn Executive Functioning Skills quicker than others.

    So, I reckon, you might want to speak with someone to help you out a bit.
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  • lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member


    i do have a schedule a messed up one in my head...

    i wake up get my meds give my dog her meds...go up stairs sit at computer for a hour eat brunch(at w/e time it is) then take shower
    go back to computer till 4 b/c by that time its 2:30...(b/c i walk to lunch...its about a mile away usually...) and then i get ready for work
    i start walking between 4:30-4:40 so i can get myself a snack i get there between 4:55-5:01 for a 5:00-9:00 shift then either i walk home(its a half mile but its in a really safe neighborhood...) or my parents drive me...i will b walking tonight b/c my parents will b at a concert or maybe i will try and get a ride..now i have to get ready for work
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