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I will pay any of u to take my dog to the VET To put down my dog

lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member
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Shes growing delirious..and is driving me insane she barks at everything and not in her normal bark it sounds like what a high pitched girly scream would sound like in a bark. She spent 20 minutes barking at the gate to the basement to get downstairs. When my parents and me came home from picking me up from work and going to 7-11 last night(or was it the night b4) she was barking were like y is she barking...we came in and saw her she was barking at her bone b/c it was to far away and she couldnt get it due to her very bad back legs...that r so weak I keep tellinng my mom and dad put her outta her misery but they dont listen and b/c they're adults its there decision
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Replies to: I will pay any of u to take my dog to the VET To put down my dog

  • JustaMomJustaMom 2729 replies98 threads Senior Member
    lesmizzie: I cannot come there from the west coast, but perhaps if I share a story with you, it might help make the decision easier.

    This is a letter that was sent to me by a very dear (dear) friend in July 2004 (July 17to to be exact). It was written about a Canine Companion (service dog) of a quadriplegic (also a dear, dear friend):

    Best Canine Companion in the world!

    Now he can frolic, and bark all he wants (Hawk didn't bark, but IF he wants to, now he can!).

    We were with him. We fed him a chocolate Hagen Dazs ice cream, and the vets bought him a steak sandwich. I held the ice cream bowl for him while he licked at it. As it got low I took a plastic spoon and fed him. He was so into the ice cream treat we heard him crack the spoon. I took it out of his mouth and it was still whole, but on the next scoop we noticed a third of the
    spoon's bowl was gone. He'd swallowed it. At first I was aghast, but then we laughed, what are we worrying about? I offered him the sandwich & he snatched it out of my hand, and nearly swallowed it whole! He made us
    laugh (and cry) right to the end. We took turns feeding him treats they kept bringing, which he's not been "allowed" to eat for years! He was one fed boy!

    With the vet’s help, we got Hawk on his back legs to hug & kiss Larry again.

    The vet waited a long time for us to be "ready" came in, and dimmed the lights. It was very peaceful, and he was surrounded by love and care.

    Needless to say there wasn't a dry eye in the room. The vet had to excuse herself; she was really losing it. She's young. Maybe 30. And really adores Hawk.

    Hawk was 2 when he met up with Larry, 10 1/2 years ago & it really was an ideal match for both of them.

    We will all miss Hawk, but today he was having a "good" day, and that made it a wee bit easier, knowing he wasn't having a no good, very bad day.
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