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got the SAT scores

emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 34785 replies1076 threads Senior Member
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Well ......and they are higher than her PSAT scores indicated( however- she had accomodations on SAT- 50% more time- which she needed)- still I don't think they illustrate- how hard she works in class-or how bright she is.

She has gone from entering freshman year - two years behind grade level in math, not having adequate preparation from her middle school program in math and other subjects, to entering senior year- with an A in chemistry and who knows what in her US history AP class. Probably an A in grade level math.

She knows how hard she works. She knows that she is at least as bright & involved as the very bright and involved girls that are her friends, but she has difficulty showing that on the SAT.
Her cumulative scores are 1480, ( lowest is math)

However- despite that the schools she is interested in attending are in Southern CA ( and we can only pay our EFC), I am not freaking out, just want to give perspective to those parents who are freaking out because their kids are 0.03% from being #1 in their city.


Have a good weekend!
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18613 replies326 threads Senior Member
    Sounds like she's a hard worker who will be very successful in life!
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  • momof3sonsmomof3sons 4968 replies148 threads Senior Member
    hey ek4, congrats to your daughter!
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  • UCgradmaryUCgradmary 459 replies28 threads- Member
    Hard workers always win! How about working in CA for a year, then going to a CA cc and then a UC?
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  • PrincedogPrincedog 736 replies4 threads Member
    She has obviously worked very hard to pull herself up to grade level in math, which is great, that is a very hard to do actually, I have seen some people struggle with that, if you get behind on the "tracks", they are kind of rigid. I would definitely start looking at outside scholarships early, a lot of community ones are based a lot on character traits and teacher recommendations, which your daughter sounds strong in, and scores are very secondary.
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  • berurahberurah 4478 replies82 threads- Senior Member

    Your daughter sounds like an all-around great gal with *so* much going for her! Congrats on her SAT score! It sounds like she's also been working very hard in school and making wonderful progress.

    My oldest D's ACT scores did not adequately reflect her abilities either. Of the first two, I've had one who tests phenomenally well--and one who tests poorly but does well in school. I am firmly convinced that both of them will be highly successful in whatever it is they choose to do, and I am positive that your daughter will be as well!

    Continued best wishes to her for a very bright and wonderful future!!! Keep us posted on her plans/progress!

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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 22810 replies192 threads Senior Member
    Is that 1480/2400 or 1480/1600? Either way, your D is a hard worker and will do well.
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  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 34785 replies1076 threads Senior Member
    well its the 1480/2400

    and this is just the first time she took it- we are thinking about her doing the ACT- but I don't know where her time would best be spent- working on improving SAT or applying for accommodations for ACT and taking that.

    This may be enough inspiration to try the xiggi method- as I don't know how much prep she did for the test.

    She is planning on taking a year off anyway- but unfortunately I don't think that could make her an in state resident in California.

    She hasn't ever visited which I suppose we will this summer- which could be fun ( don't know if that is sarcastic or not)

    However I am counting the days till she goes to camp ( July 5th) for training to be a counseling intern for the summer.
    The period after school lets out for the summer is always a little rocky.
    But boy the weather is sure pretty.
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  • conyatconyat 2477 replies42 threads- Senior Member
    The Horatio Algar scholarship may be a good one for your D. (It's for kids who have overcome adversity).

    Some kids do better on the ACT than the SAT. If she isn't very opposed to practice tests, maybe do one and see how it compares to her SAT? Then you'll know where to target your effort.

    And congrats. It does sound like she has the work ethic and character traits to be successful in life no matter what she does.
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  • berurahberurah 4478 replies82 threads- Senior Member

    I think that applying for accommodations for the ACT and trying that test would be a good idea for her.

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  • lesmizzielesmizzie 1193 replies278 threads- Senior Member
    actually if she spends her yr off in California after a yr she can attend public u w/ instate tuition from the day it becomes a yr but she needs to register herself w/ in the state(my sister moved from NY to Laguna after college and had to read all this stuff on it)
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  • mom60mom60 7947 replies508 threads Senior Member
    lesmizzie I think that information is incorrect. In Ca you can not be considered a resident if you are a dependent of your parents in another state.
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  • UCgradmaryUCgradmary 459 replies28 threads- Member
    I was confused too, sorry.

    I don't know your EFC, but aid is not good at most Socal privates. A CSU OOS is about $25K which can probably get knocked down quite a bit living off campus. She should have a shot at some of those.
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