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Your Good Buy Of The Day


Replies to: Your Good Buy Of The Day

  • EmilySpinachEmilySpinach 208 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I saved $13.50 in Publix. Just by luck, everything I needed was on sale and I got a "buy one get one free" olive oil. I felt so smug leaving the store.
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  • HImomHImom 36022 replies396 threads Senior Member
    Oh yea, forgot to mention, the turkey was "free" with two frequent shopper coupons that you earned for every $250 you spent at their story. We have earned 5 of those coupons, so we can get one more "free" turkey as well, if we can figure out where to store it.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30394 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Before you buy books, always look for printable coupons on B&N and Borders. You can usually find a 15% or better coupon. Look at couponcabin for printable coupons as well. You'll see some 20%, 30% deals that you can get just for printing out those coupons. Christmas Tree SHop and Old Navy & like had friends and family coupons. I never buy from BB&B without a coupon. It's good to do a search for coupons anytime you are planning to buy. Never hurts and it takes just a minute.
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  • rodneyrodney 9267 replies139 threads Senior Member
    Dell Coupon Codes, HP Coupons, Overstock Coupon, Dell Online Coupon, Promotional Code as well....all online stores and often, offline as well.

    This is for bradsdeals.....
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  • RachachaRachacha 1199 replies67 threads Senior Member
    I went to the Salvation Army down the road from my office last week to drop off a donation, I had some time so I went into the thrift store to look around, and found a J Crew cashmere turtleneck from last year's holiday catalog, with the TAG STILL ON! Thanked my guardian angel for that one!
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  • Jolynne SmythJolynne Smyth 2784 replies131 threads Senior Member
    Cool, Rachacha! I do the same thing (drop off donations, take a look around--often turn up a name-brand item!). :-)
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  • simbasimba 5783 replies309 threads Senior Member
    "$4.99/pound for shelled walnuts(normally $8.99/pound)"

    Two walnuts a day are good for your heart. For max benefit, buy in shells and crack it yourself.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41296 replies479 threads Senior Member
    I went to a cat shelter to drop off a donation, and walked out with a kitten. She was a real bargain - $100 adoption fee covered her testing, shots, microchipping, spaying and a coupon for a free vet checkup which happened to include our regular vet clinic!

    Looks like Target will have some serious discounts soon:

    Target plans price cuts despite lower 3Q earnings: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
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  • maineparentmaineparent 895 replies3 threads Member
    I was on the West Coast recently for a wedding.... and went to the local Safeway to pick up some snacks/drinks for the weekend.... I was quite surprised to see the prices for some of the wine....$6 a bottle for Blackstone....which is usually anywhere between $10 and $12 here in New England..... but the price was only good for Safeway card holders. I asked at the front desk if they had a spare card I could borrow since I was from out of town....and the net is that they did......basically, one of the register guys gave me a form with a card, told me to return the form "at some point" and I was good to shop. Overall, I saved about $25 on things I was buying anyway.....so, I was glad I asked and glad that there was empathy behind the counter!!

    I recently was at my local supermarket without my Shaws card....and they would not honor their "card" prices for me....and I have been shopping there for 24 yrs... they told me to bring the receipt in next time with my card and I would be made whole.... definitely aliented me ..... wishing we had a Safeway here....
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  • cottonwood513cottonwood513 1755 replies73 threads Senior Member
    ^^^ I like that last one.

    A like new copy of Eat, Pray, Love...54 cents.

    I though it was going to be too dopey for me, but so far I'm enjoying it. Makes you want to learn Italian and go eat in Italy.
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  • HImomHImom 36022 replies396 threads Senior Member
    I was dropping off some old stereo equipment at Goodwill or Salvation Army & found the most gorgeous washable velour dress for my daughter--just her size--for $4 in mint condition. It was her very favorite dress for many years.
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  • PackMomPackMom 7650 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I love Goodwill. It is amazing what you can find there.

    I bought a purse for $2.99 and found diamond earrngs inside!
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  • lje62lje62 5517 replies101 threads Senior Member
    so THAT'S what happened to those earrings I have been looking for ! ;)
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  • teriwttteriwtt 12019 replies513 threads Senior Member
    Well, I felt pretty proud of myself today. D1 has picked out a futon cover at BB&B for a futon she is inheriting from us. Since I had a 20% coupon, I told her not to order it online. I started to call around stores around here and found they don't stock queen-sized covers, only full. So to get the discount, I would have to go in the store, with the coupon, and place the order. I went into the store to order it, and was told there would be a shipping charge. I challenged the manager on this, asking why they would charge shipping on an item that no store stocks. She said they offer more items than can fit into a store (who would have thought there are MORE?), but they have to offer these items online. I kind of shook my head, but a couple of minutes later when she was ringing up my order, she gave me both the 20% discount and waived the $8 shipping fee, and the item is being shipped to my house. She also said in the future, if I order online and have a coupon, I can always bring the sales receipt into a store after I get the item in the mail, with the coupon, and they will refund the difference.

    Good thing to know, huh?
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  • Jolynne SmythJolynne Smyth 2784 replies131 threads Senior Member
    I love hearing about these bargains, esp. Goodwill, etc.

    My best buy--a young woman was selling a ton of her 'old' (read: 6 months-2 yrs old) clothes at a yard sale. I bought a pair of distressed Hollister jeans that fit perfectly -- then found $2 in the pocket! Although, the diamond earring in the purse story beats that...!
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  • epistrophyepistrophy 1511 replies36 threads Senior Member
    Armani necktie off ebay: $11.95 (was able to verify its genuineness before paying; there are lots of fakes out there).

    (By the way, this is how impecunious criminal defense lawyers dress themselves: with Armani ties bought off ebay.)
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  • dragonmomdragonmom 6116 replies155 threads Senior Member
    Rats - just bought D a fleece for a good price at Campmor.com, then today got an REI sale catalog with similar coat for less... oh well
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  • jym626jym626 57689 replies3023 threads Senior Member
    Yay!! another deals and bargains thread!! Here are links to previous threads on this topic:
    web mail order with no shipping fees
    Bargain Shoppers- Discounts, deals and coupons
    How frugal are you?

    (uh oh-- the hyperlink didnt work-- be right back..)
    Here, try this post for the links, and others:

    My H had to go to Vegas today for a conference and he neglected to book the hotel. The meeting is at the Mirage. I got him a room at the Mirage for $80. If he had told me sooner I could have gotten it for $71. Hrmmmph.
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  • sunnseasunnsea 69 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Two long sleeve 100% cotton shirts for kids for 60 cents each-90% off at Target after Halloween sale. The shirts are actually light grey and can be worn any day.
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  • HImomHImom 36022 replies396 threads Senior Member
    This isn't really a "purchase" but I am putting $ into a 5-month CD at the local credit union & earning 5%. It's their grand opening & I'll need the funds to pay for the kids' college so I want them accessible.

    My best hotel purchase was Peachtree Hyatt in Atlanta, 5-star hotel for under $35/night for hubby, me & our two tykes. They included free continental breakfast bar & newspaper & had children's meals 3x/day for under $4 apiece. Generally, I took the kids to eat & ordered soup & finished their meals (they were toddlers & didn't eat much). Hubby's office paid for his trip & the hotel & per diem & the kids were free on the airlines.

    Shucks, though, no diamond earrings. I found a ruby ring in a handbag once -- it fit perfectly & I love it! It's even my birthstone!
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