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Your Good Buy Of The Day


Replies to: Your Good Buy Of The Day

  • HImomHImom 36112 replies397 threads Senior Member
    That reminds me--I called our local phone company & asked whether we were at the highest DSL speed they had & they checked & found out we weren't. They increased the speed & asked if we wanted to have our rate reduced forever as well so that happened as well. It's now at their highest speed for $29.99 for as long as we stick with them and no contract (so we could switch if we chose). They even gave us 2 free months for not giving us the faster speed sooner.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41473 replies480 threads Senior Member
    I was "camping out" at the downtown Macy's (missed my bus agan!), and noticed that all of their NorthFace was 25% off through today - fleece, down and all! That stuff never goes on sale. So if you happen to be in WA and need a NorthFace coat...
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  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 22635 replies127 threads Senior Member
    DSL companies can bump you down if there are line quality issues but these can be temporary. I've had my line downgraded in the past and then upgraded on request. It's a good idea to run a speedtest from time to time to see what you're actually getting.
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  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP 16183 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Sale or not, you would still spent if you buy. We stopped, only necessities, like milk, toilet paper..... Yeye, gas is $1.79 (good and bad, good = much cheaper, bad = reflection on future of global economy). Gas is the best, since food prices are still up, it might be because more people grocery shopping and less go out to eat (I do not know how accurate this is, it is my own uneducated guess)
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  • spideygirlspideygirl 3210 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Amazon has good deals. Get to the category you want (jackets? jeans? cameras?) and click on "special offers" in the tool bar. Right now a bunch of companies are offering 30% off beauty products, and if you can score free shipping, you've saved gas and time as well. I have purchased a bunch of Christmas gifts this way. Also, look in the lower left hand corner of the screen for percent off searches which go up to 70%.
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  • hookem168hookem168 - 3022 replies184 threads Senior Member
    Non-iron Brooks Brothers Dress Shirt (Spread Collar) for $10 = total pwnage.
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  • mom60mom60 8513 replies519 threads Senior Member
    Emeraldkity- my youngest would love to work in the impulse dept. She has a part time job now that if she didn't love horses her money would go towards $200 jeans. The strange part of my D is she loves expensive jeans but on top she wears boys and mens t shirts that she gets as hand me downs from whoever will give them to her. She is always asking males she knows if they are cleaning out their closets.
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  • yourworldyourworld - 728 replies30 threads Member
    Drinking more domestic beer, and home-brewing my own stock of golden bavarian lager.
    Home-brewing takes a lot of work but gives you taste you get only from bars that buy local drafts.

    Eating more at Oriental Thai India places. Those places saves you lots of $$$. And yeah I buy stuffs from Old Navy all the time, even before recession. Just love a bargain. Don't skim on the shoes, though. Cheap shoes yield bad fit and dont last long, you wind up paying more over time for bad shoes that don't fit. And I only goto to Starbuck if I have to have a frappacino. I take special pleasure whenever I drink free company coffee.
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  • HImomHImom 36112 replies397 threads Senior Member
    Today, I had a business lunch for 4 of us & no one wanted the leftovers so I boxed them & it fed the 3 of us a great dinner. Yum & no cooking! On the way home, I picked up my 2nd free turkey from the market which I popped into the fridge to thaw so we can cook it for Thanksgiving.
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  • jym626jym626 57902 replies3036 threads Senior Member
    Who is giving out free turkeys, HImom?
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  • Jolynne SmythJolynne Smyth 2784 replies131 threads Senior Member
    And, HImom--in your store, can you get more than 1 free turkey? I was saving our free one ('earned it' by spending $$ a while back) but that's a good heads up that maybe you can get more than one if you continue to spend... (although trying to limit spending!).

    yourworld--my hub spends (to me) a ton of $$ on Bavarian beer. I thought (from knowing others who do it) that the investment in equipment & supplies would make home brewing even more expensive. Do you find this is not the case? It would be a nice hobby, I think, for hub, and would be nice not to have him spend $50+ a week on expensive beer....! Guys seem to love to do this type of thing...! :-)
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  • HImomHImom 36112 replies397 threads Senior Member
    Our local HI supermarket chain has an affinity program--for every $ you spend, you get a point & for every 250, you get a coupon. 2 coupons = 1 free turkey under 16 pounds. They are giving out free turkeys "while supplies last."

    The store & several competitors also offer discounted turkeys if you purchase at least $25 of groceries in addition.

    Prior years, they gave free pies for the coupons--1 per coupon. Once they gave free pints of H&D ice cream. Turkeys seemed like a good deal to me.
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  • fireflyscoutfireflyscout 5298 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Woot off currently going on over at woot.com
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  • thumper1thumper1 78800 replies3556 threads Senior Member
    OK...now don't laugh. I went to the grocery store on my way home Monday. It's senior discount day....the clerk punched in the discount and then when he bothered to look he said....oh...I guess not. But he decided to give me the discount anyway. I saved 10% off my grocery purchase.
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  • trojanchick99trojanchick99 725 replies1 threads Member
    For those who buy online alot: EBates.com offers cash back. You access other sites through theirs and get a specific percent back. It also compiles a list of other discounts and free shipping codes.

    I'm also a member of e-rewards.com, where they send you surveys to fill out online. You get rewarded in e-rewards currency which can be redeemed for airline miles and gift cards. I've gotten $50 worth of Macy's giftcards in 6 months or so.
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  • SLUMOMSLUMOM 3581 replies29 threads Senior Member
    Shady Brook Turkey at 15.4 lbs, at .48 cents per pound, and $1.00 off coupon, final price for turkey was $6.39! I spend more than that on the dog food & the cat food.

    I also like our local dump (recycling center) where we have two little buildings with great stuff that people leave. One building is just for books, I take books, read them, then bring them back, especially the best sellers.
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  • lje62lje62 5517 replies101 threads Senior Member
    I went to BJ's today and bought $60 worth of food and brought it to our local food bank. There was an article in yesterday's paper about how demand is up and donations are way down. I got quite a bit, since most of the food there is sold in bulk.
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  • cottonwood513cottonwood513 1755 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Ije62, good idea...good for you.
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  • m&sdadm&sdad 1188 replies13 threads Member
    Buy.com 1GB Sansa Express MP3 player refurb, expandable by microSD card.

    $10.99 with free shipping.
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