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Dressing Young


Replies to: Dressing Young

  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23888 replies208 threads Senior Member
    I am somewhat known for wearing, um, some non-traditional work clothes, but people who would tell me the truth claim I can pull it off. I know when I need to look like a "normal" lawyer, though. Oh, there was the day two weeks ago when I was comfortably at my desk in my trousers, tailored shirt and Dansko clogs (the newer, "shoe" looking clogs) and up on my outlook calendar popped "Women Executive's Lunch". I screamed "Oh Sh1T", having forgotten about this event where the women dress to the nines. My paralegal put me in the jacket I keep in the office, arranged my collar (thankfully, I had a long strand of pearls on) and off I went.
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  • missypiemissypie 17982 replies503 threads Senior Member
    I actually owned a Christmas sweater (and even some Christmas sweatshirts) until I read a very funny article about how the fastest way to turn off a guy is to wear a Christmas sweater...Megan Fox could put on a Christmas sweater and guys would avoid her.
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  • missypiemissypie 17982 replies503 threads Senior Member
    I am somewhat known for wearing, um, some non-traditional work clothes, but people who would tell me the truth claim I can pull it off.

    For those of you who haven't seen pictures of Momofwildchild on Facebook, she definitely still has a slender figure and can pull off clothes that many of us cannot.
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  • hmom5hmom5 - 10799 replies83 threads Senior Member
    You know they will be painfully honest with us if we look ridiculous.

    So true! My DD is my best clothes critic.

    Like Oldfort, I did not leave the house not looking put together. It's a NY thing I think. But as mom60 says, in Socal it's a whole different world. The women look amazing in general.
    If you have the build, the attitude and the hairstyle

    Ah yes, the hairstyle is key too. How do you ladies wear your hair?

    Thanks for Blue Bee mom60, looks like a great site, yet of course they are showing the clothes on thirty somethings!
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23888 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Thank you, Missypie! I just better not ever stop running!

    Hair- well, there's that..... I don't have much. I keep mine about an inch long. If I try to grow it I look like Bozo. (remember Bozo?) I like short hair.

    My latest odd-ness is wearing my Zensah compression sleeves (for lower legs) to work under my pants. They are neon yellow and neon pink (two pairs). They help me recover from my longer runs. After everyone finished laughing at me, they were inquiring about where to buy them. The same thing happened with my Vibram Five Finger "shoes". I started getting emails from people who wanted them. My boss (male) has some ankle problems (he's young and thin- it was an accident a number of years ago) and pads around the department in his socks. I was once told to "dress like your boss" so......
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  • ConsolationConsolation 22898 replies184 threads Senior Member
    I shop at Chico's all the time because my mother gives me gift certificates. I don't like all of their clothes, but I like a lot of them and get plenty of compliments when I wear them. They do not look "old" on me. You have to pick and choose.

    I also wear black leggings sometimes, with a long sweater or other top. My normal non-summer footwear are black Dansko clogs, which are great for long days of truffle-making and wending one's way through puddles, although I recently bought a couple of pairs of cute flats. I have some good low to mid heels left over from the days when I working in NYC, which I wear when I need to be dressed up. I absolutely refuse to wear high heels.

    People dress very casually here. And since I don't work in an office I can wear whatever I want. Thankfully.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41273 replies479 threads Senior Member
    "How do you ladies wear your hair?"

    For 30+ years I had long hair (2-3 ft long). I got tired of constantly taking care of it (I used to ran track and cross country in HS with that hair :eek:!) and got a short haircut (sort of llike the one Kim has in this picture: Kim: Gene Juarez Salon & Spa). When H saw the short-haired version of me for the first time he said I looked 10 years younger! He was not kidding. I love my short hair.
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  • missypiemissypie 17982 replies503 threads Senior Member
    Do y'all ever wear prints? Florals are perilous - it seems like they're all either "little girl" or "old lady." I'm always thrilled when I find a print that seems right for me...they're very rare. I'm wearing a paisley top today that I love (Michael Kors, marked way down at Nordstrom Rack).
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  • coureurcoureur 11196 replies190 threads Senior Member
    >>What's appropriate these days when you're 50 something?<<

    Just make sure you own a full-length mirror and USE IT. There are few things sadder than a middle-aged person with fat rolls and/or sagging skin trying to dress like a 19 year old.
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  • BookladyBooklady 3086 replies36 threads Senior Member
    I have very wavy, prone-to-frizz, very dark (with some strands of gray) hair. I wear it medium-short, since that's the most flattering to my features and also cuts way down on the frizz. The closest to a picture of me is this one of Debra Winger (if only I looked that good!): http://farm4.static.****/3436/3726113479_4fb468875e.jpg

    And missypie, I know just what you mean. Most of my clothes are solids, but in the past couple of years I've been able to find some good prints...they are rare indeed!
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  • GA2012MOMGA2012MOM 5341 replies99 threads Senior Member
    One thing I LOVE for women our age, are wrap dresses. If I could find a store that sold only wrap dresses, I would think I had died and gone to heaven. They hide flaws and generally hang very nice wish a slight "swish."
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  • mousegraymousegray 1621 replies21 threads Senior Member
    You know, I think you can wear whatever you want as long as you have a an eye for cut and fit. I know that's a tall order. I don't think there's anything wrong with dressing "young", it's the women who try to dress young AND sexy that give it a bad name (and a bad look!).

    Prints are nice, but generally only as a top. Print dresses can be either really aging or make you look like a giant toddler.

    Chico's--- it's funny, my mother gives me clothes from there too. I wonder why. The few times I've ever been in one I thought they had big, kind of arty bohemian looking clothes. It tapped into my greatest fear, of looking like a museum docent.

    The only thing I avoid are the baby-doll cuts. I think they're adorable on a 13 year old and that's about the cut-off age.

    Leggings are all right as long as a), your top covers your backside and b), you don't have skinny legs combined with belly fat. Then you may look like a bug. I think for us older women, boots are really necessary to add gravitas to the look, though.

    The last time I saw a Coldwater Creek catalog, it was full of "Christmas sweaters".

    I think Eileen Fisher clothes are kind of pretty too, but I wouldn't be caught dead in them! I came of age in the punk era. Remember that look? (And don't worry, I'm not fronting that look anymore!)
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  • oaklandmomoaklandmom 994 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Ok, I know much of this discussion has been about leggings - but what about black tights? are they "in" or "out"? I'm off to my 8th grade reunion this weekend and bought a little dress - its a print, kind of an animal print but not really - its in browns and blacks. I'm searching for shoes(found some I like that are black and reddish but they didn't have my size). I was wondering if I could wear black tights with the dress rather than stockings. The event is in southern California. It looks like its going to be a warm day.
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  • oldfortoldfort 23465 replies308 threads Senior Member
    I was in OC this summer. Could I tell you that I think people dress funny there?:) I swear gold jewelry is still in there. Do you think they feel that way when they come to NYC area too?
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  • musicamusicamusicamusica 6388 replies80 threads Senior Member
    "I came of age in the punk era."

    I had pink hair in '79 and green in '80. I was in one of the very first MTV videos with my band, but that was then and I shudder to think that that aesthetic would still hold sway on my wardrobe.yikes!
    I like Eileen Fisher because it is contemporary rather than youthful.
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  • OnwardOnward 2970 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Now that I know where you don't shop, I am curious as to where you (over 50 women) do shop?
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23888 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Limited, JCrew, Gap, Nordstrom when I can get to one, Thomas Pink, Banana Republic
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  • AnudduhMomAnudduhMom 747 replies36 threads Member
    I happened by a Talbots Outlet store recently so thought I would look around. Oh my,it was like stepping into a time warp or something. The prices were really good but couldn't find one single thing I would have worn.

    How funny! Some of my favorite clothes are from Talbot's -- but I didn't get them at the store, I got them at Goodwill! (with the tags on, apparently size 4 doesn't sell I guess)

    My favorite Talbot's thing is a tweed jacket that's longer and fitted (covers my rear), and I wear it with, yes, LEGGINGS! The dreaded leggings, and a pair of high-heel boots and a snappy white shirt, and guess what, I look da bomb! People whistle at me even on the streets of Paris dressed like that.

    So give Talbot's a second look (or Goodwill, I get great stuff there)
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  • musicamusicamusicamusica 6388 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Nordstrom Rack and I am fortunate to have a lot of smaller inexpensive privately owned stores/boutiques near my home.
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  • momofthreeboysmomofthreeboys 16651 replies66 threads Senior Member
    I confess I like Eileen Fisher, I got my first stuff in my twenties and I still like to have a few pieces for those really bad work days when nothing tight around the waist works. I good friend of mine wore leggins with a longish top and sandals to dinner a few weeks ago. I was surprised when I saw her, but it did grow on me. I confess to having quite abit of Talbot's in my closet, but I do like to buy something trendy each season to young up my outfits. I liked swing jackets with 3/4 sleeves this summer and the scarfs to tie around the neck. I cannot wear skinny jeans as they just don't look right on me, but do love the really wide leg trouser jeans that are in the stores these days. I do "bare" my arms much more than thirty years ago when you covered from the knees to neck and topped it off with a floppy scarf tied around your neck and I bought tights to replace my nylons this winter. I have pointy toe heels, but gosh darn I hate them and keep flats under my desk. I think if you avoid the belly skin and ill fitting jeans, and Chico's (LOL) you're end up fine. Although I do have one vendor who adores Chico's and looks fabulous so maybe it all depends, I've never had any luck.
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