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any advice for me and my scratched cornea?

MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ Registered User Posts: 6,673 Senior Member
edited November 2009 in Parent Cafe
Tiny tiny tiny scratch on my eye and it really hurts!

Opthalmologist prescribed optical bacitracin and artificial tears, and he said warm compresses should help, but I'm not getting relief from warm compresses or Advil.

Tried flushing with cold water and cold compresses earlier; they did not help either. I have a prescription for eye steroids that the doc said I probably didn't need (he suggested I not fill it right away so I didn't, he said that my eye should heal in a couple of days with the bacitracin and the eyedrops)... would the steroid stuff help with the pain?

Have any of you ever had a scratch on your eye? Any advice?

Embarrassed to be asking for advice with a condition that will almost certainly resolve itself in a matter of days. :o
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Replies to: any advice for me and my scratched cornea?

  • OnwardOnward Registered User Posts: 2,805 Senior Member
    Sleep will help. It just takes time, but I do feel for you. I've done it myself and it does hurt.
  • kelsmomkelsmom Super Moderator Posts: 14,546 Super Moderator
    I burned my corneas a couple years ago (hydrogen peroxide contact cleaner that didn't fully neutralize). I was in so much pain, childbirth was a walk in the park in comparison. I would imagine a scratched cornea is somewhat like what I experienced. I did use steroids in my eye, and I am glad I did. I would suggest it if you don't feel better tomorrow.
  • momlovemomlove Registered User Posts: 498 Member
    I have scratched my cornea twice. I used to wear contacts and work in a room with lots of paper dust in the air. It has been a long time and back then they said there was nothing to help with the pain, other than Advil.

    It hurts terribly bad. I also found the best thing to do was to try to sleep through the worst of it. I also tried to limit my eye movement while trying to get to sleep as just the movement of my eye against my eyelid made the pain worse.

    My sympathies. It really does hurt so bad.
  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ Registered User Posts: 6,673 Senior Member
    Thanks so much! If the eye is not much better in the morning, I can fill the steroid prescription really early tomorrow.

    I definitely don't want this to happen again; once is more than enough.

    Doc said I should start to use artificial tears every day, that my eyes are kind of dry (plus I work at a computer all day and sometimes forget to take breaks/give my eyes a rest) so this might happen again if I don't keep my eyes "wetter" - he said to think of it like "Put moisturizer on your skin regularly so you won't have dry skin." :)
  • aibarraibarr Registered User Posts: 4,249 Senior Member
    Ugh. My husband scratched his cornea when he came home to meet the family for Thanksgiving for the first time when we started dating. Nearly a decade later, he still hasn't *quite* entirely shaken the "I am the weird musician dating your daughter who just wants to sit in the dark and be left alone, please" first impression. He was miserable the whole weekend.

    My condolences! Feel better soon! =(
  • EPTREPTR Registered User Posts: 3,974 Senior Member
    It does hurt, doesn't it? I did the same thing a couple of years ago. It made my whole head ache. I have two suggestions. You may be able to piggyback tylenol with the advil. Alternate the dose every two hours (you should probably ask an actual medical professional first). Also, I found that it was better if I dimmed the lights. Hope you feel better.
  • my-3-sonsmy-3-sons Registered User Posts: 2,793 Senior Member
    It really is amazing how much pain can come from a tiny scratch. It's been many years since I had to deal with this, but sleep and keeping the eye patched seemed to help. Light was my enemy. I would definitely fill the prescription if you're not much better by morning. Feel better soon.
  • NorthstarmomNorthstarmom Registered User Posts: 24,853 Senior Member
    Scratched corneas are the worst pain I've ever experienced. I found cold compresses to be helpful. Sleep also is helpful. It really will get better.... Hugs to you.
  • snowballsnowball Registered User Posts: 2,713 Senior Member
    If you have to work at the computer all day could you patch that eye at least for part of the time? I would think the light and focusing on the computer would make the eye more uncomfortable. The drops will help, but it does take time. Keep up with the artificial tears; I use them regularly.
  • JustAMomOf4JustAMomOf4 Registered User Posts: 4,563 Senior Member
    It has been years since I scratched my cornea but reading your post made my eyes hurt.
    I would strongly suggest an eye patch. You can patch it shut with some gauze and paper tape. and sleep. My sympathies.
  • mimk6mimk6 Registered User Posts: 4,162 Senior Member
    DD scratched her cornea when we were on vacation man years ago. The eye doctor did something where he numbed the eye and washed it out. Then he had her wear a patch for a few days while it healed. I think light really hurt her eye at the time and so the patch helped by protecting it from light and stimulation. It wasn't the band-aid kind of eyepatches in pharmacies (for those who wear patches, as she did early in life, to strengthen eye muscles) but a thick gauze taped on which had more blocking power for light. I think that helped a lot.
  • geezermomgeezermom Registered User Posts: 1,355 Senior Member
    It is really, really painful, and it just takes time to heal. I am a former contact lens wearer (years ago) and scratched my cornea several times. Once the doctor put on a patch, and I have to say that was the best solution--annoying, but no light, no further irritation from blinking, and the ointment and/or drops can work in a concentrated way.
  • musicamusicamusicamusica Registered User Posts: 6,468 Senior Member
    REALLY REALLY painful, but the cornea heals faster than any other part of the body and I bet you feel better already.
  • fireflyscoutfireflyscout Registered User Posts: 5,428 Senior Member
    Worst. Pain. Ever.

    I scratched my cornea when I was 9 months pregnant with my son. Finally told husband I had to get treatment, so we went to the nearby emergency room. They took one look at me and asked how far apart my contractions were.
  • MidwestMom2Kids_MidwestMom2Kids_ Registered User Posts: 6,673 Senior Member
    Thank you for the sympathy and the helpful advice. It is also validating to hear people agree that a tiny tiny tiny scratch is painful. I am going to try alternating Advil and Tylenol. I know I should stay away from my computer screen but work is just so busy this week, I'm glued to my monitor. :( (Took last Friday off for MidwestSon_'s wisdom tooth surgery and I'm still behind...) My eye was definitely better this morning than it was last night. I think I will try wearing a patch at work tomorrow. I already threatened to wear a sombrero; anything to keep light off this eye would be good.
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