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Diet/Exercise/Health/Wellness Support Thread


Replies to: Diet/Exercise/Health/Wellness Support Thread

  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 19008 replies336 threads Senior Member
    Good luck to everyone. Remember that the goal is not to lose weight. The goal is to change your lifestyle. That's the only way to keep the weight off.
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  • eggmomeggmom 564 replies9 threads Member
    OP, Thanks for starting this thread.

    I have lost 20 lbs over the years. At least 3 times. But every time the lbs come back and bring more friends. Now I have an empty nest and should have no excuses, but I just dont have the right mental approach yet, I think.

    Last year I got so discouraged that I gave up on exercise and that was a biiiiiiiig mistake.

    Guess what? I told myself it was ok to spend all my time and effort on DS (and work)! That was not really a good course of action.

    This thread has given me a lot of positive ideas, though.
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  • sabaraysabaray 7299 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Well, I am glad to come back here and see so many ideas and theories. Surely something to appeal to everyone.

    I do not particularly enjoy the treadmill. I usually make use of the elliptical or something D and I call an "arc trainer" - sort of like striding while in mid-air. Very low stress on the joints. We've developed a circuit of sorts- I think it was ucsd_ucla_dad who described using free weights- so we'll do 5 minutes of brisk walking, pause and use the dumbbells, do more walking, do some lower body weights using a body bar, do some more walking, repeat. I've seen some variations that include the use of a step and involve brisk stepping instead of walking. Might try that at some point.

    FallGirl, my last go around of successful weight loss involved eating smaller meals every 3 to 4 hours. But when I say meal a meal might be an apple with a measured piece of cheese. I found that food combinations such as a carb and a protein kept me from feeling so hungry so quickly.

    My weight issues really escalated when my S had some legal issues- then followed by a car accident- hard to feel positive about much of anything and I definitely found myself stress eating. I think we're all focused on taking better care of ourselves- so hopefully we can come back here for support when we need it, ideas and encouragement. I plan to use this thread to keep myself honest!
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  • lilmomlilmom 3561 replies96 threads Senior Member
    Thank you for starting this thread OP! I started on the healthy path by packing up all of the cookies and goodies gifted to us and giving them away! (After sampling some of them, of course...) Now, I'll be going back to the gym after a 2 month break (embarrassed to say) and I will try the elliptical because I don't like the treadmill. My goal this year is to work on weights - gotta beat the osteoporosis that runs in my family. That also means revamping the foods we eat. DH has returned to running and is doing well but I worry that he's not eating the right foods. Ideas for good healthy meals, please!!! Good luck to everyone!
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  • missypiemissypie 17982 replies503 threads Senior Member
    The elliptical requires a degree of coordination that I do not possess. I can walk on a tread mill. I can walk up stairs. That is what I can do.

    Back to food. I've always wondered how my weight would be if I ate very small quantities of really spectacular food. I think that only empty nesters could afford it, but for dinner, maybe two silky scallops or a tiny tender steak, with veggies. I wonder if one could turn oneself into an absolute food snob so things like burgers and fries and fried chicken seem disgusting and only fresh wonderful food is good enough to pass one's lips...
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  • hmom5hmom5 - 10799 replies83 threads Senior Member
    I surprised by a lot of the comments on the thread.

    First, there have been several recent, highly credible studies that show that for most, exercise is simply not a good way to lose weight. It's simple--exercising makes you hungrier. In my book, exercise is for health, though cardio exercises, if you can manage hunger, certainly burns the calories.

    Second, I want to address trainers. I tried many over the years and lost interest in all after a few weeks. After PT following an accident, my therapist introduced me to a personal trainer who has made a phenomenal difference in my life. From teaching me to use light weights to gain strength and bone density, using cardio I enjoy to burn calories and helping me to understand what to eat and when to eat it--it's the best money I've ever spent. The trick was to find someone who knew what a fifty something woman needed to achieve and not a gym rat who knows how to get guys a 6 pack.

    I admit to taking it all very seriously and drastically changing how I ate and being religious with the exercise--but after 5 months I felt ten years younger. Weight loss wasn't a goal, but the accident and it's fallout had shown me that in your 50's, overall health can take a big hit quickly. I wanted to be healthier than ever and this trainer guided me there.

    So I'm now a wheat grass drinker, I eat very little meat, Carbs only when I'm about to burn calories......but it's all been worth it.
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  • eddieodessaeddieodessa 1721 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Wheat grass....reminds me of when Trace Adkins was on The Apprentice.
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  • worknprogressworknprogress 1523 replies13 threads Senior Member
    I am at my best when I am exercising regularly and sticking to natural foods. If I cut back on exercising, I eat more, not less.

    My primary form of exercise is racewalking - and for those of you who can't run or don't like to run, it may look silly but it is a very time efficient way of burning calories and staying in shape. If anyone is interested, i will help you get started.
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    One way to make treadmills, stairmaster, rowing machines, etc. more enjoyable is Netflix! I consider my Netflix subscription part of my exercise budget. I either watch movies in half hour increments, or rent TV seasons one disc at a time. I make sure to get something I really want to watch; I have learned that stuff I just SHOULD watch means I avoid the exercise equipment.
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  • NorthMinnesotaNorthMinnesota 6598 replies70 threads Senior Member
    Thanks Sabaray! I'm also here looking for inspiration. Health problems have also pushed me in to the overweight group. I used to play competitive tennis but suffered a life threatening health scare during a match several years ago. Since then I have been cleared for exercise but mentally unable to really push myself athletically. On came the pounds. This past year I had knee surgery and I am still limping around in discomfort. I am hoping to really modify my diet and try some biking to see if that helps. I will keep checking in here looking for some accountability. My plan is to reduce portion sizes and try to limit sugars and carbs. Wish me luck! I'm also hoping some of you can post links or recipes for some delicious low fat, low carb and low sugar meals. Good Luck to all as we face this challenge together!!!
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  • ucsd_ucla_daducsd_ucla_dad 8506 replies67 threads Senior Member
    A good starting point if you're serious about changing your eating habits is to find a moment of strength and go through the kitchen and donate, give away, or throw out any food that shouldn't be part of your new regimen. Don't worry about what the food might have cost - it'll 'cost' you more if you eat it. Get rid of it all at once. Most people will hit times (like late at night) when they're hit with the hunger gremlins and go on the prowl in the kitchen but if the food's not there they don't eat it.

    It's also very helpful if the other members of the household support or better yet, embrace the changed eating habits. When one partner tries to control their food intake but the other partner still wants to eat ice cream and chips, it can make it very tough on the one trying to change their habits. Even if the partner doesn't need or want to lose weight hopefully they'll show enough respect for their partner to not derail them by insisting on having these banned foods in the house.
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  • Cardinal FangCardinal Fang 19961 replies164 threads Senior Member
    I admire those of you who can stick with indoor trainers, whether ellipticals or treadmill. I find them way too boring. Luckily I live where I can hike or ride my bike 365 days a year.

    Exercising does make me lose weight, but I have to do a lot of it to get the weight loss. To keep the weight off, though, I need to cut down on calories.
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  • mousegraymousegray 1621 replies21 threads Senior Member
    There have been several studies on yoga and weight loss. It's not really a direct relationship -- yoga doesn't burn that many calories. What it will do is give you more awareness of all that's going on with your body, which makes you less inclined to eat junk or to overeat. It also lowers the...ugh, forgot the name of it.. the hormone? enzyme? that accumulates in the body due to stress which leads to belly fat.

    I know several people who have lost weight and kept it off using Weight Watchers. My friend lost about 40 pounds in the past year and is eating much more healthily because she follows the WW recipes. She's even had me over for dinner and I must say it was very tasty. I didn't feel the least deprived.

    I also hate the treadmill and if that was the only machine, I'd never exercise. I like the elliptical, the stair climber, and the reclining bike (good for reading with). I've found that even if I only do it for 10 minutes, I feel good. Then, I'm warmed up and it's easy to do a few dumbbell lifts, even a few abdominal floor things. I also do my yoga routine after. It's much more satisfying to do after your body's warmed up.

    The main thing that doing yoga has given me is a friendly relationship with my body. It really feels good to do, when you're doing it, so it's not a chore. Afterwards, I feel like I've gotten a massage and I feel all loose and tingly.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    Both H and I lost 20 lb each since we did a few modifications to our lifestyle this past summer. My goal was to lose 10 lb, but I'm not complaining about overshooting my target - there are some fun clothes that come in size small! Here is what we did:

    1. Got rid of the "dinner plates". From now on, we eat all meals off of "salad" plates, like people in Europe do.
    2. Deleted all white bread and sweets (except dark chocolate) from our diet, and replaced butter with olive oil. No more sugary drinks or anyhting that has that infamous high fructose corn syrup; all juice gets diluted with water 50-50. A glass of wine is OK once in a while. OK, maybe more often than that :)
    3. Still eat plenty of dairy, whole grain breads and lean meat, but limit red meat to maybe once or twice a week. Afternoon meals have to have vegetable(s) as the main ingredient.
    4. Still eat our 2000 calories, but ramped up our exercise and are now running 3-5K 5-6 times per week, rain or shine, and doing weight-bearing exercises (we run in the evening after we get back home from work). Frankly, I feel much less hungry after a run than before it.
    5. We almost never eat out. I cook daily and pack our lunches. This way, we know that we are not eating "mystery ingredients". We do not buy junk food "snacks" - an apple or a handful of nuts is the best snack.

    Here is the funny part - DD told me a couple of days ago, "Mom. Your fridge sucks!" "What's wrong with it?" "It looks like an old fart's fridge! There is nothing good in there - it is all healthy, organic crap!" I'm proud to be an old and fit fart ;)
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  • collage1collage1 2076 replies76 threads Senior Member
    Great thread! Weight is not my issue (although I could lose a few pounds) but I hate to exercise. I'm not sure how to quote but MISSYPIE wrote:

    I really hate exercising, really hate running. I'm very unathletic, so I've never found a sport I enjoy. Exercise is sheer drudgery, plain and simple.

    Sounds like me! Motivation is really key (quite simply, I'm not) and I really need to exercise for health issues. A few months ago a friend and I joined a gym together, came up with a routine and worked out 4-5x a week (more than I've ever worked out) for about a month. Then life got busy and first my friend couldn't find the time and then I injured my hand. My goal for 2010 is to get back to exercising...I think I need two buddies so if one's not available, I've got a spare since I'm not motivated on my own!
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 19008 replies336 threads Senior Member
    hmom5, congratulations. It sounds like you've made a dramatic change in your lifestyle. IMO, that's what it's all about -- not losing weight, or being able to benchpress 200 pounds, but being fit, limber, and healthy.
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  • tonerangertoneranger 3671 replies52 threads Senior Member
    "Here is the funny part - DD told me a couple of days ago, "Mom. Your fridge sucks!" "What's wrong with it?" "It looks like an old fart's fridge! There is nothing good in there - it is all healthy, organic crap!" I'm proud to be an old and fit fart"

    LOL, my DS said basically the same thing recently. Fruits, yogurt, veggies, hummus. We've slipped during the holidays though and because I STILL buy him stuff when he comes home...which means that I end up eating it too.

    Missypie, your description of the fancy food types fit us pretty good (when DS is in college of course). We went from eating out or getting takeout 2/3 times per week to once per week...and have used the extra $ to upgrade our food budget. Scallops, shrimp, fancy fresh fish (in small portions) and lots of roasted veggies. No burgers. No fast food at all. Home-cooked stuff. If we're short on time, I stick organic chicken in a crockpot with lots of veggies and organic tomato sauce. Yum. And I don't miss eating out and wondering what is in my food...
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  • sabaraysabaray 7299 replies80 threads Senior Member
    I'm definitely a fan of the "fancy food" diet plan. S is headed off for the weekend but D and H would definitely be on board with it. I think that's today's project - planning out a week of meals and snacks.

    toneranger, when the kids are gone I do a similar low-fat chicken soup in my crockpot- organic chicken, black beans, Mexican tomatoes, green chilis and salsa. If you absolutely must it can be served over baked tortilla chips for some texture.
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  • missypiemissypie 17982 replies503 threads Senior Member
    A good starting point if you're serious about changing your eating habits is to find a moment of strength and go through the kitchen and donate, give away, or throw out any food that shouldn't be part of your new regimen.

    My H has food issues dating from childhood that only years of therapy could possibly cure. Besides all the other issues that I won't go into, if it's cheap, he'll buy it. A few months ago, DING DONGS were on sale and he had a coupon, so we had Ding Dongs in the house because they were almost free. He buys all the horrible processed stuff off the sale bin. He buys little fresh food because you can't keep that in the house for two years and still eat it. (We've had a GIANT can of green chiles in the house for about 5 years.)

    About once a year, I do a food purge when he's not at home...this year I pitched about 5 garbage bags of candy, etc. (I took it to the school dumpster because he goes through the trash. This summer one of our kids threw away 3 fast food chicken nuggets, in the garage trash. They spent the night in a hot garage and the next morning the dug them out of the trash and ate them. See what I mean about needing a psychologist?)
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  • tonerangertoneranger 3671 replies52 threads Senior Member
    hey sabaray, that crock pot concoction sounds great.

    When rushed, I also use organic chic thighs with TJS peach salsa and some chopped red/yellow peppers. Shred the chicken when done, drain some of the juice so it's not so sloppy and serve in wheat tortillas with a small amount of avocado and light sour cream. Only problem is that it's so yummy that you want to eat too much! We should start a light healthy meals thread...or is there one already out there. If so, maybe we should refresh it!

    For example, Wegmans sells outstanding fresh scallops. I smear them with aged balasmic vinegar and garlic and brown them in a pan. Tasty, healthy, and very easy!
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