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Diet/Exercise/Health/Wellness Support Thread


Replies to: Diet/Exercise/Health/Wellness Support Thread

  • hmom5hmom5 - 10799 replies83 threads Senior Member
    Teriwtt, my DD is hypoglycemic. She also carries glucose tablets sold over the counter in drug stores or some sugar. About 20 calories of either will get you blood sugar back up.

    As for the salads, most commercial ones are no better than eating a big sandwich because of the dressings.

    Maybe you can follow SB replacing the fish with a 4 ounce service of any meat with under 5% fat. There's even commercial pork that fits that description today and no problem finding very low fat poultry and beef.

    I would highly recommend a few sessions with a trainer to learn how to most effeciently burn calories. You'll see results fast. If you can keep your calories below 1500/day and get in 45 minutes of exercise 4 times per week, you will be 32 pounds lighter at 50. Good luck!
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  • teriwttteriwtt 12021 replies515 threads Senior Member
    When I'd do the treadmill before, I'd walk up to 4mph, sometimes with a slight incline (very slight). I can do it, no problem, but my heart rate would be up above what I'm being told is a fat-burning rate. Which is why I've slowed down to 3 to 3.5 mph, but then I don't break a sweat. This all seems so confusing!

    Also, when I get my Panera Bread salad, I ask for dressing on the side, and sometimes use half of it. I agree with the personal trainer idea. I like your calculations, though!
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  • CBBBlinkerCBBBlinker 3455 replies35 threads Senior Member
    * Hot pepper or peppers at breakfast will reduce your appetite all day.
    Well, that would definitely reduce my appetite -- I wouldn't be able to eat a thing! My tolerance for hot/spicy foods is very,very low. I can deal with cinnamon, though.
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  • MichaelNKatMichaelNKat 4360 replies58 threads Senior Member
    teriwtt, the whole notion of "lower heart rate to burn fat" can be very misleading and confusing for recreational exercisers who are looking just to be fit and perhaps lose some weight. It is derived from the science of energy systems in the human body that really has more application to serious endurance athletes who are engaged in their sports for 2 hours or more at a time and therefore need to be aware of what energy systems they are tapping so that they don't bonk or hit the wall before they have completed their event. And those athletes are highly trained so that they are performing at an energy production level that is very high compared to their heart rates and therefore can maintain a high level of performance over a long period of time.

    It's a much different story for fitness exercisers who spent maybe 45 minutes to an hour a session doing cardiovascular exercise. Don't worry about whether you are "burning fat". Exercise at a level that will cause you to sweat, to breathe fast. Within the 45 minutes, do some intervals of a minute or 2 where you push really hard and then go back to a level that you can sustain. If you are interested in using exercise to assist in weight loss, the idea is to burn calories; your body doesn't care what energy system is used to burn the calories. The more intense the work out, the more calories you will burn. Of course, you want to be reasonable about this - you don't want to try to do a 45 minute anaerobic level run on a treadmill, unless you want to be like the old George Jeston treadmill cartoon bit after about 2 minutes :) ! But seriously, exercise at a level that causes you to break a sweat and breathe fast. Throw in some 1 - 2 minute intervals where you push to the point of breathing hard enough that you can't carry on a conversation, then back down to your baseline intensity. You will get much better results in terms of muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss than if you follow some inapplicable "fat burning" routine.
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  • EPTREPTR 3896 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Okay, the red pepper suggestion is taking a lot of "heat" so let me clarify my understanding of it. If you sprinkle a few flakes of red pepper in your omelet or scrambled eggs, it will reduce your appetite. I don't think that the diet docs are suggesting eating a handful of hot red peppers. It would certainly wake you up, though, wouldn't it?

    Another suggestion is to eat a few almonds about a half hour before a meal. The healthy oils give you a head start on feeling full so you don't overeat.

    So I'm supposed to start my new healthy diet today but a friend invited me over tonight for seafood risotto and a game of scrabble. What to do!!!!!
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    Extra exercise today if you know you are going to eat something you shouldn't. And you could call and ask if you could bring dessert, then bring something that is NOT sinful. Search for "low calorie dessert" on the web for ideas. Eat a healthy snack (fruit?) before you go so you can eat ONE reasonable serving and turn down seconds.
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  • tonerangertoneranger 3671 replies52 threads Senior Member
    tewitt...have you tried different kinds of fish? My h used to think he hated fish but it was because his mom served frozen fish without much to go with it...and it had that fishy smell...a real turnoff. It's hard to get good fresh fish this time of year (lots of terrific fish like Halibut is out of season). But sole or flounder/fluke or fresh shrimp or scallops are still good ( I get them from Wegmans) and low in mercury. I like to saute in a pan and then make a quick sauce with chopped tomatoes, capers, artichokes and white wine. Delicious with chicken too!

    Anyway, starting to get better with my habits now after a rough three weeks. Lots of what folks are recommending here (avoiding white, cooking at home, cinnamon, eating almonds), I already do but the weight loss stopped after 10. So I need to kick it up notch or two. We got a Wii Fit from santa, so maybe that will help!
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 23984 replies208 threads Senior Member
    Running is stupid. Running in 5 degree windchill when I still haven't gotten over the chest cough/wheezing and recovered from the horrific marathon I ran 3 weeks ago is even stupider. Sometimes I envy people who are NOT wrapped around the axle about their athletic goals and training!
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  • emeraldkity4emeraldkity4 34785 replies1076 threads Senior Member
    Well you must be getting something out of it ;) but it couldn't be any dumber than d doing the polar bear swim yesterday.
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  • eddieodessaeddieodessa 1721 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Okay girls (are we all girls?) - Today is the day. I weighed myself and wrote it down. I hid the peanutbutter fudge from myself. Hope that works. It is 26 degrees here and super windy, so I am going to the YMCA and get on a treadmill. I have a bad back and am getting an MRI on Monday, so will just do what I can do. If I can get through a mile without much pain, I will just tell myself to be happy with that.

    And it begins...50 pound weight loss - here I come!
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  • sabaraysabaray 7299 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Good for you, eddieodessa! I'm right there with you. Just got back from gym. Let's remember that it's one day at a time and we're all going to have slips along the way. Don't overdo it so much that you can't keep doing it!

    Re: the hot peppers- I love salsa on a lot of things I eat. Baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc. - don't know if it helps with burning calories, but definitely tastes good.

    MOWC, love your posts. If I get through this year and actually manage to run my 5k, perhaps a marathon by the time I'm 50 will be my next goal. I think I'll just work on the
    5k for now.
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  • eddieodessaeddieodessa 1721 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Sabaray - Horray for going to the gym! We will get this done!

    Today I have done 3 good things for my body so far:
    I ate breakfast.
    I burned 200 calories on a treadmill.
    I am writing down what I eat.
    Little by little...
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    I second toneranger - most people who say they hate fish actually never tried good fish prepared properly. My poor H was one of those folks until I introduced him to fresh salmon grilled on a cedar plank. :) H is now a seafood addict.
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  • mom60mom60 8448 replies516 threads Senior Member
    I like some fish but it has to be fresh. I am not a fan of salmon or tuna.
    My small start so far has been Organic steel cut oatmeal. Unsweetened with just a handful of fresh blueberries instead of sourdough toast. Also I am adding more vegetables to each meal and making an effort to avoid "white" carbs.
    I also am planning on eating more at home.
    Any good ideas to snacks to have in your car for when you are absolutely starved?
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  • NorthMinnesotaNorthMinnesota 6598 replies70 threads Senior Member
    Thanks 2Blue! :)
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  • intparentintparent 36292 replies644 threads Senior Member
    mom60, I like Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters. The almond ones for me. Satisfies my sweet tooth a bit. I keep 'em in my desk (not my car), but they would be a good car snack. When we are traveling as a family, we take whole grain goldfish and clementines (this time of year, anyway). And we always fill a water bottle for each person to avoid the temptation of buying soda pop on the road (and avoid the cost and waste of bottled water when we can).
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  • sabaraysabaray 7299 replies80 threads Senior Member
    D and I were at the bookstore today and picked up a handy-dandy pocket sized Food Rules by our hero Michael Pollan. Primer for how to eat. If you don't want to slog through Omnivore's Dilemma or In Defense of Food this might be a good place to start.
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  • worknprogressworknprogress 1523 replies13 threads Senior Member
    These are mostly common sense, but it doesn't hurt to consider:

    7-Day Ultimate Diet Cleanse on Yahoo! Health
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  • TheAnalystTheAnalyst 2801 replies13 threads Senior Member
    I'm not going to give up starch at dinner (having a homemade stir-fry tonight with whole grain rice) and I definitely am not giving up my wine. But, I am trying to give up anything with artificial sweetener. I agree that adds cravings for me. I like Pollan's five ingredient rule for determining what constitutes a processed food, so no more spray butter or spray salad dressing. I ate only "real" foods yesterday and found my appetite much diminished.
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  • sabaraysabaray 7299 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Yep, I was disappointed that Pollan's 5-ingredient rule didn't apply to Haagen-Dazs 5 ingredient ice cream! I thought I was on to something there.
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