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Wow, does strep throat really hurt this bad for this long???

momlovemomlove Registered User Posts: 498 Member
edited May 2012 in Parent Cafe
My son was diagnosed with strep throat a week ago. The doctor didn't do a strep test on him; he indicated that based upon his symptoms and the way his throat looked he was sure it was strep.

A couple of days later my throat started hurting. I went to the doctor when it got really painful and he assumes its strep based on the look of my throat, lack of other symptoms and the fact that my son has strep and we live together.

Question: How long does strep throat hurt really bad? I have been on antibiotics for over 48 hours and I have gotten progressively worse. My throat hurts so bad I can barely drink anything. Cold drinks hurt, hot drinks hurt, even a milk shake is irritating to my throat. Also, I have been taking extra amounts of advil, alternating with tylenol and yet have a terrible headache all the time.

Is there anything the doctor could do for this pain? When will this ever get any better? I am getting desperate :(
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Replies to: Wow, does strep throat really hurt this bad for this long???

  • VeryHappyVeryHappy Registered User Posts: 16,867 Senior Member
    Twenty years ago, I had what was assumed to be strep. They did the test and it came back negative. Turns out it was herpes. Yes, herpes, in my throat.

    I felt as if I had swallowed a razor blade, it hurt so much. I had to force myself to drink liquids throughout the day. It hurt so much I didn't want to, but I forced myself.

    The herpes then spread to my mouth, the tip of my nose and, finally, my eye.

    It took six weeks until everything was back to normal.

    I hope you've just got strep!!
  • intparentintparent Registered User Posts: 30,062 Senior Member
    Call your doctor with these questions (even though I bet it hurts to talk!), especially because they did not do a strep test on either of you. It could be something else, or it could be that the antibiotic they prescribed is not effective on this strain of strep.
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Registered User Posts: 32,774 Senior Member
    My son was diagnosed with strep throat a week ago. The doctor didn't do a strep test on him; he indicated that based upon his symptoms and the way his throat looked he was sure it was strep.

    Whoa! No tests? Sore throat can be caused not only by strep, but also by staph and MRSA (less common), as well as viruses such as mono. My D's "strep throat" that would not go away with antibiotics ("diagnosed" the same way - no tests) turned out to be mono, later confirmed by a blood test. As someone with a huge personal strep throat experience, I'd say antibiotics should start showing their effect after 24 hours. The fact that yours doesn't is hinting that a different bug may be involved. Get yourself tested and get appropriate medication, because the antibiotic you've been given may not work against some other types of bacteria and definitely will do zip to any virus!
  • TiredofsnowTiredofsnow Registered User Posts: 685 Member
    When my son had mono, I would have sworn it was strep throat by the way he described the pain and by the way his throat looked.

    Those Odwalla smoothies with vitamins were about the only thing he could tolerate. Pricey but worth it in his case.

    I hope you and your son feel better soon.
  • FallGirlFallGirl Registered User Posts: 7,485 Senior Member
    If it continues, see your Dr. and ask for a mono test. When I had mono many years ago I thought I had strep because my throat was so sore.
  • momlovemomlove Registered User Posts: 498 Member
    Thanks everyone. Shortly after I first posted I started getting body aches and a horrible headache. I ran over to the urgent care center. I have the flu, probably the seasonal variety since I had the h1n1 vaccine. She put me on a stronger antibiotic, tamiflu and some cough syrup with codeine, and says I should feel a lot better in 24 hours.

    Signing off now so I can try to sleep through the next 24 hours :)
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 63,874 Senior Member
    I had strep as an adult when I was about 40. It was the SICKEST I've ever been in my life. I actually didn't start with a sore throat at all. I started with stomach issues and chills...felt like the flu. Of course this all started on a weekend and I was out of state as well. I went to the doctor on Monday...had to have someone drive me as I could NOT...had a 103 fever by then...and yes, a sore throat. The doctor gave me an antibiotic with a twenty syllable name that you took only for five days. AND something with codeine to make the pain go away. On Wednesday, I was still not feeling better...still had a fever...still felt awful. Called the doc...he told me to wait another 24 hours. On Thursday my fever broke, and the sore throat began to get better. By Friday, I could move. I missed a week of work and didn't eat for most of that week either.

    So...give your doctor a call...but don't be surprised if he says it's a tad longer than a 48 hour recovery or time for the meds to take.

    I hope you feel better...and seriously, I hope neither of us ever gets this again!!
  • churchmusicmomchurchmusicmom Registered User Posts: 4,059 Senior Member
    I have the flu, probably the seasonal variety since I had the h1n1 vaccine. She put me on a stronger antibiotic, tamiflu and some cough syrup with codeine, and says I should feel a lot better in 24 hours.

    Why are you on an antibiotic for a VIRUS which is what flu is??? Antibiotics are NOT effective against viruses. Unless you have a bacterial infection of some type which has been diagnosed via a lab culture, I do NOT get why your doc would have you on an antibiotic.
  • LongPrimeLongPrime - Posts: 5,208 Senior Member
    A dear friend had strep while in college. Spent the entire quarter in the school's infirmary. My father worked as county medical director and then later my school's (state university) MD and he always did a swab test on suspected strep because a misdiagnoses for strep is damaged heart values.
  • oldfortoldfort Registered User Posts: 21,028 Senior Member
    If you are getting the right antibiotic then you should start feeling better within 24 hours. I am not a doctor, but that's a rule of thumb for me. It is the case for any bacteria infection.
  • LergnomLergnom Registered User Posts: 7,926 Senior Member
    Bluntly, if you're getting worse and it's about 2 days, even 1 day, after taking antibiotics then either its viral or you need a stronger, more focused antibiotic. The former probably doesn't matter because odds are you'll survive the virus and the treatments for them aren't really effective but the latter, the wrong antibiotic, can kill you.
  • michonemichone Registered User Posts: 417 Member
    Strep throat will respond to antibiotics within 48 hours. There is no way you have strep throat if you are still unable to swallow. My son had mono two years ago - one of the symptoms is an excrutiating sore throat. When he went to his school's medical facility, he was originally given a strep test. When that came back negative he was given a blood test for mono. If I were you, I would switch doctors immediately! Your doctor ASSUMED you had strep, but if he (she) had given you a strep test, it would become apparent that you didn't have strep and should have been tested for other illnesses.
  • icedragonicedragon Registered User Posts: 2,170 Senior Member
    Honey is good for a sore throat.
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Registered User Posts: 32,774 Senior Member
    Both strep and mono tests can be easily done in a doctor's office with results available in well under half an hour; however, a negative strep test has to be confirmed by a culture test that takes longer to get results:

    Strep Test: The Test

    If the rapid strep test comes back negative, a culture is ordered to confirm the the result, and a mono test should be done (although there are no drugs to treat it, unlike colds other viral sources of sore throat, it is better to confirm it or rule it out because excessive exercise or physical activity can result in internal organ damage in a person suffering from mono).

    Was the doctor trying to control costs by not ordering simple, inexpensive tests? As the result, our OP needlessly took ineffective antibiotics for several days (drug resistant bugs, anyone?), suffered pain, and then had to go back for another visit! Agree - OP needs to find a better doctor.
  • GossamerWingsGossamerWings Registered User Posts: 1,559 Senior Member
    Are you taking penicillin or amoxicillin? These are the only two antibiotics that consistently work against strep. Sometimes doctors get fancy and prescribe a broader spectrum antibiotic; paradoxically they work much better against other infections but often don't kill the strep bacteria.
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