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Please help us come up with a list of colleges to consider


Replies to: Please help us come up with a list of colleges to consider

  • idadidad 4849 replies179 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,028 Senior Member
    Tulane University offers outstanding merit awards. It is a quite wonderful university.
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  • momreadsmomreads 3243 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,248 Senior Member
    Bowling Green State and the U. of Kentucky offer nice merit packages. Take a look at those two schools.
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  • fallenchemistfallenchemist 24269 replies860 discussionsHonorary Super Mod Posts: 25,129 Inactive
    Just to expand a bit on idad's post, Tulane has one of the strongest Latin American Studies programs in the country, so the entire Spanish studying and speaking experience is very good. I know it is farther than you probably were thinking, but you should really give it a look. With your D's stats she would most likely qualify for their top merit scholarship ($25,000 per year this year) for which all accepted students are considered, and if she gets her ACT up a point or 2 or her SAT up to 2250 or thereabouts, she would have a decent chance at the Dean's Honors Scholarship which awards full tuition for 4 years. Very strong study abroad also, with deep ties to various Latin American countries and Spain.
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  • Bfellow14Bfellow14 15 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 18 New Member
    The University of Louisville guarantees a 10K per year scholarship for every out of state student with 3.35 gpa and either a 25 or 26 (and equivalent in SATs) ACT, and also with those scores you would qualify for in state tuition, so that scholarship would be full tuition plus a stipend.

    The spanish department is strong and there are minors in both Latin American studies and Latino/Hispanic studies. Every year there are school sponsored trips to Panama and many other students study abroad in Spanish speaking countries.
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  • RobDRobD 4969 replies92 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,061 Senior Member
    Depending on where in OH you are, a Southwest flight to Birmingham (for Alabama) or New Orleans (for Tulane) may be a faster trip to and from home than a school that is 5 hours away. It's hard to think about that at the beginning but it's something to consider.

    Don't know about curriculum & majors, but my NMF D had Centre in KY on her list for a while because of merit aid. They just added the Brown Fellowship (available there and at University of Louisville.) Centre is also a "College That Changes Lives" per Loren Pope.
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  • IUmom7IUmom7 136 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    My D had very similar stats last year. And somewhat similar interests (languages, classics, and English/writing). She got really great merit at Case Western, but she didn't see herself there, though she liked a lot about it--it was just a bit too techy-sciency for her tastes. But--your daughter might feel differently.

    She also got nice merit from Pitt. And liked it, but...

    She also got great merit from Indiana University, which she fell in love with, and is where she wound up. Excellent languages, a real strength of IU's. I think their ed dept is very good as well. (She LOVES it, loves the Hutton Honors college, the beautiful campus, and all the great opportunities of a big-10 campus--cultural events, sports events, great restaurants). Apply early for best scholarship opps, but your D would qualify for $9k/year with her stats. With your daughter's APs, she could probably graduate a semester early if she wanted, or pursue a double major very easily.

    For an urban campus in-state, in addition to OSU as someone else suggested, you might want to check out University of Cincinnati. One of the top Classics depts around, but too close to home for my D...
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  • IUmom7IUmom7 136 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    ^I meant to say, would qualify for 9k/year automatically...there are additional scholarships that Honors-college students are invited to apply for, on top of the automatic scholarships...if your D is NMF you should look at the Wells and other scholarships to see if she'd need a nomination from her HS. Acquaintance of ours S got the Wells this year--full ride!
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  • MontegutMontegut 5518 replies606 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,124 Senior Member
    Since you're in Ohio, you might want to look at Marquette. She may get half tuition at the most, but since you're a multi child family, they may sweeten the pot with their own grants and special scholarships. Don't expect any special treatment for being NMF from them, though. I have also heard of Bradley giving good NMF packages if she wants to stay relatively close by. Saint Louis University may be too far for you, but they also have a university in Madrid, if she's interested in studying in a Spanish speaking country.

    Be careful what people call "good merit aid". We were drawn to those "good merit aid" schools that offered half tuition. Well, half of 30 is still 15, then add room, board, books on top of that. We were hard pressed to find a happy medium between that price tag and the full ride NMF schools. Apply to a bunch of the full ride NMF schools so you can choose not only based on price, but also fit.

    Good luck and congratulations on your child's NMF status!
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  • momma-threemomma-three 2691 replies71 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 2,762 Senior Member
    Has your daughter taken any AP test or SAT subject tests? This info could be helpful in offering suggestions.
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  • SLUMOMSLUMOM 3581 replies29 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,610 Senior Member
  • linnylulinnylu 412 replies64 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 476 Member
    Thank you for all of the great suggestions so far. I greatly appreciate the help. My ds was interested in pharmacy, so that made our college search a lot easier. We might only be able to spend $10,000 a year on dd. She realizes that a full ride would be better for her, especially if she wants to pursue a teaching career. She is interested in Case Western or John Carroll because her hs latin teacher went to on of those- but it will really come down to money. Her dreams schools are Notre Dame or St. Marys.

    She has her 1st AP test this year. I don't think she is planning on taking any SAT IIs. Should she? What is the purpose of those tests?
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  • jinglejingle 1195 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,198 Senior Member
    Both Pitt and Ohio State have excellent Spanish departments. I've guest-lectured at both schools (not in the Spanish Dept, however) and found the students at OSU especially impressive.

    While the SAT I tests emphasize skills students need for any academic endeavor--you need to be able to read and calculate for most majors--the SAT II tests are subject-specific--biology, chemistry, French, etc. Many schools require 2 of them--check the admissions websites to be sure. If your D gets a Spanish subject test score above a certain cutoff, she will be probably be able to use it to jump into upper-level classes immediately. However most foreign language depts. offer their own exams for placement as well.
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  • SLUMOMSLUMOM 3581 replies29 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,610 Senior Member
    "We might only be able to spend $10,000 a year on dd."

    Linny, with a number like this, you better focus on private schools or the in-state publics. Most OOS public schools are not going to meet your D's need. (there are a couple out there of course, very selective ones)
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  • LSU8888LSU8888 275 replies14 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 289 Junior Member
    Tulane is so expensive, that even with the 24K scholarships they hand out like candy, it still is expensive.

    Large Southern publics are the schools that offered me the best scholarships.

    If she is a national merit finalist, a school like Auburn offers essentially a full ride. Even if she isn't a National Merit, she could still get full tuition at Auburn. UGA has some great scholarships that are very competitive. LSU cut the full tuition out of state down to 10K/year unfortunately.

    There is a stigma against these schools, but heck, I took a full ride and will be heading to a T14 law school with over 5000 dollars in a bank account of money that is strictly scholarship overflow after all costs were paid for.
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