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Study in France


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  • AUPAUP 8 replies0 discussionsCollege Rep Posts: 8 New Member
    To 2boysima:

    Thank you for the tip! I have contacted a moderator in order to be listed as an official school representative for AUP.

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  • lisa58lisa58 125 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 126 Junior Member
    You might look into the Southern France Youth Institute, SFYI International School - Study Abroad - Gap Year- PG Program in Southern France. I've heard that the French university style of education is generally more rigid than US students are used to. My daughter is currently on a study-abroad semester in Aix-en-Provence at the Institute for American Universities and she really likes her classes (3 taught in French and 2 in English).
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  • StephanieECIStephanieECI 3 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member

    All of the above are great responses to your call for help!

    I was an exchange student to France through Rotary after high school and had an amazing time. The country you go to depends on how well you do in your district interview, and if your home district is taking in students from that country. (1 inbound = 1 outbound). Programs like AFS and YFU are open to most everyone, but are signifigantly more expensive.

    I also spent a Quarter abroad in Paris with my community college - taking Art History in the Louvre was amazing! There are typically many opportunities at every school - it just pays to look around and know what you're looking for. Most Community Colleges outsource their program to a SA company, choose carefully and do your research on whatever organization is sponsoring the trip through the school! (Can you tell my experience wasn't great?!)

    Here in California, almost all of the CSUs and UCs offer a year long study abroad program, requiring at least 2 years of language as a prerequisite. Talk to the SA coordinators at the schools she is applying to and see what they tell you - every school is a bit different.

    As far as summer programs go, there are many out there. I work with ECI, Edu-Culture International, based in the SF Bay area. We offer Summer Study Abroad programs to high school language students (15-18) in France and Spain. As someone who has traveled multiple times in a scholarly setting, I feel I have found a great niche here with ECI - our goals and missions align with everything I believe Study Abroad should be. OK, Enough marketing mumbo-jumbo.

    Take it from me, if she is this excited about study abroad now, she should go for it! I guarantee it will change her life for the better!

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