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Need help planning trip to visit Oxy

Classof2015Classof2015 4189 replies189 threads Senior Member
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D was accepted at Occidental and we're planning a visit week of April 18. Besides seeing the campus, what else could we squeeze into a 1-2 day visit? Here is what I've heard so far (please comment and advise):
drive around Beverly Hills
drive to Malibu (any good lunch places?)
Universal Studios
Rodeo Drive

I want her to be able to see herself there, not only at the college, but having fun nearby.

Thanks in advance
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Replies to: Need help planning trip to visit Oxy

  • ucsd_ucla_daducsd_ucla_dad 8506 replies67 threads Senior Member
    For lunch - there are lots of places. The original 'Cheesecake Factory' is in Beverly Hills one short block over from rodeo drive. You could eat lunch there and walk around a bit. I like seeing the cars around there and I took pleasure in knowing I drove my 13 y/o Dodge within a couple of feet of a parked Maybach ($300K-500K car) and counting the Lambos and Ferraris and seeing 'mom cars' (Bentleys). Of course there are much fancier places if you want that.

    Near UCLA (walking distance) is Diddy Riese for inexpensive cookies. There's usually a line of UCLA students out the door to buy them but the line moves fast. Across the street from that is BJ's which has decent burgers, etc. (sit down restaurant - not expensive). Right in this area are some of the older movie theaters which a lot of movie premiers are held at so there's a chance you might see a premier happening along with the stars, etc. that attend.

    Also relatively close - Santa Monica beach (3rd street) and Venice Beach.
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  • musicamusicamusicamusica 6388 replies80 threads Senior Member
    For lunch-- Bouchon in Beverly Hills---have the Tartine du Jour (sandwich of the day) advisable to make an online reserve the week before.
    Lunch in Malibu---try one of the coffee shops or Delicatessens at the Country Mart
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  • NewHope33NewHope33 6136 replies72 threads Senior Member
    I have two suggestions. First, consider a walk along Venice Beach, especially if you can manage that on a weekend day. And second, if you have a care ... well of course you'll have a car, it's Los Angeles ... consider taking a drive up into the mountains (on route 2). It's amazing how quickly one can get to wilderness from Eagle Rock!
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  • ZetesisZetesis 1817 replies38 threads Senior Member
    You can't drive up Highway 2 at the moment: it's been closed due to the rain damage after the Station Fire two years ago.

    But I'd definitely recommend a trip to the beach (Malibu, Venice, or elsewhere). It's also fun to rent bikes at Santa Monica and bike along the coast. As for Rodeo Drive, BH, Universal Studios, etc., the question is whether your D (or most college kids) really venture over to those areas all that much or that regularly.

    If the weather's good (it's almost 90 here today, mini heat wave) anything outdoors is lovely. Oldtown Pasadena (the east end of Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena) is fun to stroll along in the evening; lots of restaurants, shops, some clubs, etc. And that's not so far from Eagle Rock.

    Things are in pretty full swing right now in terms of flowers/blooms, but in April the roses should be blooming, and everything will still be green (unlike August). You can try nearby Descanso Gardens (La Canada) or a bit further, in Pasadena the Huntington Gardens (amazing cactus garden, esp. when in bloom, australian garden, Japanese & Chinese, and rose garden; have tea there) & Library; or still further, the Arcadia Arboretum, where you can see the wild peacocks, among other things!
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  • calimamicalimami 871 replies6 threads Member
    occidental and the city of los angeles are NOT right next door to each other, so planning to hit l.a. probably won't work due to intense traffic. universal studios is a day trip in itself!

    i agree with the comment above re. keeping it very local (pasadena and environs... maaaaaybe hollywood) in order to get the most out of your experience and get a feel for the community surrounding the school.
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  • arabrabarabrab 5889 replies78 threads Senior Member
    I'd do Santa Monica/Venice Beach rather than Malibu. Lots of fun & funky things along the beachside path, nice pier, lots of little restaurants.

    Chinatown is close to Occidental, FWIW.
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  • momcallingmomcalling 22 replies0 threads New Member
    Pasadena is 5 minutes from Occidental. If you stay downtown (Marriot) you can walk everywhere.
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  • SlitheyToveSlitheyTove 6187 replies161 threads Senior Member
    Traffic can be a huge problem, but not insurmountable depending on what time you go. You can even take the Gold Line from Pasadena to downtown. Mass transit from Eagle Rock/Pasadena to Universal Studios is indirect but possible. I say skip universal and go to the beach. It's not super-local to Eagle Rock, but it's the beach in SoCal in April. How can you resist? :)

    Check out Yelp and/or chowhound for restaurant recommendations in Eagle Rock and Pasadena, or ask the students on the Oxy board where they like to go. I'll put in a plug for Senor Fish for great fish tacos, and cupcakes from Antie Em's.
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  • madbeanmadbean 3156 replies85 threads Senior Member
    Agree with Slithey--Senor Fish and Auntie Em's (both within a mile of Oxy) are great! Both are on Eagle Rock Blvd. Down a few more blocks on Colorado is The Oinkster--best fries in the world. In fact, at the Oxy admissions office they have a great brochure with recommended local restaurants, hotels (may have special rates), and day trips. Why not call and see if you can get their best tips?
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  • researching4embresearching4emb 477 replies15 threads Member
    What Slithey said. We live very near Oxy, and it will not be much use for a future student to spend all your time on the westside.

    Yes to Auntie Em's and Se
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  • Classof2015Classof2015 4189 replies189 threads Senior Member
    Wow -- so many great tips and ideas -- thank you everyone! This is exactly what I needed. VERY good advice about keeping it local -- so we can set a baseline positive experience that she can look forward to exploring later on her own. Now I'm psyched.
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  • SlitheyToveSlitheyTove 6187 replies161 threads Senior Member
    Now my inner Homer Simpson is demanding fish tacos. :)
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