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Missing Week of School for Excellent Opportunity??


Replies to: Missing Week of School for Excellent Opportunity??

  • stradmomstradmom Registered User Posts: 4,906 Senior Member
    This is the kind of thing the school could easily use to their own advantage as PR. If they don't see it immediately, you should make sure they get the point. Hope your D has a great trip!
  • oldfortoldfort Registered User Posts: 22,678 Senior Member
    I haven taken my kids out of school for a week for family vacation. This opportunity beats family vacation hands down. Congratulations on your daughter, you must be very proud.
  • vlinesvlines Registered User Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    yes, yes, yes. The whole unexcused absence thing is a farce anyway. Present the opportunity above the principal if necessary, to get it "excused". If they can not see the benefit, will not excuse her, then ignore them. Or lie like everyone else who takes their kids out of shool (death in family, student illness). Not that I think it should come to that, but it is more than common.
    Congrats, you must be proud, and wow on getting your daughter involved in something like this. I am jealous you were able to hook her up with the opportunity!
  • madbeanmadbean Registered User Posts: 3,241 Senior Member
    I agree--she should go! But I also agree that a young woman traveling alone (no other HS students or teachers) to Europe with non-related adults may invite problems. Can you or another relative accompany her?

    It's a terrific opportunity! Congratulations to your D.
  • BatlloBatllo - Posts: 3,047 Senior Member
    Reference Post #8 OP is accompanying her d.
  • 2boysima2boysima Registered User Posts: 1,794 Senior Member

    But...it is a tough time. Is she submitting project for Intel Science Talent Search? If yes...that process is a significant undertaking with a number of short essays and other materials due, as well as the research report. She should try to get as much of this work as possible at least started in draft form before she goes away. Same thing for any rolling or ED/EA college apps.
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Registered User Posts: 8,725 Senior Member
    It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. But I do understand your concern about missing a week of class.

    In addition to the school rule issues pointed out above, it would be VERY hard for a senior with rigorous courseload to miss a week of school. Even missing a day or two can be tough (my experience is with IB classes for DS. I assume AP similar). If college apps are submitted before the trip, that would help.

    Others may boo-hiss me on this suggestion...but could this presentation be handled via video tele-conference tools?
  • mimk6mimk6 Registered User Posts: 4,162 Senior Member
    Speaking of absences, they had senior parents night tonight at DS's school and the assistant principal's made a big deal about not missing any days of school this year. So do they think the kids are supposed to skip admit days when choosing a college?
  • MarianMarian Registered User Posts: 13,104 Senior Member
    So do they think the kids are supposed to skip admit days when choosing a college?

    Yes, but in reality, the kids will save up their unexcused absences for those visits.
  • QuantMechQuantMech Registered User Posts: 7,867 Senior Member
    colorado_mom: Your suggestion is an interesting one, but this is not yet the time for it--at least in my general field. I have attended probably 50-60 international conferences by now, and I have never seen a presentation by teleconferencing. This includes the talks by people who were 80+, for whom the travel must have been a bit difficult in itself.

    It is really an incredible honor for a high school student to be invited to speak at such a conference. If anyone were to be accommodated by teleconferencing (in my field), as the conferences currently go, it would probably be a Nobel laureate who was ill and could not travel. It is possible that medicine is different as a field, but I would guess not.

    There seem to be some school districts that either a) deliver a much higher quality of instruction than we have around here, or b) hold an inflated opinion of the value of time spent in class. My money is on b)--although, now that I think of it, it could easily be both a) and b).

    Locally, the school will excuse students for college trips. I am pretty sure that they will even excuse them for family vacations. The general rule is that students have time equal to the length of the absence, after they return, to make up the work.

    Are the schools with very stringent rules private schools? Or could some of the people on CC run for their local school boards, and improve things for everyone in their districts?
  • alwaysamomalwaysamom Registered User Posts: 12,304 Senior Member
    or b) hold an inflated opinion of the value of time spent in class.

    QuantMech, I agree with you. Every time I see this issue come up here on CC and people worrying about excused and unexcused absences, it amazes me. None of the schools that my Ds attended would even think of purporting to weild that kind of power. Why do parents put up with this? I don't get it. I doubt that there is any high school student who would suffer irreparable harm in missing a week of school, and for a girl like the OP's D, who is clearly a smart cookie, it shouldn't be an issue at all. This opportunity should not be missed.
  • mominvamominva Registered User Posts: 2,961 Senior Member
    Wow, congrats to the OP DD for the honor of this opportunity!!

    At this point, it is time for the parent to take ownership. This is NOT a decision for the guidance counselor, teachers, principal or school district.

    This is a 'life event' and, no ifs ands or buts, should be treated as such.

    The college app personal statement which includes the student's perception of this awesome opportunity/experience will be enough to mitigate any repercussions from any vindictive school policies.

    Include a copy of the program with published student name in the application packets.
  • HuntHunt Registered User Posts: 26,918 Senior Member
    Unless the school's principal is a complete dolt, he or she will excuse the absence, because this is good PR for the school as well as for the student. If for some stupid technical reason it can't be an excused absence, then perhaps it could be designated an approved field trip or assignment that isn't an absence at all.
  • colorado_momcolorado_mom Registered User Posts: 8,725 Senior Member
    "This is a 'life event'" - I absolutely agree. The problem is that surviving fall of senior year (with rigorous classes, college apps, etc) is also a life event. That can be stressful even without missing a week of school.

    A lot will depend on how supportive the teachers are. It could impact grades. That could be an ok trade-off in my mind. But we never played the "gpa game" (many unweighted music classes meant DS would never be in very top slots). My concern is stress, perhaps easily handled by OP's daughter.

    If the district rules don't prevent graduation for too many unexcused absences (for trip plus some college visits second semester), the attendance factor is not a big deal.
  • QuantMechQuantMech Registered User Posts: 7,867 Senior Member
    This should be an excused absence and would be in many districts. What are the requirements for an excused absence in your district, colorado_mom?

    Not denying the stress imposed by week-long trips during the school year. QMP had to learn multi-variable integration from the book, rather than class. When there is a lot of homework, it's hard to squeeze it all in. But in retrospect, the worry looks silly. Missing school should not be a big deal, in this case.

    Many academics have tenure before they are invited to speak at international conferences. The invitation is a big deal.
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