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Class of 2016 Results: Celebrate, Discuss, Support Here

TrinityTrinity 1411 replies345 threads Senior Member
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In anticipation to the good news that is about to start coming in, we have recreated the Big Thread where parents, students, or delighted observers can come and share their good news.

This is also the place to discuss both happy and disappointing news, and to support each other in the best manner of a community like this one.

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Time has also come to let the posts for the Class of 2015 find their resting place in our forums. Here are links to the 2015 threads:



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Replies to: Class of 2016 Results: Celebrate, Discuss, Support Here

  • MizzBeeMizzBee 4519 replies60 threads Senior Member
    Just wanted to give a happy shout-out for the thread and to wish you all well. DS is applying to 20 schools, so we hope for a very long list! Good luck to all.
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  • mspearlmspearl 1217 replies16 threads Senior Member
    ^ mizzbee that is a long list! My girl is applying to 11 and I hope we both have long lists to report... here we go!
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  • JenPamJenPam 355 replies9 threads Member
    How exciting to have our own acceptance thread! My twins are seniors. DS is applying to 12 schools, and DD is applying to 11 schools. My fingers are crossed for everyone!
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  • davidthefatdavidthefat 1388 replies133 threads Senior Member
    So, I am applying to 28 schools... Oh man. I might not apply for the UCs, still have to think about it.
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  • seancarpenterseancarpenter 576 replies29 threads Member
    I've been accepted to Univ of Alabama so far :D 1/1

    Also applying to Univ of Michigan, Duke, Penn, Northwestern, Columbia, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, MIT, possibly a few more.
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  • tracyvptracyvp 617 replies43 threads Member
    20 schools, and 28!! Wow, most of our friends cannot comprehend D's applying to 13 schools, all of them oos! Now I don't feel so crazy!
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  • davidthefatdavidthefat 1388 replies133 threads Senior Member
    Like half of mine are common app and 7 or so do not have any essays or fees that go with them.
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  • jstapletonjstapleton 16 replies3 threads New Member
    Congratulations to all that our kids (AND US) have almost made it!
    While my dd is a HS senior, My poor ds, will be graduating 8th grade and needs to take a test to get into his choice HS. He has been getting tutored for the test since end of summer. But, we've done this with my dd and I feel bad I haven't been that stressed with him since been there done that and there was no need for the stress LOL Hope I feel the same way with him again in 4 years LOl

    My dd will be applying to 8 schools one with ED.
    The Common App and all supplements are completed.
    She is visiting her ED school for the 3rd time this week shadowing a student.

    I believe for her ED school, my husband and I must complete the FASFA within 2 weeks of her applying ED (which will be in the next 2 weeks or so). This is on the checklist for her school under ED. For anyone that has gone through this before, I believe her college advisor said they we put in the information we have from last year and update it when we get our taxes done. Is this correct? My husband was not with me when we met with the college advisor and once we start talking financials, a glaze begins to form on my brain.

    Thank you.
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  • parentofpeopleparentofpeople 1251 replies75 threads Senior Member
    jstapleton yes, you can use this years tax information and update later. If you know for sure there will be a big change, I believe you can also estimate. For example if a job was lost or a huge salary increase was gained, you could use an estimate of what you believe the income will be.

    Good luck to all of the 2016's with the admission season! Just went through it last year for the second time. Just remember, the kids usually end up happy where they end up even if it wasn't what they thought was their "dream school". Most can't imagine themselves anywhere else by the time Thanksgiving rolls around ;-) Stay calm and positive, it will all work out.
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  • parabellaparabella 532 replies1 threads Member
    S is applying to Law Schools, 14 of them. Got his first acceptance today! Duke University through their Priority Apps, AKA 10 longest days of your life. If anything, this is even more intense than were the undergrad admissions.
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  • TX12DanceMomTX12DanceMom 55 replies3 threads Junior Member
    D has decided to apply to 5-6 schools, with 4 applications in already. So far she's heard from 2 schools and recieved 2 acceptances. The second acceptance really turned a horrible Friday into a great day, with lots of positive feedback on facebook from friends. The other 2 schools she should hear from by mid-December.
    Congratulations to everyone that has received acceptances already!
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  • MizzBeeMizzBee 4519 replies60 threads Senior Member
    Congrats to all! We will have sadness but for now, lets celebrate! Rather than dwell on where our kids don't get in, I love that this thread is only about acceptances. After all, our kids WILL end up somewhere. CC is a place of so much pressure and it is great to just relax and enjoy the wins.
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  • AvonHSDadAvonHSDad 1539 replies0 threads Senior Member
    I've been accepted to Univ of Alabama so far 1/1

    Also applying to Univ of Michigan, Duke, Penn, Northwestern, Columbia, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, MIT, possibly a few more.

    Congrats on your early acceptance. We went through this roller coaster experience last year and all I can say is the wait for March 30th when most of the super selective schools announce is the longest wait ever. We went 4 yes, 4 no and 2 wait list. S is now a very happy freshman at Georgetown. Good luck to you and all seniors this year. We get to wait until 2014 for D's turn in the game.
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  • BlackRose101BlackRose101 1823 replies64 threads Senior Member
    I'm only applying to 11 schools. I love them all, but would only be 100% willing to go to about 9 of them. lolz

    Good luck to you all!
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  • cortana431cortana431 - 4846 replies169 threads Senior Member
    I'm applying to 4 schools, 2 safeties and 2 reaches but I'm really worried about the financial costs :\
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  • born2dance94born2dance94 1610 replies36 threads Senior Member
    Will be applying to 15 schools, with an extra program at one making it 16 applications. One ED and one EA. But 6 other kids at my school are applying ED to Penn (the most they've had ED from my school there in a looooong time). So chances are I won't get in, but oh well, I can dream.
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  • angelmichellexangelmichellex 103 replies33 threads Junior Member
    I'm applying to just two schools - one safety and one match! And my match school was free admissions fee for my test scores. (:

    College of Charleston here I commeeeee, I hope!
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  • barefootbarefoot 245 replies15 threads Junior Member
    only applying to 5 schools. 28 is quite a lot! good luck to everyone!
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  • davidthefatdavidthefat 1388 replies133 threads Senior Member
    Just applied to the Cal Polies and an EE major; I am really worried about SLO.
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  • mspearlmspearl 1217 replies16 threads Senior Member
    My girl has her first acceptance to Ohio University!!
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