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Fireflyscout to the rescue


Replies to: Fireflyscout to the rescue

  • optimizerdadoptimizerdad Registered User Posts: 774 Member
    You need to clear out your PM box, I can't send you a private message till you do.
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon Registered User Posts: 12,128 Senior Member
    optimizerdad. Sorry , I was in the barn wailing and gnashing my teeth. Fire away.

    Actually, other than each foot being swollen to the size of a Jubilee watermelon and that the fact that they are the color of a 3 day old bruise, I'm feeling pretty good. Sitting a couple of days in a row at a desk ain't good for me anymore. :(

    But, interestingly enough-I have managed to put together something to submit and I have done so. Hurrah.

    I then ran the numbers through collegeboard's estimator and my previous best guesses were in a $13K range from highest to lowest and I believe it is now in a much more reasonable $7k highest to lowest range depending on how they view "home" equity, or business value, or depreciation or business losses. If everything cuts against me need based only schools are still out, but if I win a partial victory on any of about 5 areas of confusion, there is a fightin' chance. For Fafsa only schools , without business and farm supps and/or their own forms asking the same info and NOT requesting tax returns, I am in like Flynn. Of course, I don't remember her having any of those. LOL.
  • FresnoMomFresnoMom Registered User Posts: 1,044 Senior Member

    Congratulations on getting it done!

    We own a fish farm and water plant nursery..... you are right, it is so hard to determine the value of our business that will make sense to others.

    And the house....well, it is slightly bigger than yours but designed and built by my husband, his brother and a contractor (we've never built a house before but my husband's Peace Corps experience proved to him that we were capable of doing anything once we set our mind on it). It is simple and energy efficient.

    I'm not quite sure how we will look on paper. I did one of the on-line EFC calculators last year and it said our contribution was $6,000. Hope the figures match up come April!

  • fireflyscoutfireflyscout Registered User Posts: 5,444 Senior Member
    Curmudgeon - glad to hear you survived you FA marathon/nightmare. What really bothers me is that I had to estimate many things on the Profile, so I'll have to send *^#%corrections to all those colleges. Very inefficient, but I believe this is the first year that the Profile must be done online and it was obviously created by people who don't have children going to college.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 73,203 Senior Member
    >>>Very inefficient, but I believe this is the first year that the Profile must be done online and it was obviously created by people who don't have children going to college.>>>

    YEP!!! Couldn't agree with you more. The thing is a PITA.
  • celebrian25celebrian25 Registered User Posts: 15,373 Senior Member
    My dad has already informed me my life will be in serious danger if I don't tell him about the due dates far in advance :)
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon Registered User Posts: 12,128 Senior Member
    celebrian, your dad is a smart man. I am a stupid one who took the resposibilty for all things FA. I was the one who was charged with remembering. But I went ahead and sent all the profiles out tonight. Hope the check clears.

    I have caught a second wind and darling wife and I have had loads of fun continuing to fill out the required supplemental financial forms . :eek: I do love the car questions. LOL. We have made it as far as we can so D and I have tackled some loose ends Honors and program apps.

    I've never felt so ...so...downright wealthy...as I have through this process. Thankfully the Bentley Turbo R and the Lambo are in the name of the Trust. Whew . That would have been a capper, huh ? Time to settle back in my custom built Connolly leather easy chair, sip on some single malt that's much older than my newest trophy wife and enjoy my favorite smuggled cuban before Albemarle sets the table for our late evening repast of squab and tenderloin of Red Stag.

    Or maybe I'll have some cheddar and bologna on a Ritz and fall down dead asleep. It's a toss-up. ;) Are we having fun yet?
  • bluebayoubluebayou Registered User Posts: 25,670 Senior Member

    U R taking this all the WRONG way. Does the phrase 'bend over and crack a smile' sound familiar?
  • motherof4pearlsmotherof4pearls Registered User Posts: 136 Junior Member
    re the 24/7 APC machine: I love this thing as there is always a line at the PO window. But it let me down yesterday, when I went to dutifully mail the Cornell FA app the machine was DOWN FOR SERVICE!!!!! And it helpfully said to try again later. But still was down. So I resorted to xiggi's method. Thank you xiggi!
  • lderochilderochi Registered User Posts: 2,035 Senior Member
    Albemarle? What kind of name is Albemarle for a butler? Too easy to pronounce. Ruthven -- Now there's a name.
  • xiggixiggi Registered User Posts: 25,441 Senior Member
    Lderochi and Cur, I am SERIOUSLY starting to believe that law schools must have become a breeding ground for "Comedy Central" aspirants. Aren't you guys supposed to give this site an aura of humorless respectability?

    On A serious note, I think that people seriously -here I go again- overestimate the complexity of the CSS and FAFSA. My feeling is that people jump on a tad too quickly and do not spend enough time using the preliminary worksheets. In case of doubts, you can always estimate and look forward to the next step: the verification and additional documentation requests that WILL come.

    Speaking of a head start, I would encourage everyone going through the process to get familiar with the verification forms -they are online at most school websites and on the FAFSA website. If you have a business or ranch -poor Cur- you may start working on "those" forms while the info is warm in your head. It will also help you get a headstart for the 2005 tax reports. It is better to have them ready or well prepared instead of having to scramble on April 1 or whenever money becomes available.

    In May, you probably will agree that the FAFSA and CSS were not the biggest PITA. :)
  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon Registered User Posts: 12,128 Senior Member
    xiggi wrote:
    I would encourage everyone going through the process to get familiar with the verification forms -they are online at most school websites and on the FAFSA website.
    Xiggi, link me up with the verification forms you are talking about. I have a good idea I'm not going to like them.
  • xiggixiggi Registered User Posts: 25,441 Senior Member
    Cur, here is a link to the various forms that may come into play.

    List of supplemental forms

    Business/Farm Supplement
    Noncustodial Parent's Statement
    Outside Scholarship Form
    Parent Asset Verification Form
    Parent Certification Of Expenses And Income/Resources Form
    Parent(s) Estimated Year Income Statement
    Parent(s) Medical/Dental Expense Form
    Parent Nonfiler Income Certification
    Parent Property Lien Statement
    Personal Information Form for College and Perkins Loans
    Sibling Enrollment Verification Form
    Student Certification Of Expenses And Income/Resources Form
    Student Nonfiler Income Certification
    Verification Worksheet - Dependent
    Verification Worksheet - Independent

    The Verification worksheet is very commonly asked:
    Standard Verification

    This is one you may start playing with -if you have not done it yet.
    Businesses/Farms Supplement
  • momnipotentmomnipotent Registered User Posts: 662 Member
    Happy New Year all!!!! Thanks for the kick in the pants to get this FAFSA business started! thanksforalltheworksheetinfoxiggi!!
  • somemomsomemom Registered User Posts: 10,965 Senior Member

    My D's school's all had their own verification form and several let us know we'd been selected in March, but I waited until she chose a school and did that one only- you can find them at the school finaid website and they seem to merely have you restate numbers from FAFSA and certain FAFSA worksheet questions. I have two at publics in the same system and the forms are different, but simple, if you ssave your FAFSA.

    Remember, every one, if your situation involves anything even slightly complex, make notes regarding how you presented info, it will help you to be consistent in the renewal FAFSAs...........you'd be amazed what you forget year to year!
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