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S wants to look at schools in Chicago but wants an engineering program

29happymom2629happymom26 261 replies12 threads Junior Member
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Or a bs/ba in arch.
We are out of state and have looked at 2 in state publics and U. of Pittsburgh. He wants an urban environment.

On our drive, we may stop at valporaiso in Indiana but are there schools that I am missing for engineering or arch in Chicago? Illinois institute of technology is a possibility.

We will be full pay anywhere and northwestern only gives need based aid. I won't prevent him from visiting or applying but it won't make the budget conscious-dad approved- final list.

Any suggestions?
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Replies to: S wants to look at schools in Chicago but wants an engineering program

  • CatriaCatria 11199 replies150 threads Senior Member
    How good is UIC or DePaul in engineering/architecture?
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83400 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Full-pay with what price limit? What would be your in-state schools?

    UI Chicago, IIT, and NWU are the three in Chicago metro with engineering. A few others like NIU are nearby, but not really in the urban areas.

    IIT appears to be the only one of the three with architecture.

    Minnesota is in an urban area, but has an out-of-state list price that is relatively low.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83400 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Catria wrote:
    How good is UIC or DePaul in engineering/architecture?

    UIC does not have architecture. DePaul has neither architecture nor engineering, except engineering as a joint program with IIT.
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  • texaspgtexaspg Forum Champion Pre-Med & Medical 16632 replies343 threads Forum Champion
    University of Illinois at Chicago

    UCB - UIC does seem to have architecture.

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  • newfaithnewfaith 198 replies16 threads Junior Member
    DePaul is in the coolest area in Chicago, makes me wish I was going there.
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  • absweetmarieabsweetmarie 1846 replies59 threads Senior Member
    The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is urban. Its graduate engineering program is ranked higher than Illinois Institute of Technology's (U.S. News), for what it's worth. (I assume undergraduate and graduate program rankings are somewhat aligned but maybe I'm wrong.) Neither Illinois Institute of Technology nor UIC has what anyone would call a gorgeous campus, but the UIC location is closer to the city proper and closer to more interesting neighborhoods. As far as urban locations go, what about Marquette in the heart of Milwaukee?
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83400 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Re: UIC architecture
    uic wrote:
    Although oriented to NAAB criteria, UIC’s undergraduate preprofessional degree is not an accredited professional degree.

    I was looking in the NAAB listings. I guess the above is why UIC did not show up.
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  • KaMaMomKaMaMom 896 replies14 threads Member
    I'll toss Purdue in Lafayette Indiana into your list ... you'll swing south from Valpo about an hour and a half, but it's a great engineering school.

    I don't believe it offers architechture as a major though.
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  • 29happymom2629happymom26 261 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Thanks everyone. DePaul and Loyola may be possibilities for just looking- I am trying to keep his options open and he sometimes mentions math or economics as possibilities which broaden the list.
    UIC has a decent arch program but The state of Illinois has huge past/future budget issues.

    S would say he wants a big city and big school sports and spirit. Both OSU and university of Cincinnati are good matches with eng. and arch. programs. He said he could coop in Chicago.
    Northwestern fits perfectly- besides the little issue of getting in and paying for it.
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  • texaspgtexaspg Forum Champion Pre-Med & Medical 16632 replies343 threads Forum Champion
    29happymom - are you a resident of Illinois? State schools OOS are quite expensive too.
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  • teriwttteriwtt 12019 replies513 threads Senior Member
    Would he consider Milwaukee? It's about two hours from Chicago.

    They have the Milwaukee School of Engineering, which has an excellent reputation.

    Also, Valparaiso University in Indiana is about an hour and a half from downtown Chicago and has a good engineering program.
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  • turbo93turbo93 2828 replies30 threads Senior Member
    A few more choices...

    CWRU - very good school for engineering, no architecture AFAIK.

    I went to Purdue - not an urban campus :). Only offers a highly ranked landscape arch program.

    Ohio State is very good for engineering and has a good architecture program. The location is my favorite in Big 10 land.

    UCinci is highly ranked for architecture and has an interesting coop program. Same as their architecture.

    Drexel also has good engineering and an arch program.

    Univ of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) is reasonably urban and has engineering and architecture also.

    From the Chicago schools, IIT is very good, rankings be darned. My friend went to UIC and it's a good program but it may be 'too urban' :) (read, too many distractions according to my friend). IIT is a bit further off downtown.
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  • MunequitaMunequita 911 replies11 threads Member
    I don't believe Loyola has engineering or architecture.
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  • absweetmarieabsweetmarie 1846 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Loyola has a dual-degree engineering program (Physics & Engineering: Loyola University Chicago).
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  • SteveMASteveMA 6020 replies59 threads Senior Member
    Not in Chicago but Notre Dame has both Engineering and Architecture and is in the general area.
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  • nugraddadnugraddad 1325 replies13 threads Senior Member
    ND has no coop program. At least it didn't last year when my son was checking out Engineering / coop programs. Northwestern however, does have a great coop program. *

    * Full Disclosure - My D is a former coop student of the year runner up.
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  • higgins2013higgins2013 702 replies25 threads Member
    Go check out IIT. It's a low-profile school ratings-wise, but has excellent architecture and engineering programs with strong job placement record. Architecture school's professors are mostly practicing architects in Chicago, which is important for internships and first job placement. Many Chicago architects and engineers graduated from here, but placement is national and alumni network international. Very international student body. Quick subway ride (station on campus) to loop. Much better school and location that UWMilwaukee/Marquette.
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