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Wait list for SAT test?

marysidneymarysidney 555 replies17 threads Member
I signed up my son late for the March SAT, and he is waitlisted. Does anyone have any experience with this--i.e., how likely is it that my son will be able to take the test? Is it like college waitlists, where they just put everyone on it and let them think it means something, or are they operating on expectation that a reasonable number of people won't show up and there will be room? There's not much time, and he doesn't want to spend this weekend studying for it if he's just going to be turned away.
(He took the test in January, and didn't have much time to decide to take it again in March. May will be taken up with APs, and June with SATIIs, so if he's going to take it again this school year, it will have to be next week).
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  • bopperbopper 14142 replies100 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    Is that waitlisted at a particular location? or just to take it at all?

    Has he been studying for this SAT? Otherwise how would he expect to do better than January?
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  • dragonmomdragonmom 5931 replies154 threads Senior Member
    One of mine used the wait list to test much closer to home than the places available when she (finally) registered. Get there really early. They know that some kids won't show. Make sure that in addition to getting there early he's listening for announcements....no earbuds and chilling in the hoodie...
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  • marysidneymarysidney 555 replies17 threads Member
    It would be hard for him to do better on the CR and Math portions; he's happy with those scores; but he'd like to improve on the writing. He's been concentrating on practicing his essay, and given how formulaic that seems to be it seems reasonable he might improve. This, of course, is part of the dilemma: his CR/Math is excellent. How seriously do colleges regard the writing section, and how important is it to achieve a score over 2300?

    It is not clear to me whether the waitlist status is dependent on location--that is, it would seem more reasonable for them to suggest a location that was not as popular, if that were the case. My cynical side thinks they just want to charge an extra fifty bucks for late registration, without having to guarantee a spot. Covers them in case there isn't a spot.
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