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"To Young Minds of Today, Harvard Is the Stanford of the East"


Replies to: "To Young Minds of Today, Harvard Is the Stanford of the East"

  • gravitas2gravitas2 1406 replies68 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,474 Senior Member
    I thought the language of "coding" was a prerequisite to get into law, med, and business school now :D
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  • coasecoase 618 replies33 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 651 Member
    Believe me, a Harvard grad with a great start-up tech idea is not going to be sniffed at in Silicon Valley because she didn't go to Stanford. And I'm sure a Stanford hedge-funder-wanna-be does not find that doors in Wall Street are closed to him.

    That bears repeating. Attending one of those effete eastern institutions did not stop our older one from getting well-paid summer internships at top CS firms on the west coast, nor did it stop her from securing permanent employment with the best of those firms.
    Interesting how the two tech zillionaires(Gates + Jobs) sent their kids to Stanford and not Harvard.

    Don't the kids get to choose? :) Gates and Jobs lived on the west coast so Stanford was the natural choice anyway. The daughter of Steve Case (AOL founder) also went to Stanford, but that can be explained by her being a recruited athlete.
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  • HuntHunt 26787 replies131 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 26,918 Senior Member
    To me, all you need to know is that Harvard has lots of peers on the east coast, and Stanford has only a couple on the west coast. So it's hardly surprising that Stanford looms larger--on the west coast.
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  • shawbridgeshawbridge 5646 replies53 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 5,699 Senior Member
    Financial industries seem to go in cycles, but by eliminating prop trading at i-banks, Dodd-Frank probably makes investment banking a less attractive financial proposition in the long run. Similarly, PE is much more competitive and most PE firms don't really add a lot of value other than focusing on cash flow and timing and providing big incentives to management so it is going to be hard to make the stunning fortunes there. From the outside, people might think that many people make fortunes. I suspect Wall Street incomes have a lower variance than Silicon Valley, but now that the financial businesses offer a lower probability of a huge jackpot, Silicon Valley might have a higher mean income. That may be why the brightest (if not the best) are shifting from East to West Coasts.
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