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Disqualification appeal-Please review and advise

amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
My daughter has received a disqualification letter for her GPA. Below is her appeal letter. any input would be helpful. Thank You.

Dear Cal Poly University Committee Members,

I was heartbroken to learn of my Academic Disqualification. I am writing this letter in the hope that the University will reconsider my disqualification and allow me to continue my education at Cal Poly in the fall of 2014.
I understand the college has minimum guidelines set for all students and my GPA fell below the necessary requirements leading to my dismissal. I take full responsibility for my grades and actions. As evidenced by my transcript it is safe to say I have struggled through most of my academic career. In the Winter quarter of 2013 I could no longer deny my situation. I made an appointment with Psychiatrist Dr. Edgardo Menvielle at student health and services on campus. Dr. Menvielle concluded that I had ADHD. I was advised to make an appointment with my primary doctor as Dr. Menvielle was unable to prescribe the necessary medications. I was seen by my family Doctor and referred to Dr. Syam P. Kunam who confirmed the diagnosis of inattentive ADHD. He prescribed a daily dosage of 18 mg methylphenidate, a generic version of Ritalin.The dose has since been increased to 36 mg daily. I continue to receive ongoing medical care for my disorder.
I delayed submitting my appeal and letter until I could say with confidence that I can see a change in my attention span and my focus. My grades are improving and at the time of this letter are as follows:
Ant 49-01: &*^5 Phl 220-02: &*^5 Psy 335-01: &*^5 Soc 306-01: &*^5
In anticipation of the opportunity and privilege of returning in the fall. I have already began to take the following steps to further insure my academic success. On May 12, 2014, I applied to have my letter grade of “ F” in Statistics 120 expunged from my record. If expunged before Spring grades post my GPA should be @#$%. I have met with Ms.LaKisha Torrence at the Student Disability Resource Center regarding joining the center. I have submitted the required paperwork and I am looking forward to having the assistance and guidance of the center to help me complete my schooling and achieve my potential. I have made and am following a detailed weekly study schedule that includes library time and a study group on campus. I am doing Yoga and meditation as recommended by Dr. Kunam. I think the most import step I am utilizing to insure my success is taking action when I realize I need help.
When I was accepted by Cal Poly and the Sociology program it was one of my greatest accomplishments in my life. Now that I am able to focus on my studies, I feel it would not be in my best interest to have a break in my schooling. With your assistance, I can make this happen. I hope you grant me a chance to prove that.Thank you for taking the time to consider my request


Replies to: Disqualification appeal-Please review and advise

  • aunt beaaunt bea Registered User Posts: 9,800 Senior Member
    A reduction in class load might help. Hopefully daughter is the author. I didn't think you had to "join" DSS. I thought it became automatic when paperwork was received.
  • amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Yes, my daughter wrote the letter. She not only had to apply to join DSS but is still under review and awaiting a answer. What did you think of her letter?
  • TomsRiverParentTomsRiverParent Registered User Posts: 365 Member
    1st Q. Is this her freshman year.
    2nd Q. Did you ask how her test grades were going, etc during the semester?
    3rd Q. How was she in HS?
  • WasatchWriterWasatchWriter Registered User Posts: 2,528 Senior Member
    Most of the appeals letters I read here on CC are terrible because they do not show that the student has taken any proactive steps to fix the underlying problem.

    THIS letter does exactly what it should, I think. (A little proofreading would help.)

    Good luck!
  • amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    TomsRiverParent, Thanks for answering.
    She is finishing her Junior year, she has always struggled even in HS. Her grades were higher when she was in HS maybe because we were there to keep her on task. In college she has fought to make D's & C's until this quarter. Her current grades are C's and B's
  • happy1happy1 Forum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 24,467 Forum Champion
    edited May 2014
    It is great that she has taken steps to improve her situation. Maybe also add that she would be willing to come to school and meet with the Dean/the Committee (or whoever is appropriate) to discuss her progress and to jointly work out a course of action and an academic schedule (I agree that a reduce course load might help -- perhaps take a summer class or two to stay on track to graduate on time) that would help her to succeed going forward.
  • TomsRiverParentTomsRiverParent Registered User Posts: 365 Member
    I'm going to be a little tough here so buckle up.
    Before disqualify, normally the student is put on probation. I don't know the standards.
    So, where were you mom?
    The thing with ADHD is overused and an excuse for parents/students. I don't buy into it for the most part quite frankly. Clearly overused for elementary/middle school types. In most cases, parents use drugs instead of the old fashion discipline.
    I think the appeal will be rejected because the ADHD is an overused excuse and johnny come lately. She had plenty of time to get her academics in order. Take a lighter load, etc.
  • amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    I agree with you TomsRiverParent, It is a over used diagnosis and used by parents and teachers to control. No surprise that when the subject was approached by several of her teachers over the years( high school & jr high) I did not have her tested. She did her best to "control" and progress. She was placed on probation in the fall quarter and that is when she sought help. She has been diagnosed by two different Psychiatrist Doctors.
  • makennacomptonmakennacompton Registered User Posts: 499 Member
    In the letter use "ensure" rather than "insure."
  • SoMuch2LearnSoMuch2Learn Registered User Posts: 405 Member
    It sounds like she's doing what she needs to do to improve her academic performance and the letter explains her situation well. I hope she's given the opportunity to continue her studies. Good for her for not giving up!

    I'd just suggest that you may want to remove the name of the college and some of the doctors names and other identifying info for your D's privacy.
  • lotsofquestslotsofquests Registered User Posts: 917 Member
    While the ADD diagnosis might be overused, ADD is real and those who have it must struggle constantly to overcome it. My husband was not diagnosed until he was in his mid-fifties. The diagnosis and my reading several books on the subject probably saved our marriage. It sounds from the letter that your daughter has an action plan for moving forward that was begun when she was put on probation. I hope the school will give her another chance.
  • NJSueNJSue Registered User Posts: 2,855 Senior Member
    Why would the F grade in Statistics be expunged from the record? Normally a student who receives an F and successfully appeals academic dismissal would need to retake the course and replace the F with a passing grade as part of the action plan. Otherwise the F stands. I have never heard of Fs being "expunged" unless there was a retroactive medical withdrawal or something. In that case, it's usually every course in a given term, not just one.
  • MaterSMaterS Registered User Posts: 1,846 Senior Member
    Sorry to be blunt. What are the long term plans if she is reinstated and graduates near the bottom of the class?
  • amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    NJ Sue, she has retaken the class and passed it, she just applied to ave the lower grade removed.
  • amlivleyamlivley Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    MasterS, she will graduate and hold a degree in field of her studies just like the valedictorian.
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