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College App Process: Third Time's a Charm? Need help, humor, wine?


Replies to: College App Process: Third Time's a Charm? Need help, humor, wine?

  • momrathmomrath 5966 replies39 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    the ones that matriculate you into their Masters programs directly

    Do you mean like Tulane, where there is no BArch, just an MArch? Are there others like this?

    I would also look at some of the stronger BS programs that can segue to the same school's MArch, like WUSTL, Northeastern, Virginia. (These are probably already on his list.)
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  • eastcoascrazyeastcoascrazy 2542 replies22 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    "Our Guidance counselor for the past 18 months has told me "Don't worry, you guys are old hat at this, etc. etc." That because she's been there since our two older boys sailed through their application processes and were accepted to, and later graduated from good colleges."

    I hear you. Our third and final is a senior this year. The one thing we learned during the previous rounds of applications was to insist our youngest apply to a couple of rolling admission colleges (mostly because #2 didn't do this and was a complete mess in mid December when he was the only kid in the entire world -apparently- who hadn't heard a thing yet from any colleges).

    So she has one "yes" now, and everyone is a lot more relaxed, because:
    1. She knows she "did it right", which is a huge source of anxiety. Was my essay OK? Were the teacher recommendations OK? Did I fill out the application correctly? Am I good enough?
    2. She knows she's going SOMEWHERE next year.
    3. She has something to talk about in the cafeteria when the "Where are you applying? Where'd you get in?" conversations begin.

    Does your youngest have a rolling admission college? Even one that doesn't offer everything he wants? That first "yes" is an amazingly terrific self confidence boost.
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  • CapeCodLady8CapeCodLady8 400 replies21 threadsRegistered User Member
    Sorry for the delay in replying. We had our family all together for Thanksgiving (yay) and had to crack the whip for one Priority application to be submitted on Sunday the 30th. Sadly, the Monday, Dec 1st EAII didn't make it, as it was through the Common App, which is supposed to be easier, but for some reason my dear son is finding it very difficult to polish his essay enough to let it go. Honestly, the prompts seem tough this year. I feel for the admission counselors having to read some of them. It's too bad they eliminated "or any choice" essay. [sigh] My husband and son had small arguments about how a thesis statement is presented in an opening paragraph of an essay, etc. I had to remove myself from the conversation as it was going nowhere. DS can walk into AP English on any given day and write an unannounced in-class essay in 45 minutes, but is really struggling with this "life changing" essay. For a guy who never gets stressed (maybe that's what's going on here), he's really worried about making everything perfect.

    Good news is, one application is sent. And it's actually a rolling priority, so that's helpful, even if he won't hear for a while.
    Continuing to encourage getting the others all in. Fingers crossed for a Dec 15 Mom Issued Deadline. We can't do this through New Year's Eve! ;)

    momrath, yes, programs like Northeastern, Wentworth, etc. Wash U would be amazing, too.
    Eastcoastcrazy, I wish we had chatted months ago. What great advice and outcome. We need our son to get all of his apps in so he might hear sooner rather than later from a Rolling Admission school. I saw a big envelope in the mail box yesterday, and while full knowing it was not from a college, it made my heart skip a beat. It was a calendar from a charity. :D
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  • CapeCodLady8CapeCodLady8 400 replies21 threadsRegistered User Member
    Blizzard Update on my procrastinator:

    Happily he has heard from two of his schools where he was able to make the "Priority Application" deadlines, Wentworth and Penn State. Things seemed to fall together after he got that first app out, thank goodness and the rest completed by New Year's Eve.

    It's going to be tough waiting for all the RD decisions, but I can smile knowing we don't have to go through that again! ;) Appreciate all your support and if anyone has any further tips on architecture programs definitely let me know.

    Happy New Year~

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  • 1214mom1214mom 4547 replies180 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Thanks for posting the update. It's always nice to hear how things turn out,
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  • CapeCodLady8CapeCodLady8 400 replies21 threadsRegistered User Member
    Still waiting.... :)
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