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Did your kid "fall in love" with a school?


Replies to: Did your kid "fall in love" with a school?

  • happy1happy1 Forum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 24,541 Forum Champion
    This is a wonderful article for all of those who didn't end up at the school they first fell in love with......
  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU Posts: 13,938 Forum Champion
    My oldest never fell in love with a school...she waited until the last minute to pick.
  • PackMomPackMom Registered User Posts: 7,667 Senior Member
    S2, having never visited, was accepted in late Oct. to his school. I think he was relieved but wasn't "in love". It was a large directional state u. that was not on the top of anybody's list at his high school. After high school football season was over, he was finally able to go for a visit/official tour. By the time the tour ended, S2 was sold hook, line and sinker. Loved his four years there.
  • kjcphmomkjcphmom Registered User Posts: 1,103 Senior Member
    None of my three sons fell "in love" with their schools. I think they chose the one they felt most "at home at" and so far have been happy with their decisions.
  • green678green678 Registered User Posts: 618 Member
    My D has 6 top choices and says she would be happy to attend any one of them. Given her stats, I would say that 2 are match and 4 are reach. Relatives keep asking her where she would "really" like to go. She says that there is no point in picking favorites until she sees where she gets in.
  • SweetbeetSweetbeet Registered User Posts: 595 Member
    My S seems to have fallen in love with his school... after beginning his first quarter. Phew!

    We had both fallen in love with a different school after our tours... alas, he was not accepted there. A bit harder for me to get over, than for him. But all's well that ends well, and indeed, even I now believe that his current school is a better choice for him, in many ways.

    Fortunately the two schools share a color, so the jacket he bought at "former first choice" has been re-purposed with a little "sewing ripper" magic to remove the original logo...
  • Mom2aphysicsgeekMom2aphysicsgeek Registered User Posts: 4,502 Senior Member
    My older 2 had a utilitarian view of college. They each only applied to one school, were accepted, earned their degrees, and have solid careers. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, what they needed to do to do it, likelihood of employment when they finished by doing x,y, and z and did precisely that. My oldest ds loved college. I do not know if he loved his school, though. He has made comments to his youngest brother that he misses being a student. He made the most of the opportunities he had and it shows in his accomplishments. But it was a small university and the school atmosphere there is much different than the Roll Tide enthusiasm of his younger brother's choice. Definitely different experiences.

    Youngest ds applied to several schools. Tours and tour guides made zero impression on him one way or the other. They either came across as used car salesmen or ditzy airheads. He focused on depts, classes, and opportunities for undergrad research. He didn't fall in love with any school, though he did eliminate one due to the attitude the dept had toward their students that before the visit had been near the top of his list. He wasn't even wowed when our disasterous tour of NCSU ended with the registrar taking us on a personal tour. (Long story, but our tour guide was totally clueless. We finally asked her where we could go to find out where the physics dept was and she sent us to the wrong building. A person passed us in that building and noted our completely frazzled state and asked if he could help us. It ended up being the registrar. :) Really nice man and he definitely made up for the rest of the failures.)

    Ds's decision was made after going to Bama's CBH finalist weekend. He came home from it pumped and said that he wanted to go there if he was accepted into the program b/c it offered everything he was looking for: peers, research, and support for academically advanced students. It was his 3rd trip there. He had been there previously for a competition and another time to interview the dept and sit in classes as well as the useless (except for seeing the entire campus and dorm rooms) group tour. Those 2 visits didn't make the decision clear. They just made him keep it on the list. ;) CBH, otoh, definitely wowed him.

    He is finishing up his first semester and loves it there. Says he can't imagine being anywhere else and that CBH has definitely lived up to what he thought it would offer.
  • kjcphmomkjcphmom Registered User Posts: 1,103 Senior Member
    Happy 1, thanks for posting that blog. Very interesting and I am so sure so true of many students when they ended up at their "safety school."
  • honestmomhonestmom Registered User Posts: 428 Member
    My S fell in love with Berklee College of Music and then with NYU. He didn't get in to NYU and was waitlisted at Berklee.. I'm glad now that he didn't go to either one. He ended up at Belmont and it has been great, and way less expensive.

    My D is a high school senior and it has been an interesting and surprising college search with her. At first she was dead set against even applying to any of the three rather prestigious local universities in our city, but after visiting them she totally changed her view and is applying to one of them ED. The other is more of a financial safety (state school but one of the top programs in her field) but she did a summer program there and loved it, so she insists she will not be devastated if she ends up there. She did a second summer program at a faraway private school she "thought" she was in love with and was her original first choice; she liked the school but hated the city it is in. Meanwhile the school I was in love with turned out to be terrible when we visited it; we all hated it, and she isn't even going to apply. I guess this is how it *should* go, right? You start with a basic list of schools that have the programs and other things you want, then visit as many as you can; some rise up and others fall, and hopefully you get in to the one you decide is the best fit.
  • austinareadadaustinareadad Registered User Posts: 671 Member
    edited December 2014
    My S read about certain famous schools in the Northern US that he became interested in, but since he hates cold weather, he was a bit ambivalent about them. I then told him that there was a school in our home state of Texas which was somewhat similar to such schools and he was intrigued. When we visited this school, he fell in love at first sight, and he has never fallen out of love. He is now a freshman there, at Rice, and is very happy with his choice.
  • yauponyaupon Registered User Posts: 582 Member
    I was worried that D didn't have the "lightning bolt" experience I remembered having (she had a favorite, but not by much), but in the end it worked well as she liked all the schools to which she applied and wound up at the school that offered the most $. I worried (yes, I worry a lot!) that she would feel she had not really had a choice, but when we visited her on campus in the fall of her senior year, she told us she was so happy to be there that she couldn't imagine being anywhere else!
  • CatriaCatria Registered User Posts: 11,349 Senior Member
    Also, what could make a student fall in love with a school is very different whether one is talking about undergrad or grad. And, even with grad school, it depends on type: what will make one fall in love with a law school won't be the same as with a B-school, a med school, let alone a PhD program.
  • HannaHanna Registered User Posts: 14,905 Senior Member
    Honestly, I think it's for the best when you don't get the emotional thunderbolt. It lets you make a more cool-headed decision based on the acceptances and fin aid packages that show up. This has way more to do with the kid's personality than their fit with the colleges they've visited.
  • mackinawmackinaw Registered User Posts: 3,016 Senior Member
    Neither of my kids "fell in love" with any college. For my son, after all six acceptances were in, an overnight at the U of Chicago (the first time he'd seen the college) generated this comment the next morning: "This will do." In retrospect, he thinks this was a great opportunity and experience for him, but a love affair? Not. Rather the whole situation, including qualities of the college and its location in a big, major league city, determined his decision.

    For my daughter, after her five acceptances came in she ruled only one out definitely, because of its location in the middle of the country. The persuader wasn't an emotional event but the answer to a logical question put to her by a well-known children's book author/illustrator (and a friend of the family), who when asked for his advice said, "Why not RISD? Isn't it the best?" It wasn't love, but our daughter didn't think any of the other schools were better than RISD. His question helped her to reach a decision.

    These were both logical and practical decisions, based on multiple criteria, not love. But neither kid regretted their choices.
  • turtletimeturtletime Registered User Posts: 1,244 Senior Member
    Not really. There were aspects of several schools that she loved. An excellent presentation could get her worked up about it for a few days but the glow could never totally withstand the research. She had a few favorites but she was hesitant to fall for any of them as none were "sure bets." It wasn't until she was accepted to her current college and visited that she "fell in love."
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