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Honor's college essay mistake-embarrasing!


Replies to: Honor's college essay mistake-embarrasing!

  • jorangerjoranger 14 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I'll let all of you know if he gets in!
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  • NJProParentNJProParent 226 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Hope he get's in (typo intended, lol ... sorry). With our reliance on spell check, I can see how something like that can slip past the final review. And thank you @rebeccar for the link to "Clam Farts" - I was a first timer reading that. True story or not, that thread sure made me laugh.
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  • DmitriRDmitriR 838 replies0 threads Member
    Honestly, I have a hard time believing that actual humans read every word of those essays. I think that if it was, like, a *lot* of typos or if it was something egregious like leaving, "I would like to attend Harvard because..." in your copy-pasted essay for Stanford, then that would be a reason to be concerned. But to my knowledge they are looking for professionalism in terms of the construction but more importantly the student's voice and what they can contribute. A single typo shouldn't change anything.
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  • green678green678 608 replies10 threads Member
    An admissions officer from a top-10 college who spoke at my D's high school said not to worry if there is a typo.
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  • compmomcompmom 11747 replies81 threads Senior Member
    It should be a" tight-knit group of individuals" not a "group of tight-knit individuals."
    (What is a "tight-knit individual": someone wrapped too tight?!)
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  • saintfansaintfan 8182 replies92 threads Senior Member
    That gave me a good morning chuckle
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  • saintfansaintfan 8182 replies92 threads Senior Member
    DS was hammering out some supplement short answer questions at 11:45 last night and there's no way I'm going back in the cold light of day to proof read. Let sleeping dogs lie . . . what's done is done.
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  • SnowmeSnowme 316 replies31 threads Member
    The submit button was hit early here -- 11:35PM. Afterwards I noticed a problem with verb tense in D's common app essay. Oh well. This was in a section that hadn't changed in days, and even her teacher missed it. I think I'll stay quiet about it at least until she catches up on her sleep.
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