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Checklist for Parents of Incoming Freshmen?


Replies to: Checklist for Parents of Incoming Freshmen?

  • gobluemom85gobluemom85 129 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Find out if the school has a parents' office. They have a huge amount of information. Many have parents FaceBook pages too. You can get info specific to your school from parents who have recently been there. Another suggestion is to plan to do something nice for yourself in the first few days after drop off. :-) A lot of parents plan a side trip if the college is far from home.
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  • paul2752paul2752 4777 replies349 threads Senior Member
    Immunization! Health insurance doesn't cover immunization in general, so either do it at the school or the county health department
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  • beermebeerme 840 replies38 threads Member
    US passport as a second ID for flying if their drivers license gets misplaced
    Useful if they apply for internships/research that require US citizenship
    Necessary for any out of country excursions that can pop up for holidays and breaks and an 8 week processing time is not available
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  • 1or2Musicians1or2Musicians 1374 replies0 threads Senior Member
    Knowing the SS# is a good one. I think my son has finally learned his (he's a college freshman).

    I started training him in handling his own doctor visits and stuff when he was still at home. Still reminding him of things like when you get a new insurance card, tell them it's a new one or they probably won't notice.

    We did order him some checks. He hasn't used one yet, other than a voided one to set up direct deposit. And reslly, can places stop requiring/asking for those?
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  • bopperbopper Forum Champion CWRU 14378 replies103 threads Forum Champion
    @beerme...One could also not think that them having a passport there (unless that is their only form of ID) is a good idea...easy to get misplaced. Obviously depends on your kid.
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  • BarbalotBarbalot 689 replies18 threads Member
    I've seen both dorm and tuition insurance mentioned in this thread and have never heard of them before. Has anyone gotten insurance for these? Worth it? From where?
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  • dadinatordadinator 1326 replies113 threads Senior Member
    If your student is intending on getting a job while at school they will need a passport or a birth certificate (with a government-issued photo ID) to prove citizenship..
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  • scholarmescholarme 2674 replies79 threads Senior Member
    That reminds me of a thread I read once on CC - whether to get a portable safe/lockbox for your dorm kid or not.
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