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What's the point of college or high school?


Replies to: What's the point of college or high school?

  • MotherOfDragonsMotherOfDragons Registered User Posts: 3,960 Senior Member
    I came from a poor, uneducated family, and the OP smacks of entitled navel gazing to me. I didn't have the time or the resources to wonder what the point of it all was because I was too busy working my *ss off to make a better life for myself.

    I just want to grind my teeth in frustration when I see these kinds of posts. Go join the Peace Corps and get a taste of the true misery of the real world for a while.
  • BeeDAreBeeDAre Registered User Posts: 1,165 Senior Member
    Even knowing what the term "nihilism" means and being able to discuss it online, is a privilege that many, many people, even in this country, do not have.

    OP is a prime candidate for a gap year. Volunteer, get a full-time job, but whatever you do, do it without living at home with your parents. Look at Americorps for volunteer options...

    You could use some time on your own, figuring out how to survive, day to day. That's not meaningless. Or maybe it is...
    That's what college is partly for, btw... helping you figure out if that's meaningless or not.

    I think many of us have been through this idealistic phase in our young adult-hood - i don't want to discount it - while I think the OP comes off a bit arrogant and know-it-all, I also chalk that up to being young and naive - and there are worse things than being overly idealistic. Better to be reasonably idealistic, though. :)

    Go get a job/volunteer, or both; maybe travel - meet some folks who did not go to college, and never will because they CANNOT due to SES... get away from academics for a bit, then after a year - maybe two - you will have a clearer picture of why people go to college. Then you can decide whether or not it's the right choice for yourself. Maybe it will be, maybe not.
    Go find your place in the world. But make sure it's not easy, because the answers lie in how you sort out the mundane difficulties of day-to-day living.

    And take this time off to help others who don't have the luxury of pondering life's questions, because life itself takes up too much of their time...

  • ccer4lyfeccer4lyfe Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    @GMTplus7. I'm not being disingenious. I read Fathers and Sons this year and just recently started acting like Bazarov, a bit arrogant but whatever. Too everyone who responded, I think I'm just confused about life. And I wanted to know how to stop being confused.
  • ccer4lyfeccer4lyfe Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    Some days I'm really good at conversation. Other days I'm terrible. Some days I feel great. Other days I feel terrible. Some days I am really efficient. Other days I am so inefficient it makes me worried. It doesn't help that I think too much in my head-I think I'm INTJ or INFP. Life is just weird.
  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP Registered User Posts: 16,184 Senior Member
    " So what's the point of the grind?.....I don't want to do busy work and boring stuff for the rest of my life. Help! "
    - A lot of it depends on your personal goal. Also, it depends if you have a goal or not.
    What is your goal? If you want to be a janitor, construction worker, a hamburger maker, a hairdresser, many other careers that inspire good number of people, there is not need to attend the college. My employer will not hire a person to my position who do not have a 4 year college degree. This is their official policy. I love my job and I would be out of luck if I did not have a 4 year degree. One cannot attend a Med. School, Law School, other Grad. School without a 4 year college degree. So, I completely agree with you that if you do not see any reason for attending the college, if you feel that it is not within the scope of your goal, do not bother.
    All in my family have at least 4 year college degree with several having Masters and PhD. None of us, not a single one were bored at college. Everybody had very meaningful and challenging classes and were excited about learning in these classes. But all of us had a clear goal of what we wanted to do. None of us would be able to achieve our personal goals without college education.
    It is very personal question that could be answered only by you. Nobody can tell you if you personally need a college education or not.
  • Jugulator20Jugulator20 Registered User Posts: 1,531 Senior Member
    “Too everyone who responded, I think I'm just confused about life. And I wanted to know how to stop being confused.”

    Although others have made comments in good faith, maybe talking to someone other than internet strangers (eg psychologist, clergy, etc) and laying all your cards on table would be more helpful.
  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP Registered User Posts: 16,184 Senior Member
    “Too everyone who responded, I think I'm just confused about life. And I wanted to know how to stop being confused.”
    - it is a very good idea to leave all pre-judgments behind, stop labeling things before having any experience with them and just plunge and try. That is what young age is for. There is no reward at the end of the tunnel,.......if one never dare to step into this tunnel of un-known. There is a risk in everything, but the greatest risk of them all is to never take a risk. You may choose something that will not work out for you. I have changed my career in my mid. 30s. If I never tried, how in a world I would know what is right for me and what is wrong? Nobody has a crystal ball. I am sorry to tell you, that you are just like everybody else, you will never have it either. Being confused is part of young life, please, do not stop being confused, it is a tiny step between being confused and being curious and then leap to something that your curiosity inspire you to do, and, yes, possibly, fall very hard on the wrong and hard surface. But think about it, what if you will fly and not fall and you reach that star that you were just curios about... you got to believe that the sky is the only limit you have now, take advantage of all opportunities that is offered to you. Not everybody out there is as lucky. College is what your family is offering to you, why not to take such a wonderful gift ?
    My kid was also debating in the HS. She did not have any question about going or not to college. She was not given this choice, everybody went to college in our family, she did not even questioned it. However, she was inspired to attend a med. school later and was questioning if this extremely hard road is for her. I just told her what I told you: " You have your family's support, you have what it takes, I meant a hard working attitude, so why to pass by such a wonderful opportunity?" If I only knew how incredibly hard it was and how risky to put so much effort and resources and having possibility at the end not to come even close to your dream. Well, good thing that I did not know, none of us did!! D. is a first year resident, the hardest time in her life, very stressful, but extremely satisfied that she is where she belongs.
    If you want to be satisfied with your life, there is no other way to get there, but to try, to plunge into un-known, all of us did just that at some point of our lives.
    I like that advice about talking to professional..
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