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Prep School Year

ADadADad 3985 replies936 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 4,921 Senior Member
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One of my relatives is dissatisfied with his college results and may want to go to a boarding school for one year. How practicial is that at this point? Can anyone offer any guidance about this idea, or recommend schools in the East that might be accepting applications now?

Thank you very much.
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Replies to: Prep School Year

  • washu07washu07 30 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    any prep schools that would still be accepting applications are not ones with good college relationships. there are plenty of great prep schools in the NE, but you have to apply MUCH earlier. i would be very wary of any school that would take a student at this late time.
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  • lefthandofdoglefthandofdog 1456 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,463 Senior Member
    If you look at the SSAT website (www.ssat.org) they post a list of schools accepting late applications. I think the list will go up in another week or so.
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  • bookwormbookworm 8749 replies72 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8,821 Senior Member
    There have been several threads about taking an extra y of HS, doing a well-planned gap year, or going to best college choice, working hard, and transferring. I don't know exact links, but there would be useful links and good opinions.
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  • PackMomPackMom 7650 replies17 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7,667 Senior Member
    One of S's friends did poorly in h.s. and was sent to southern military/boarding school for senior year. He started on the football team and turned his academics around. Parents still felt he would have better success if he had one more year in that enviroment so he stayed for a post-grad year and will graduate next month with a scholarship to play football at a small Virginia LAC.
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  • KateLewisKateLewis 579 replies27 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 606 Member
    I'm not sure that spots for PG's are closed at the better boarding schools. I'd definitely call - particularly if the kid is a good athlete.
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 22506 replies188 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 22,694 Senior Member
    I would definitely check into a PG year and I agree that some excellent schools might still have PG openings. If you want to PM me, I can make some suggestions. A PG year is a great experience and can dramatically change the college application results. There are LOTS of great schools with PG programs if you look beyond Exeter, Andover et al.
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  • cnp55cnp55 3648 replies152 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,800 Senior Member
    We're thrilled with the results of S's PG year that go way beyond his college acceptance. I would do some research and call the schools you might be interested in. There's always some room --
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