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In State Schools No Bargain


Replies to: In State Schools No Bargain

  • 1moremom1moremom 3871 replies96 threads Senior Member
    KathieP, What do you think would happen to tuition if you didn't have nearly 10,000 OOS paying an additional $10,000?
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  • NJresNJres 6109 replies189 threads Senior Member
    NJ governors school? I started a thread on the topic, sent some money.


    NJ State schools will be less of a draw without merit scholarships, but my son will likely not qualify for a NJ state scholarship anyway because he will not be in the top 15% of his class. However, I expect he will get some decent merit offers from private schools due to his good overall record.
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  • myheartisinohiomyheartisinohio 360 replies15 threads Member
    Heres a scenario to check out: This is what i would have been paying at the school I have in-state status at (Purdue) 11,500 just including tuition, room and board now lets compare that to other schools i was accepted to:
    Ohio University (out-of-state public): 10,000 (tuition, R&B, and fees)
    Depauw University (Private LAC):6,500 (tuition, R&B, fees, and a 2k laptop)
    Xavier University(Ohio) (Private):8,000 (tuition, R&B, fees, and book estimate)
    U of Dayton (Private): 15,000 (tuition, R&B, books, and laptop)
    UW-Madison: 30,000 (tuition, R&B, books)

    As you can see, with the exception of UW-Madison and maybe U of Dayton, the privates and an out of state public were all cheaper than going to my in-state school.
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  • hoedownhoedown 3742 replies9 threads Senior Member
    Nj has long been a major "exporter" of college students.
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  • idadidad 4849 replies179 threads Senior Member
    northeastmom: I was using the numbers for 2006 -2007 posted on the UW website: http://www.washington.edu/students/osfa/defining.html

    With tuition brings the price to about $22,000. Looks like the cost of room & board is increasing.

    I looked into some of the other state universities & colleges in WA and they are somewhat cheaper than UW, Western Washington University: $15,125 and The Evergreen State College: $15,621. Not cheap, but not too bad, and these are very good regional schools.
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  • quirkilyquirkily 1052 replies9 threads Senior Member
    State universities aren't really outrageous. However, for lower-income students, private universities are often much more affordable. For example, Berkeley and LA both have my parents paying $1,389 a year, plus about $6,000 in loans. Princeton, on the other hand, has my parents paying $3,000 with absolutely no loans at all.
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  • parabellaparabella 532 replies1 threads Member
    My son will be attending UW . The number given to us by Fin Aid for the next year is $ 17 800( tuition, room and board, books, transportation, the whole deal) . .
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  • jlauer95jlauer95 . 2465 replies72 threads Senior Member
    mini: "On what evidence do you think that is not the case now?"

    You're right. I should have said that the trend has long begun.
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  • chocoholicchocoholic 2898 replies97 threads Senior Member
    You have heard that NJ Governor's School is back in business for Summer 2006?
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  • cathymeecathymee 2350 replies34 threads Senior Member
    Ditto to PackMom's advice on delving further into the webpages of the colleges. S just got notice Saturday of an additional departmental award
    which he applied for on a fairly simple additional application after reading up on his intended major at his new college and finding the info online.Caveat:this award was made after he sent in his acceptance.
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  • walkinghomewalkinghome 7524 replies298 threads Senior Member
    1moremom said, " What do you think would happen to tuition if you didn't have nearly 10,000 OOS paying an additional $10,000?"

    I have no problem with states charging more for out of state students. I'm unhappy that in Pennsylvania that we residents aren't given more of an edge in admissions in both cost and saving seats for our kids. UNC Chapel Hill costs just $5,034 for in-state and $19,682 for out of state. Penn State, University Park costs $11,024 for in-state and $21,260 for out of state. Guess this is just righteous indignation though. My kids are/will be going to privates oos colleges.
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  • tsdadtsdad 3882 replies153 threads Senior Member
    If the American people keep on electing people who promise lower taxes what did they think was going to happen?
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  • 1moremom1moremom 3871 replies96 threads Senior Member
    Exactly right, tsdad.
    North Carolina funds 25% of UNC-CH's budget.(www.unc.edu/finance/data/SA-UNCSystByInst.pdf)
    Penn State gets about 10% of its money from the state.
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  • northeastmomnortheastmom 11939 replies440 threads Senior Member
    The most amazing thing is that property taxes in NC seem much more affordable too. I have a relative living in NC. He was bragging about how cheap his property taxes are compared to what they were in NY. He was paying 1,800/year a few years ago. The same house, where he was living in NY, would have property taxes in excess of 10,000.
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  • tsdadtsdad 3882 replies153 threads Senior Member
    In Virginia the amount of state aid is so low the UVA, CWM, and VT have achieved a substantial amount of independence from state government rules because the state gives them so little. I believe it is roughly around 7%. Why do you think that CWM and UVA take in so many out of staters? THEY NEED THE OUT OF STATE TUITION.

    People you can't have good schools, college, roads, recreation, public health, and the like without paying for it. If you don't want to pay for it expect don't quality services. What you'll get are cheap services.

    Please--don't tell me about corruption and wasteful spending. Who put the people in office who did this?

    As an aside, it's not Rutgers fault that machine politicans ran the College of Medicine and Dentistry into the ground although RU is being punished for it.

    You get what you pay for.
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  • seiclanseiclan 4031 replies151 threads Senior Member
    We are very fortunate to live in the state of Florida (in terms of College costs).

    Undergraduate Cost Estimates Per Year

    Cost Breakdowns Florida Residents
    NEW / CONT. Non-Florida
    NEW / CONT.
    Tuition and Fees* 3,094 / 3,094 17,222 / 16,609
    Books and Supplies 930 930
    On campus Housing and Meals** 6,260 6,260
    Off campus Housing and Meals*** 7,500 7,500
    Computer Minimum**** 910 910
    Local Transportation 400 400
    General Expenses and Clothing 570 570
    Personal and Health Insurance 1,340 1,340
    On Campus TOTAL - NEW / CONT. $13,504 / $13,504 $27,632 / $27,019
    Off Campus TOTAL - NEW / CONT. $14,744 / $14,744 $28,872 / $28,259

    * Tuition based on 30 credit hours per year (15 per semester) of 0-4999 level courses. Estimates do not include the materials and supply fee (if applicable) and any late registration or late payment fees.

    ** On-campus housing costs for undergrad students are based on a standard air-conditioned double room with a phone line (utilities and a refrigerator rental allowance are included). $2320 is the estimated two-semester food allowance.
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  • jlauer95jlauer95 . 2465 replies72 threads Senior Member
    The prop taxes in AL is also very low and the tuition at state schools is also low. I know that U of A, Auburn & UAH are not on the same "level" as UVA and UNC Chapel Hill but one can still get a good education (great engineering education) at those schools.
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  • garlandgarland 16506 replies206 threads Senior Member
    totally agree, Tsdad.

    And Rutgers can't be that impossible to pay for. The vast majority of the bright, middle class kids in our town (real middle class, not CC middle class) go to Rutgers or TCNJ. Two great schools, full of mostly middle class kids.
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  • LakeWashingtonLakeWashington 8927 replies483 threads Senior Member
    Again, I find myself in agreement with Tsdad about our completely ineffective legislators. But we the public are also to blame for expecting to pay little for all kinds of other public services, and then wonder why public colleges are so expensive. Specifically, legislators in New Jersey should be put in the stockade or flogged in public. Rutgers University tuition is WAY TOO HIGH. TCNJ, Richard Stockton College and others provide some discount, but all of NJ's colleges are getting squeezed AGAIN by the state. Yet and still the NJ legislature continues to demand great influence over the colleges' administration. Witness recently a former State Assembly leader who tried to "bum rush" a Board of Trustees into hiring him as its college president (in order to nicely inflate his eventual state pension).
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  • northeastmomnortheastmom 11939 replies440 threads Senior Member
    "Rutgers University tuition is WAY TOO HIGH".

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